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Blue Light Mission Statement

‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, is completely focused upon the expansion of ‘Open Mind’, always thinking outside the square, recognising that there is no such thing as ‘Final Truth’ that all knowledge is forever expanding with no limits to learning.

For this reason, ‘Blue Light’ rejects all ‘Fixed Dogma’ and is committed to the development of ‘Wisdom’ and the expansion of ‘Liberty’ for all in ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’ using the path of ‘Cosmicism’ as its guide.

As part of this essential process, ‘Blue Light’ uses Philosophy & Science as companions, on the path of expansionist learning.

‘Blue Light’ opposes all ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems’ whether they be cult, religious or political ideologies, including uncontrolled Greed Monopolies.

‘Blue Light’ the way of ‘Cosmicism’ is focused on the evolutionary establishment of Peace and Goodwill, to all persons that reject all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. There is no place for violent thinking of any kind in a ‘Liberty’ based free thinking world.

 ‘Blue Light’ starts with the ‘Self-Determination’ teaching of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ as the essential bottom rung start of the climb up the ladder, towards ‘Enlightenment’ and finally ‘Ascension’.

One of the dangers of ‘Personal Development’ self-help ideas is that it too often runs wild, like wandering ‘Atheism’ and overrated Psychology, becoming a mixture of good and bad ideas, truth and false knowledge. The mission of living ‘Cosmicism’ is to identify false knowledge and throw it into the garbage bin. Even ‘Personal Development’ thinking like ‘New Age Cults’ and ‘Religion’ is highly vulnerable to becoming fixed dogma false knowledge misguidance.

It is imperative that we do not sail blind, when we read famous quotes and fables with a message, we must always ask ourselves this very important question… “Is that truly correct? Or does it just sound good?” If it is right and true… use its guidance… if it is wrong… discard the idea.

We must also keep each other in check, not one of us is consistently right all the time in our thinking. However, fixed dogma false knowledge challenges, must be tossed aside; only open mind valid ideas and concerns, should be considered for review. We can learn from each other, but that is only true, when we openly share information and understanding.

The beginning of PMA rejects all feelings of ‘Depression’ and all ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ as foolish irresponsible thinking. ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, begins with rejecting love of yourself, the way of vanity, like that foolish Queen in the story of Snow White that was so obsessed with looking into a mirror that she lost sight of her negative obsession with her own vanity, and thus lead herself down an insecure path towards her own self destruction. Fragile is the world of those persons, whom are focused on love of self, they cannot ever cope with real life, when the real pressures of existence are turned on against them.

 PMA the way of ‘Cosmicism’ thinks safe… thinks survive…without fear of taking calculated risks. Even professional stuntmen and stuntwomen… think safe…think survive and plan calculated risks, before doing the stunt. That fact is survival common sense.

The weak thinking, seek to love themselves to find inner peace, the strong thinking, with inner peace, do the opposite…they love life…they love people…they love animals…they love their planet…they love their universe…they love working to help make their life, their planet a better-quality world to live in, which gives all existence, humans and other animals, the right to live free in accordance with the flow of natural existence.

As part of PMA process, protect and preserve your self-confidence and enthusiasm by liking yourself, but only with the support of pragmatic common-sense wisdom. A vain person in love with their own self, is doomed to live a pretend life of limited fixed dogma thinking and is not capable of coping with real life challenges, when pressure moves upon them. A person incapable of doing truthful self-evaluation, which enables them to correct their wrong thinking and behaviour, is a person doomed to never evolving forward, on a continuous path of self-improvement.

Good sales persons, good managers, good writers, and good public speakers all must do self-evaluation of their writing, speeches and presentations, before and after the event, to correct their mistakes and upgrade their style, so they are even better next time. All of life, all activities, all thinking, requires the use of ‘Emotional Intelligence’, the way of calm self-evaluation to ensure we learn by our mistakes and do with PMA constantly upgrade our skills level.

Life using ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ is a continuous path of forever learning, there is no time to waste on vanity and negativity.

To be truly wise we must take our head out of the sand and learn in overview about everything in existence, and focus in detail only those concerns, which support our natural talents, interests and commitments throughout our life. Through the collective sharing of information and entertainment, working together for the continuous improvement of quality of life for all non-violent existence… we do become one.

Yes, it has been proven, against the natural laws of nature…that even a lion, a bear and a fawn can become friends, if they are trained and taught how in their youth.

 Children learn what they live… it is our responsibility as adults to teach them correctly by living example, true to fair play, justice and truth for all, living with good manners respect for the human right of freedom, provided such freedom does not deny others the same right to live free.

Liberty, Truth and Justice are comrades that must always be focused on doing the right thing.

There is no place for negativity, couch potato physical and intellectual laziness, unethical behaviour, and anti-freedom dictatorship, in a good wholesome world. Even the non-human animal world must work for their food and right to live free.

Totalitarianism is not compatible with Liberty Values.

For that reason, ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ outlaws all forms of Totalitarianism.

© Allan Ivarsson 2015 NSW Australia


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