USA: Hyatt Hotel Senior Executives Smash their Credibility

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Hyatt Hotel Senior Executives Smash their Credibility


A ‘Treatise’ by Allan Ivarsson,

‘Cosmic Philosopher’ in the early 21st Century World.

Inferior thinking degree qualified senior executives brain-wrecked by wrong philosophical thinking banned the use of their Conference Rooms Seminar/Theatre Meeting facilities to so-called ‘Hate Speech’ ahimsa individuals and organisations.

In one naïve mindless move these executive fools guided by illogical misunderstanding of the difference between truth and dangerous hate speech, decided to ban truthful groups and allow real ‘Hate Speech’ organisations to use the Hyatt Hotel Meeting Conference Room facilities.

As a consequence, Hyatt Hotels have banned all persons and groups that defend the eternal human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ and approved acceptance of all persons and groups that reject the eternal human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ and ‘Freedom of Equality’.

Hence, it is logical that all persons that believe in the human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ and 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ and 100% ‘Freedom of Equality’ will refuse to use Hyatt Hotel paid lodging accommodation rooms and will choose to stay instead in other Hotel/Motel places for short-term lodging that support the eternal human right to live free in ahimsa values.

It is reasonable for Hyatt or any other accommodation location to reject violent individuals and violent group/organisations, but it is not reasonable to reject ahimsa individuals and ahimsa group/organisations.

The decision by Hyatt Hotel Senior Executives is surrounded by ‘Hypocrisy’ in ideas.

On the left side of the ‘Hate Speech’ fence, anti-freedom of speech CAIR & SPLC and all ‘Islamic Organisations’ are accepted as not being ‘Hate Speech’ organisations and consequently may hire use of Seminar/Theatre Facilities.


On the right side of the ‘Hate Speech’ fence, ‘Act for America’ and many other pro-freedom values organisations and individuals are denied the right to hire Seminar/Theatre Facilities in Hyatt Hotels. It follows that in addition these individuals would also be denied the right to short-term rent of accommodation rooms. This process of discrimination means that ‘Freedom of Speech’ groups have been banned and anti-freedom of speech groups have been approved and accepted.

Now you know once again, as I have written in the past, why I don’t trust University Degrees. There is a difference between being ‘Clever’ and ‘Smart’.

Ann Corcoran posted on October 2, 2018 on Website ‘Refugee Resettlement Watch’ the following headline report… “Hyatt Hotels follows the lead of the Southern Poverty Law Center to silence speech they don’t like”. Subtitle… “Hyatt Hotels has announced they will no longer rent conference space to what they call “hate groups”. (i)


It is a fact of life that every person feels hate of something, how we handle that hate determines the kind of person we become. Our ‘Belief System’ or lack thereof is the reason for our thinking and behaviour.

Ann Corcoran wrote… “They obviously were pressured by a Muslim advocacy group, surely backed by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate group” list.” (i)

“The expanding efforts to silence speech, such as on social media today and where venues (like Hyatt Hotels) refuse to allow people to gather to discuss pressing issues of the day, is the sort of thing the founding fathers feared.” (i)

“They knew that venting one’s views verbally/openly and non-violently in public and often through gatherings of like-minded people was an important pressure release valve of sorts.” (i)

“When people are driven to meet secretly, and underground is when real rebellion is fomented.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson continues to comment… CAIR & SPLC are ‘Hate Speech’ organisations and that fact is easy to prove. In addition, CAIR & SPLC do reject the eternal human right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ and 100% ‘Freedom of Choice’ and for that reason these two organisations were ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ as enemies of ‘Freedom Values’ in 2017.

Read ‘Blacklist Policy Guide’ in COMPENDIUM I ‘Blue Light Defiance Book’ series.

Blacklist Policy Poster 2017 Image 002

Yes, like so many organisations, Muslim and non-Muslim, CAIR & SPLC are not opposed by ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ because of their ‘Hate Speech’ doctrine, they are ‘Blacklisted’ because of their rejection of 100% ‘Freedom and Equality’ values.

Cosmic Philosophy does not approve of Censorship and supports the 100% eternal human right to freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom of equality, provided such freedom lives the ahimsa way and does not deny others the same right to live free in speech, choice and equality, in peace void of threats and harassment and bully abuse. There is no place for bully violence in a decent wholesome society.

Lawsuits that deny people the right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ have been outlawed by ‘Cosmic Law’. Some religions claim there is no such thing as ‘Karma’ the result/consequence of good thinking and behaviour or bad thinking and behaviour.

Karma is real it exists and is the guiding end result of good and bad thinking decisions.

Los Angeles Times apparently reported part of the ‘Hyatt Decision’ to ban ‘Hate Speech’ groups. The headlines jumped off the page… “Hyatt won’t rent to hate groups”. This was posted forward by ‘The Guam Daily Post’. (ii)


Guam reports… “Muslim Advocates accuses ACT for America of being a “white supremacist-aligned anti-Muslim hate group.” Muslim Advocates has pressed Hyatt and other hotel companies to refuse to rent to ACT for America.” (ii)

Brigitte Gabriel 004

A.I. comments… The allegation that ‘Act for America’ is a white supremacist hate group is a deliberate lie. The truthful statements by Brigitte Gabriel founder of the nonprofit ‘Act for America’ group is not focused on Hate of Muslims. The movement of ‘Act for America’ rejects anti-freedom oppressive bully Islamic Doctrine. Many Muslims are respected by Gabriel. And it should be noted Brigitte Gabriel is not white, she is by birth in Lebanon, now a Lebanese American, who in Lebanon was raised as a Christian. And the ‘Hate Speech’ Qur’an states clearly…

“Believers take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their numbers. Allah does not guide the wrongdoers.”

Koran 5:51

This Koranic instruction means… “Do not assimilate.”

“Believers do not seek the friendship of the kafir/infidels and those who were given the Book before you, who have made of your religion a jest and a pastime. Have fear of Allah, if you are true believers. When you call them to pray, they treat their prayers as a jest and a pastime. They do this because they are devoid of understanding.” (In other words, do not assimilate)

Koran 5:57

Anti-Freedom Hate Speech Qur’an makes it very clear by instruction, do not makes friends with non-Muslims and that especially includes all non-Muslims that treasure ‘Freedom Values’.

Hyatt Hotel Senior Executives decision to ban all ‘Hate Speech’ groups which does not include all Muslim advocates that approve of the ‘Hate Speech’ in the Qur’an, proves that Hyatt Hotel new banning policy is founded upon complete ignorance and stupidity. Why should I ever respect ‘Degree Qualifications’ that reject the eternal right to 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’? The answer is… I should never respect any degree qualified person that rejects ‘Freedom of Speech’. And for that reason, I am required by ‘Blacklist Policy’ to automatically blacklist all Hyatt Hotels because they now reject ‘Freedom of Speech’.

Any American that rejects ‘Freedom of Speech’ is automatically rejecting the ‘First Amendment’ and is by their stupidity automatically betraying American Freedom Values.

It should be noted with emphasis that “The Truth is not Hate Speech” and many out there… Muslim and Non-Muslim Critics of Islamic Jihad Doctrine and ‘Anti-Freedom Doctrine’ are simply tabling the ‘Dark Truth about Islam’.

The Proven Path Truth that can be tabled in any decent Western Court of Law is not ‘Hate Speech’.

When witnesses testify in a court of law about a crime, they often instinctively feel natural hate towards the person on trial for a crime. Do we now say according to the insane logic of the SPLC and CAIR and other ‘Totalitarian Groups’ that the Testimony in Court is not valid because it is motivated by ‘Hate Speech’? Well that’s the new insane logic now being used by Hyatt executives and which has always been used by the inferior thinking logic of SPLC & CAIR.

When we censor ‘Hate Speech’ we are becoming hypocrites and automatic enemies of a ‘Freedom Valued Society’. There is no place for Censorship. We have the right to criticise and reject ideas in a freedom-based society. We do not have the right to ban what a person says.

To solve problems and create solutions we must always allow criticism and rejection of ideas and behaviour. We cannot fix problems without the human right to ‘Freedom of Speech’. When we ban freedom of speech we encourage the creation of fight-back underground organisations and this reality becomes detrimental to the wholesome well-being of society.

One would expect all degree qualified people would understand this common-sense survival reality, but many don’t, and this is evident by their anti-freedom decisions. And true to form Islamic Organisations focused on imposition of totalitarian demands have made it clear that they don’t respect ‘Freedom Values’ and are determined to destroy ‘Western Freedom’ focused on eliminating and replacing all Western Constitutions with ‘Sharia Law’. We only need to look at the current rapid rate of the ‘Fall of Britain’ to see how ‘Hate Speech’ anti-freedom Sharia Law is targeting the destruction of British freedom.

And Hyatt Hotel executives by their policy decision to ban so-called ‘Hate Speech’ groups from using Conference Room Facilities have by their policy decision, banned ‘Freedom of Speech’ and rejected the ‘First Amendment’ of America and have thus submitted to the bully totalitarian demands of all Islamic Organisations.

Hyatt Hotels in one move has smashed their credibility. It would have been smarter to close down the Conference Room business and just expand ‘Room Service’ opportunities than stupidly ban ahimsa ‘Activists for Freedom’ Conferences, which are simply tabling and sharing the truth with others.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation founded in 1957 Los Angeles USA has 777 Hotel Properties around the world in 54 countries as at March 25, 2018 according to Wikipedia information.

Mark Hoplamazian born November 23, 1963, an Armenian-American is currently the President and CEO of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, he has served in that seat since 2006. He has an A.B. in economics from Harvard College 1985 and from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business 1989 he has his M.B.A. Hoplamazian is in business connected to 5 Board Members and five different industries.

He keeps his belief system profile off the Internet including in professional LinkIn profile. But his leaning appears to be an Episcopalian Christian. If this is true, I find his enthusiasm to oppose Lebanese Christian Brigitte Gabriel and to support Islamic Advocacy groups puzzling.

Opposing ‘Freedom Values’ and supporting anti-freedom belief systems does not make sense.

He uses Twitter, which I refuse to use because of its shadow banning anti-freedom of speech policy. It has been claimed that his surname ‘Hoplamazian’ is translated as “One who doesn’t dance” And that idea suggests why M.H. is refusing to recognise that ACT for America is not a ‘Hate Speech’ organisation as deceitful Muslim Advocates claim. It is actually the opposite, Islamic Doctrine markets ‘Hate Speech’ anti-freedom belief system ideas.

In another article headlines dated 23rd February 2017 it states… “Hyatt’s New Brand Strategy Hinges on Cultural Diversity and Understanding”. (iii)


In a ‘Freedom SocietyCultural Diversity is a great existence, but all this diversity only works if every ‘Belief System’ respects the importance of ‘Freedom Values’. But here is the very serious problem… Islamic Organisations true to the ‘Hate Speech’ instructions in the Qur’an do not respect cultural diversity. Anti-Freedom Islam does not recognise the human right to ‘Freedom of Religion’.

How can Hyatt Hotels or any other organisation, political or business create a strategy of ‘Cultural Diversity’ in countries where Islam thrives? Answer… they cannot because Islam rejects diversity and demands complete submission to its anti-freedom doctrine.

HuffPost published the following article on the 3rd October 2018 titled… “Hyatt Hotels To Stop Hosting Hate Groups, CEO Says.” (iv)

The sub-heading of the post by Christopher Mathias, said… “The announcement comes months after HuffPost first reported that an anti-Muslim hate group was holding its annual conference at a Hyatt hotel.” (iv)


Amongst many comments in this HuffPost article, the Post really did get into a ‘Huff’ by blowing out loudly its own bigotry, expressing its petty annoyance in a fit of mindless stupidity. It seems Christopher Mathias thrives on putting down truthful organisations like Act for America.

This is what Mathias said… “Brigitte Gabriel, Act for America’s founder, has repeatedly made bigoted comments about Muslims. She has stated, incorrectly, that “practicing Muslims, who believe in the teachings of the Quran, cannot be loyal citizens of the United States of America.” She has said that Muslims are a “natural threat to civilized people of the world, particularly Western society.” (iv)

“Bigoted?” What Brigitte Gabriel said is correct, but the same reality applies in every Western Nation that wants to live free and enjoy cultural diversity. Mathias clearly is very bigoted and does not have much between the ears.

HuffPost never denounces all of the ‘Hate Speech’ and bigotry instructions in the Qur’an and clearly bigoted HuffPost rejects the human right to freedom of speech because it spat the dummy like any child throwing a tantrum and complained about ‘Act for America’ having its annual conference at a Hyatt Hotel.

HuffPost boasts that they were the first to dob in a complaint about Brigitte Gabriel having an annual conference at Hyatt. In one move HuffPost proved they are an enemy of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and for that reason HuffPost has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmic Philosophy’.

If anti-freedom of speech CAIR wants to have a conference at a Hyatt, I would say okay, I respect ‘Freedom of Speech’ even though I reject CAIR because they have openly admitted they want to ‘Islamize American’ and replace the American Constitution with anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’. CAIR was ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ in 2017 because they reject ‘Freedom Values’ CAIR is not censored for their constant ‘Hate Speech’ teachings, as ‘Cosmicism’ does not censor ‘Hate Speech’ and would rather see ‘Freedom of Speech’ including ‘Hate Speech’ openly out in the open, for the public to recognise. Pushing organisations underground for and against freedom, only creates a volcanic boiling point which will inevitably explode into violent reaction. We can best deal with problems including volcanic threats underground by staying alert and keeping awareness of its existence above ground. Only fools try to bury conflict problems and hide behind false knowledge thinking.

CAIR 005

If American Congress had true organised courage they would create special ‘Exile Legislation’ banning all organisations striving to impose ‘Sharia Law’ in America. I believe CAIR should be expelled from America because they are committed to the ‘Islamization of America’ and the imposition of ‘Sharia Law’ to replace the American Constitution. This agenda commitment by CAIR in policy proves that CAIR has seditious goals and must be defined clearly as an enemy of all-American people that value ‘Liberty’ and that treasure and respect the significant importance of the ‘First Amendment’.

HuffPost clearly is focused on teaching ignorance and false knowledge rather than face the ‘Dark Truth about Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islamic Doctrine’, which must be openly challenged, as has done Brigitte Gabriel and many others around the world. Even Communist China is dealing with the problem of Islamic bully demands.

Western Politicians and CEO’s need to learn courage and recognise the very serious danger of Islamic Dictatorship Doctrine. Anyone that refuses to recognise the clear and present danger of Islam is either spineless or they are traitorous enemies of ‘Freedom Values’.

After reading this very bigoted HuffPost, I lost all respect for its writers.

Truth must always challenge false knowledge and those that wallow in mud teaching deceit are not worth a damn as human beings. Certainly, decency does not exist in their mind, because the first rule of decency and justice is to tell the truth and stand for 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ values.

Dr. Tawfik Hamid is a Muslim, he wrote the excellent warning books about the dangerous side of Islamic Doctrine in 2005 book “The Roots of Jihad’ & 2007 book “Inside Jihad”.

 Hamid wrote… “I declare that the current teaching in Islam will end our civilization and is more dangerous than cancer. This form of teaching causes ‘pollution’ of the minds of millions of Muslims.”

Hyatt Hotels Policy suggest that Muslim Hamid is a ‘Hate Speech’ writer and should be banned from holding a conference at Hyatt Hotels. There are many other good Muslims that are also critics of Islam… are they going to be banned also?

Are we now required to create a negative list of who is allowed to run a conference at Hyatt Hotels versus a list of who is not allowed ‘Freedom of Speech’ use of Conference Facilities at Hyatt Hotel Conference Rooms.

In one move, Hyatt Hotels has split the Western World further down the centre and increased the conflict between those that support 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ and those who oppose ‘Freedom of Speech’. This policy by Hyatt Hotels has effectively destroyed cultural diversity further and all anti-freedom Muslim Organisations are smiling and behind closed doors laughing at the stupidity of Hyatt Hotels, HuffPost and other naïve intellectually inferior thinking useful idiots to the cause of achieving ‘Islamization of the West’.

There were a lot of other reports out there about this Hyatt Hotel decision, but basically, they just copy each other’s writing style lacking originality and fresh new point of view comments for or against ideas. I have observed that journalism today with exceptions, lacks creative originality and prefers to often copy others in similar styles refusing to create opinions good or bad, right or wrong, just or unjust. Hence, what we now have around the world is too much safe journalism afraid to say what they truly think because they fear being sued by insidious people and groups for what they say. We know many politicians are also afraid to say what they believe lest they don’t get voted in by the people in their electorate.

Cowardice is becoming a common problem and ‘Jihad Muslims’ are proving to have more courage than Westerners, including ‘Muslim Women’ and that to me is more than just a sad state of affairs, it is a betrayal of every person who fought and died in World War II to protect and preserve ‘Freedom Values’.

History records many stories for three millenniums, of many valiant people who fought for their right to live free including the great courageous Scottish man, William Wallace during the 13th Century. And let’s not forget the Greek 300 Spartans and the American men at the Alamo and the Aussies on the Kokoda Trail and many others that died for the right to live free.

And now Hyatt Hotels backed by Muslim advocate groups is striving to destroy ‘Freedom Values’ pretending to support ‘Cultural Diversity’ when Islamic Sharia Law Doctrine as instructed in the Qur’an has made it crystal clear there is no place for ‘Freedom of Speech’, Freedom of Religion, or ‘Cultural Diversity’ in an Islamic World.

 Thus, to protect its ‘Insanity of Greed’ Policy for more profit, Hyatt Hotels has submitted to the demands of Islamic Organisations to ban ‘Freedom of Speech’ in its Conference Rooms. In one foolish act against American and Western Freedom, Hyatt Hotels will implode down the track and slide backwards in profit as those who stand for ‘Freedom Values’ refuse to use Hyatt Hotels Accommodation, Period.

In one move, Hyatt Hotels allowed the ‘Insanity of Hate’ dictated in the Qur’an to control its business policy.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2018

For those that don’t know, ‘Ahimsa’ means Non-violence, Non-killing, Non-injury, Non-harming, Non-hurting. It is an excellent ‘Pali’ word which describes well the foundation of human thinking to come.

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