Belgium: Courage and Cowardice Conflict

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People Free Before Islamic Takeover

When Islam enforces the wearing of the Hijab… women will be forced to wear it. They will no longer be free to dress by their own choice. 




Belgium: Courage and Cowardice Conflict…

 Also thrives in every Nation in the West


Belgium to Become…?

Gatestone Institute reports… Islamic Party mission… by 2030

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 The Islam Party in Belgium has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’.

Here’s why…

Starting in Britain on the left of a Map of Europe, moving through around, up and down, through France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, back to the Netherlands down into Belgium, we can observe the political history trail of ‘Courage and Cowardice Conflict’ as anti-freedom apartheid Islam fights to gain control of every European Country backed by its aggressive mission to ‘Islamize Europe’ and impose anti-freedom Sharia Law, which is backed by the insidious European Union that rejects borders and demands submission to Totalitarian Policies and anti-freedom orders.

This battle between Courage and Cowardice, is expanding overseas in Australia, Canada and the United States of America. The only reason, Islam is finding it harder to impose anti-freedom of ‘Sharia Law’ in these lands is because of the vast acreage size of these countries and the fact that ‘Liberty Values’ were originally very strong in these Nations and many ‘Baby Boomers’ now in old age, and their adult children and grandchildren are refusing to give up their eternal right to live 100% ‘Free’ in Speech, Choice and Equality.

The pressure of ‘Islamization’ of every Western Nation is rising higher and rapidly expanding. And no political force in any country is stopping Islamic takeover of the West and ‘Jihad Muslims’ are justifiably laughing at the submissive weakness of Western Mentality. Too many people, including ‘Degree Qualified’ people are afraid to stand up against the expanding tyranny of Islamic Doctrine and its insidious demands. Yes Politicians, CEO’s, Editors, Journalists, News Reporters, Directors, Producers, Teachers, and University Leaders are all afraid to table the ‘Dark Truth about Anti-Freedom Islamic Doctrine’. Meanwhile the people in every Western Nation that value the eternal human right to live free are becoming very frustrated, many to the point of desperation, depending upon where they are living, watching with dismay as the Western World, Nation by Nation falls in submission to the dictatorship of Islamic Takeover.

How did we get into this mess?

Idiot do-gooders opened the gates to invasion without bothering to do ‘Belief System’ analysis to determine which belief systems are compatible with ‘Liberty Values’. We don’t have to agree with a ‘Belief System’ ideas and teachings, but such doctrine must still be compatible with freedom values and able to assimilate or it should not be accepted into a society. In a good marriage both partners must be compatible, if not in harmony as a team, they must separate. The same is true of all ‘Belief Systems’ in a country they must be compatible with the commitment to protect and preserve freedom values. If they choose to support totalitarian belief systems, they must be expelled from that Nation because they are not compatible with Liberty Values’. There is no place for ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems’ in a ‘Freedom Valued Society’.

There were countless ‘Jihad Terrorist’ incidents that threatened the West over the last fifty years, but the trigger of Islamic Invasion began before the 1978-79 Iranian Islamic Revolution, elimination of the Shah of Iran. The threat began with the foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood in March 1928 in Egypt. After World War II Islam started looking to migration invasion of the West. People in the West did not start to look at Islamic Doctrine as the first Muslim immigrants arrived in our Nations. At first all Muslims were cleverly peaceful until they gained increased population numbers, which gave them the united power to rise up against our ‘Freedom Values’, which ‘Sharia Law’ and the Qur’an verified by Hadiths rejects.

After Iran fell to complete control by Islam, the expansion of Islam began in the West. Parallel to this invasion of the West the Lebanese Civil War raged between 1975 to 1990… the war was between Muslims and Christians as Muslims became determined to conquer Lebanon and eliminate Christianity. Hezbollah now controls Lebanon’s Airport and the dock at Beirut seaport. Hezbollah funded by Iran, conceived by Muslim Clerics, controls border areas between Israel and Syria. Hezbollah also controls the intelligence leadership of the Lebanese Army. Even though a Maronite Christian Michel Aoun, founder of the Free Patriotic Movement is now the current President of Lebanon since 31st October 2016, he does not have much power, whilst Hezbollah has so much control of Lebanese land. Hence, the once nice tourist land of Lebanon is now an oppressed Islamic Controlled territory.

Over 120,000 people died and over 76,000 people remain displaced as a consequence of the Lebanese Civil War. Logistics of Population in Lebanon is in 2014-18 approximately 54% Muslim (27% Shia and 27% Sunni) 5.6% Druze, 40.4% Christian (21% Maronite, 8% Greek Orthodox, 5% Melkite Catholic, 1% Protestant, 4% Armenian Apostolic and other Christian minority denominations). The Druze don’t think of themselves as being Muslims, but they are interfaced with Islamic Logistics. Hence, the summary population breakdown in Lebanon is 59% Islam (Druze included) and 41% Christian. There are very few Baha’is, Buddhists, Hindu’s, Mormons and Jews in Lebanon.

Meanwhile in the past, as this insane civil war raged in Lebanon, the West was invaded by more Islamic Immigrants focused not upon assimilation but upon conquest. This fact became evident when Islamic Doctrine demanded changes to Western Freedom values which ‘Jihad Muslims’ refused to respect. The insane suicide attacks on 9/11 2001 upon America, committed by 19 ‘Jihad Muslims’ encouraged even more invasion of every Western Nation as many Muslims around the world, cheered when the ‘Twin Towers’ were destroyed, and many courageous Americans were killed. Over 6,000 people were injured, 2,996 were killed, and in the years ahead many more died from cancer and respiratory illness caused by the evil attack. This should have been the final warning to the West to shut down the Islamic invasion but obsessed with humanitarian Christian kindness and psychological feel sorry for displaced Muslims, too gentle naïve Western Political Influences opened up their borders and encouraged the Islamic Invasion, unaware that they had just copied history like Troy allowed a Wooden Trojan Horse to be welcomed in amongst them. As a consequence, Troy founded in 3,000 BCE fell in 1184 BCE and now the West is falling. There is no evidence that the giant wooden horse existed as recorded in Homer’s Iliad. The story of the ‘Trojan War, probably contains elements of historical truth, but it is reasonable to assert that the complete truth about the history of Troy will never be known and that the estimated dates tabled in the history of Troy are reasonable approximations but are vulnerable to error. Meanwhile, the Classic tales of Troy gives us interesting history of a cultural era that indeed did once exist.

One thing is true about the West of the late 20th Century, we did open the gates and allow an anti-freedom ‘Trojan Horse Belief System’ to invade our lands to cause us serious problems from within.

As it became clear that Political Leaders had made a serious mistake in opening the gates to acceptance of Islamic Doctrine, cowardice climbed higher in political circles afraid to launch corrective action to stop the anti-freedom Islamic invasion.

Many politicians recognised their political error but put it in the too hard basket, whilst other politicians like Justin Trudeau in Canada naively submitted to Islam and others greedy for power chased the Muslim vote to gain a seat of political control, like did Theresa May in Britain and Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull in Australia.

For reasons which defy common sense, many Muslims cling to enforcement of ‘Sharia Law’ unable to comprehend that it is ‘Blasphemy Law’ and ‘Sharia Law’ which created all their problems in the Islamic Countries that they claimed to have fled. In short, they brought their backward Islamic Belief System with them refusing to recognise that Islamic Doctrine is the reason for all of their misery. The only Muslims in the West that achieve true happiness and inner peace are those that reject Islam and choose to become ex-Muslims.

And now with this overview understanding we enter into a sad moment of time in Belgium, where the creation of a ‘Muslim Party’ is focused on the overthrow of Belgium. Yes, Islam works hard to conquer the West from within.

Islam is succeeding, because coward politicians greedy for votes from Muslims so that they can win the next election, is motivating them to submit to the dictatorship demands of ‘Jihad Muslims’. All non-Muslims rights to freedom are being sacrificed. ‘Insanity of Greed’ for power and money is motivating all of these coward politicians to submit to the dictatorship of anti-freedom Islamic Demands.

This political cowardice thrives in every European Nation and exists even in Australia, Canada and the United States of America.

Thus the Western World in the early 21st Century has become more than just a battlefield against Anti-Freedom Islam and Anti-Freedom Socialism, it has become a battlefield conflict between Political Cowards and the Politically Courageous. Because of the increasing anti-freedom mentality now invading Pre-Schools, Primary Schools, High Schools and Universities, the battlefield is now between the Educated. We are now engaged in an academic war where even the value of ‘Degree Qualifications’ are now being challenged and questioned.

A fight between ‘Freedom and Totalitarianism’ now rages and only Courage that Stands for Freedom has the right to win that fight. But the problem which exists is how many people in every Western Nation, now have the courage to overthrow all non-Muslim cowards that support the invasion and takeover of anti-freedom doctrine?

To stop anti-freedom Islam and anti-freedom Socialism we must stand strong for freedom values and that demands eternal ahimsa courage.

And now…


Belgium to Become…?

Gatestone Institute reports… Islamic Party mission… by 2030

 This is a warning example of danger within to every Western Nation.

Giulio Meotti wrote on April 22, 2018 a subject title which jumps off the page… “Belgium: First Islamic State in Europe?

“The leaders of Belgium’s Islam Party apparently want to turn Belgium into an Islamic State. They call it “Islamist democracy” and have set a target date: 2030.” (i)

The French magazine Causeur said… “The program is confusingly simple: replace all the civil and penal codes with sharia law. Period”. (i)

The French acronym of Belgium’s Islam Party stands for “Integrity, Solidarity, Liberty, Authenticity, Morality.” (i)

“Some Belgian politicians, such as Richard Miller, are now advocating banning the Islam Party.” (i)

“The French weekly magazine Le Point details the plans of the ISLAM Party: It would like to “prevent vice by banning gaming establishments (casinos, gaming halls and betting agencies) and the lottery”. Along with authorizing the wearing of the Muslim headscarf at school and an agreement about the Islamic religious holidays, the party wants all schools in Belgium to offer halal meat on their school menus. Redouane Ahrouch, one of the party’s three founders, also proposed segregating men and women on public transport.” (i)

“The ISLAM Party knows that demography is on its side. Ahrouch has said, “in 12 years, Brussels will principally be composed of Muslims”. In the upcoming Belgian elections, the ISLAM Party is now set to run candidates in 28 municipalities, but it demonstrates the progress and ambitions of this new party. In Brussels, the party will be represented on 14 lists out of a possible 19.” (i)

“That is most likely why the Socialist Party now fears the rise of the ISLAM Party.” (i)

Giulio Meotti an Italian journalist and author, and Cultural Editor for Il Fogilo, correctly concluded… “Perhaps it is time for sleepy Belgium to begin to wake up?” (i)

Read more…


I recommend reading ‘Gatestone Institute’ articles… an International Policy Council.

Allan Ivarsson comments about this disturbing report… Anti-Freedom Socialism should be afraid in every Western Nation. Socialism has been focused on the destruction of “Freedom Values” and now Belgium is a classic example of how Islam does not give a damn about Socialists and uses Socialist fools to overthrow all non-Muslims that refuse to submit to Islamic Anti-Freedom Apartheid Doctrine. There are so many Socialist Parties in bed with Islam in every Western Nation that it would require the writing of a boring book to list them all and their mischievous anti-freedom thinking and behaviour. We all know who these fools are in our country; we must overthrow these Socialist idiots, by voting them out of politics, to stop “Islamization of our Nations.”

It is a correct mission objective that because of their ‘Totalitarian Belief System’, no ‘True Muslim’ must ever be allowed to hold positions in Politics, Military or Law and Order. The reason is obvious, their mission is to overthrow freedom values using our law and order political system and force us all to submit to the tyranny of Islam. That agenda objective by ‘True Muslims’ must be completely stopped!

Every Western Government must outlaw the creation of Islamic Parties, no exceptions.

The idea that an Islamic Party stands for Liberty is a lie. Islam rejects Freedom Values as instructed in the Qur’an, verified by Hadiths and enforced by ‘Sharia Law’ which demands the enforcement of anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’.

The idea that men and women should be segregated on public transport and in meeting rooms and in sports like swimming, proves that Islam believes in apartheid treatment of women. And the fact that women must be placed separate to men also proves that Muslim men are chauvinists and believe they are superior to women. This excessive vanity amongst Muslim men proves they have an inferior thinking intelligence level. Men and Women are equal in the Western World and that is the society way that shall always be enforced by those that respect the eternal human right to freedom.

The idea that Islam supports Democracy is political propaganda false knowledge nonsense. A true democracy supports freedom values. There is nothing democratic when voting is focused on a choice of one of several parties that all support the existence of forms of Totalitarian Doctrine.

The word ‘Islamist’ means a Jihad activist or supporter of Islamic militancy, founded upon the fundamentalist teachings of Muhammad in the Qur’an. (ii)

The Islam Party in Belgium has been ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’.

(ii) Ivarsson, Allan. INSANITY OF HATE: Blue Light Defiance Source treatise “Islamophobia” Blue Light Publications. Kindle & Paperback Books also published with images in book COMPENDIUM II, ‘Cosmic Philosophy’.

Halal meat involves a very cruel inhumane killing of animals process and has been banned by ‘Cosmic Law’. Refer ‘Cosmic Law’ on Animals.

Cosmic Law states… “Thou Shalt not allow the existence of Islamic Parties in a Society that values its eternal right to live free in speech, choice and equality.”

Facebook Video Images alerted my attention to this serious concern about the potential fall of Belgium because the same concerns that can topple Belgium, can also destroy the Freedom of all other Western Nations.

We must lift our game and focus on protection of the ‘Homo Sapiens’ right to live free void of political, religious and philosophical dictatorships of any kind.

Allan Peter Ivarsson © 2018

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Watch the video to listen to what was said whilst the video existence lasts…

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