West Side of Good & Bad ‘Beliefs’

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West Side of Good & Bad ‘Beliefs’


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One significant problem of society today which began in the early 20th Century, conceived in its infancy in the 19th Century, is the evolution of Psychology that has vainly become obsessed with its own self-importance and is consequently inventing countless volumes of false knowledge ideas, which is not helping society but is rather pulling society down into a negative state of thinking.

The American film industry in movies and television series has for decades tabled send up’s of the illogical thinking and behaviour of Psychology.

People are being taught that a Social Worker or a Psychologist is the solution to all their problems. Go to see a ‘Head Shrink’ people say. Psychologically disturbed thinking needs to be dealt with.

Sociologically many people are claimed to be sick with psychological problems. Their thinking and behaviour is often described as a social disease.

Thus society guided by Psychology/Psychiatry has invented many social diseases. We are fed a diet of ideas that every person that comes from University with a Psychology Degree or a Psychiatric Degree is an expert in mental solutions.

But that idea is not true. Not many with such degrees have the necessary skills to help people. Textbook Dictum and real life experience are two different realities.

The power of Wisdom Philosophy is too often underestimated. The power of ‘Emotional Intelligence’ backed by pragmatic common-sense is often neglected as a mentor guidance method.

Our thinking and behaviour is not linked to psychological thinking, it is linked to our ‘Belief System’ good or bad, negative or positive, caring or uncaring, ethical or unethical founded upon false knowledge ideas or truthful understanding.

We don’t need Psychology to solve our problems what we need is a good wholesome ahimsa ‘Belief System’.

Philosophy is like Psychology, it can table good wisdom understanding which creates positive thoughts, or it can create wrong thinking lack of understanding, which creates negative thoughts.

We don’t need Psychology ‘Head Shrink’ mentality to solve our problems. What we need is compassionate altruistic caring sensitivity that uses pragmatic common-sense and Wisdom Values that which in essence is the way of good inner peace ‘Cosmic Philosophy’.

Buddhism void of ritual practice contains many peaceful wisdom solutions. But such wisdom only works when it is applied wisely to an essential working industrial world founded upon decency reality-based ethics, that recognises the importance of personal commitment to creation of wholesome industry for the individual and society to survive.

There is no place for drugs, excessive alcohol and gambling in an individual’s life if they want to enjoy quality of existence, peace and happiness.

People who have negative outlooks on life are not suffering from a psychological social disease, they are suffering from a wrong thinking ‘Belief System’. They need to change their ‘Belief System’ ideas to a better way of thinking.

We in youth don’t need ‘Head Shrinks’ we only need a good mentor experienced in the common-sense values of life and wisdom, the way of ‘Cosmic Philosophy’.

The following Musical Number in the great 1961 Classic Film ‘West Side Story’ reveals the negativity that comes from wrong societal thinking.

Psychology has never solved the problems of social thinking attitudes and gang mentality, because it is too focused on textbook dictum and fails to deal with the needed encouragement of teaching wisdom and philosophical inner peace as a way of life.

Society does not suffer from ‘Social Diseases’ it only suffers from wrong thinking and bad behaviour, which is all a consequence of wrong ‘Belief System’ or lack of any good beliefs.

People who become victims of other people’s bad behaviour, will carry those scars with them for the rest of their life. Psychology and Psychiatry cannot help them, what they need is caring friends who stand by them in their moments of distress until they find inner peace within themselves and the essential calm courage to just live life to the best of their ability even when they are burdened by bad experience scars.

There is no easy road for any of us. Psychology needs to learn ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ for without P.I. Psychology will never be a useful method to help people in need of good guidance. We don’t need ‘Head Shrinks’ we only need good wisdom mentors.

Song: “Gee, Officer Krupke”

“For me, this spoke for miles about how we treat certain minorities, as well as juvenile delinquents and mental patients. Our social workers and psychology system are simply full of people who think they know what they’re doing and get nothing done in the end.” #

An anonymous comment on YouTube posted in 2016. #

The following words in this next song reminds us to always think ‘Cool’ in other words, use ‘Emotional Intelligence’ stay calm in our thoughts and actions. This thinking has existed as wisdom guidance in many cultures for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that society started to teach being ‘Cool’ was simply using ‘Emotional Intelligence’.

Song: “Cool”

In this next amazing exciting dance sequence, we learn how people struggling to adjust in their new country as immigrants, nevertheless stay enthusiastic and positive in mental attitude about their praise and love of America. This enthusiasm is what every person as an immigrant or descendent by native birth should feel about their country wherever they are living around the globe. Without patriotic spirit we have nothing. If we don’t love our country, we must ask ourselves why are we still living there? We must love our country or leave… that is a decision every person must make. Most of us choose to love our country and stay as eternal patriots. Some choose to leave for whatever reasons… that is their right… it is called ‘Freedom of Choice’.

Song: “America”

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