America: Register Women for Military Draft?

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America: Register Women for Military Draft?

“Not on my Watch!”

Allan Ivarsson 2020


Revision 1:2020)

By Author


A.I. comments… As the Internet reveals at 2020 C.E. ‘Selective Service System’ is only for males, gender-specific. Now some inferior thinking politicians want to create gender-neutral, to include women, making the combat military forces fully gender-integrated.

The ideology of mixed gender units in combat is a disgraceful idea. Shame on all those people that support such an anti-chivalrous ideology.

Conscription in Australia, i.e. mandatory military service, called the draft in USA, known as National Service in Australia, only has provision for conscription during times of war.

Problem is we are not talking about a World War; we are talking about any war that the government decides to fight. The last example is the Vietnam War (1955-1975) which all allies lost. And the Communists won. The tragic toll of wasteful death and lifetime suffering was a waste of male lives. Now coward political fools around the West backed by idiot men and women who have never fought in a street fight, let alone bloody combat, want to in the name of ‘Equality’… register women into combat duty. Such is the stupidity of people that have never risked their life in combat.


Why should I be drafted into Combat?

I value my human right to live free.

A lot of men in America and Australia fought to avoid the Draft/Conscription to Vietnam and now Politicians want to sacrifice us women. No way!

2016 News Flash …

The New York Times reported…

Mitch McConnell Says Women Should Have to Register for Military Draft

 By David M. Herszenhorn May 17, 2016 (i)

“The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday that he believed the role of women in the military had expanded so broadly in recent years that they should be required to register for the draft just as men do.” (i)

Mr. McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, was quick to stress that he did not envision any return to the use of the Selective Services and believed that the volunteer, professional military had been “very successful”.” (i)

A.I. comments… McConnell covers his arse by ‘double speak’ hedging his statement, to give himself a political escape angle, if his idea of enthusiasm for women being drafted goes sour south, by too much opposition.

“House Republicans had been contemplating an amendment to the annual military policy bill that would have required women to register for the Selective Service, but the Rules Committee on Monday dropped the amendment consideration.” (i)

A.I. comments… Why would politicians even contemplate creating such an amendment? Male Chivalry and decency would not even contemplate drafting women. The answer by real men, would be automatic, “no way”.

“In recent months, a number of senior military officials and influential members of Congress have expressed support for the idea.” (i)

A.I. comments… What this means is that we have inferior thinking military leaders and politicians in bed with each other that have no sense of caring decency who are willing to endorse that despicable idea that women should be drafted for training and sent into overseas combat if an insane government demands it.

“It is unclear if the proposal will resurface, either during debate in the House or in the Senate version of the military policy bill. If it does, Mr. McConnell, as majority leader, certainly would hold some sway.” (i)

A.I. comments… Why is another military bill on the table? Why aren’t military regulations ‘gender-specific’ already locked in, like the First Amendment’ that should never be altered?  What agenda game are these devious unscrupulous politicians and military leaders playing, when they want to engage women on drafted standby for overseas war combat? As long as such political idiots exist, void of ethical decency, such draft proposal ideas will resurface, proposed by another coward idiot down the track, be it this generation or next generation. The purpose of this case study analysis is to make sure that such insane irresponsible thinking is stopped forever.

“Asked for his opinion at a news conference on Tuesday, Mr. McConnell said: “First of all, I don’t anticipate going back to the draft. The professional voluntary Army has been successful. We’re talking here about registration for Selective Service, should we ever go back to a draft. And given where we are today, with women in the military performing all kinds of functions, I personally think it would be appropriate for them to register just like men do.” (i)

A.I. comments… That sums it up by McConnell from the words of a deadbeat politician that has never served in the military in combat, like did President John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) and Winston Churchill (1874-1965) former Prime Minister of Britain. World War II history proved, women in the military, serve good effective and efficient essential performance jobs. But not in combat as warriors. That terrible responsibility is for the job of men, not women. And this is not chauvinism speaking, this is honour, decency and chivalry speaking. The day we stop living true to chivalry and honour, is the day a society decays into barbarianism.


Allan Ivarsson further comments using this McConnell case study review as a warning of the mindless stupidity that now exists in the 21st Century political climate.

The Senior 74-year-old (Born 20 Feb 1942) United States Senator Addison Mitchell ‘Mitch’ McConnell Jr. from Kentucky, really thinks like a junior. He served in the United States Army Reserve in 1967 for just a few weeks, receiving an Honorable Discharge for Medical Reasons (optic neuritis) after 5 weeks at Fort Knox.

Junior never served in the Military, never fought in a war, and no insight appears to exist that he ever did boxing or fought in street fights to help him understand what it is like to take a physical bashing. This McConnell wimp then tables his approval that American women should register for the ‘draft’. He uses the copout hedging argument that such registration is only for ‘Selective Service’ should America ever go back to the draft. McConnell’s summary words “I personally think it would be appropriate for them to register just like men do.” What he avoided saying, is that once such legislation is enforced, in the decades ahead if the ‘draft’ is reintroduced for reasons of National Survival Necessity, it is okay per McConnell subtle thinking… that women be sent overseas into war and be maimed and killed just like men. He didn’t say it literally, but the implication was approved by his hedging words, afraid to completely admit his intended real thinking. Long after McConnell has died naturally of old age, future women drafted into combat, will have the natural right to curse the pathetic name of Mitch McConnell.

Any man that supports and approves that women should be drafted (America) or conscripted (Australia) is not worth a damn as a man. Real men, in the military and in civilian life, will never condone or approve of women being forced into military service. And will never, not now, not ever, approve of women being sent to war in overseas battle.

It is reasonable for volunteer women to join the military for training in home base self-defence but is not acceptable to ever allow women to fight overseas.

McConnell is deemed by me, as being a coward. The best way to test a man’s courage when he is all mouth, is challenge him to a fight in the boxing ring, in a fair fight, under Marquis of Queensbury Rules. Even politicians, CEO’s, Professors of Universities should have to fight in the boxing ring to identify whether they have true courage or not. And that includes seventy-year-old men.

No real man wants to fight a coward, as the fight becomes too easy. Real men want to fight real men that are not cowards, men that they can respect, when it becomes a matter of necessity. Cowards deserve to be ‘white feathered’.

The lowest kind of person is a coward.

If any Australian Political leader ever approves of registering Australian women for military combat conscription, I wouldn’t have any hesitation in fighting them in the boxing ring, for the sake of my granddaughters, and if such politicians refuse to fight in the boxing ring, they must be publicly declared a coward and white feathered. People must be held accountable for wrong thinking, wrong behaviour and wrong reckless decisions. This is the iron-souled tough side of ‘Cosmicism’. There is no place for cowards in a ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ belief system.

I am near 69 years old at the time of this writing in 2017, with a bad left leg, including ankle, knee and hip. I can only walk with Forearm Crutches- Canadian Anatomical with Ergonomic grips, I was denied a knee replacement operation, because I am on ‘blood thinner’ warfarin treatment. I was told by a specialist in 2012, that I had a more than 50% chance of not surviving an operation, hence the medical profession, two specialists and one GP, cancelled my planned operation, which was scheduled in early 2011 for surgery late 2012. Even my Dentist refused to pull a bad tooth, in 2014, because he said he could not stop the bleeding, so he resolved the problem by Root Canal procedure. I came near to death, close to end of January 2012, as a consequence of a second time, blood clot on the lungs. Old age singled me out. The injury of an accident, two broken legs, in October 1975 at 26 years and ten months, caught up with me in December 2010. In late November 1975, I suffered my first blood clot on the lungs and was given three hours to live. I survived because of my Positive Mental Attitude and toughness of mind. Now the reason I am telling you this background, is to deliver a message. Even at my crippled age of 68 years, I would still fight in the boxing ring, if the reason was serious enough. I can only stand and step forward for three minutes, but that’s all the time I need, to take out enemies that rejects everything that I value. It is an act of dishonour to approve of women being drafted/conscripted into the military forces. And if necessary to protect the rights of my granddaughters, I would fight to the death, before I would tolerate such politicians like McConnell that willingly would approve of women being drafted.

I write this attack in the strongest terms possible. We must work towards stopping the insane ‘Habit of War’ not expanding its continuation by approving the participation of women in overseas combat. Women in the ‘Freedom Resistance’ have the right to fight to defend their own country when being invaded, but we must never ever approve of women being drafted, and we must never ever approve of women being sent into overseas combat.

I have the greatest respect for Nancy Wake (1912-2011) ‘The White Mouse’ as she was called by the ‘Gestapo’. Wake fought in World War II against the Nazis in Europe, but she was not drafted. She fought as a volunteer for the ‘French Freedom Resistance’. Nancy Wake was Wellington New Zealand born, moved to Sydney Australia, with her family, where as a child she grew up. She found work as a Nurse at 16 years of age and left Australia settling in Paris in 1932. As German Fascism, i.e. Nazism, rose with evil dedication to anti-Semitism, Nancy Wake chose to oppose Nazism head-on. Wake joined the ‘French Resistance’ after France was invaded by Germany. France surrendered to Germany, but Nancy Wake did not. There is more to this story, including her return to Australia and spending her last years in England. For the full story, I recommend you read more about Wake, by your own research. But one thing is very clear, she was a courageous resistance fighter, she was not drafted by the military, she was not sent into overseas combat by the military, she fought on her home ground in France true to her convictions that Nazism must be stopped. This is the difference, women can when necessary fight, many women like Nancy Wake, known and unknown throughout history have proven that fact, but drafting women and sending volunteer women into overseas combat war zones is not acceptable behaviour. We must work towards stopping the habit of war, not encouraging to extend war forever, now including women.

If military leaders and politicians cannot comprehend this reality, they are not worth a damn as human beings, and should be immediately sacked from office. There is no place in a decent wholesome world for such inferior thinking leaders. tabled a brief story after Nancy’s death on August 08, 2011…

An extract read describing Nancy Wake…

“She was resourceful, cunning, feisty, brave and tough, once killing a German sentry with her bare hands.” (ii)

“She is the most feminine woman I know until the fighting starts. Then, she is like five men,” one French colleague said of her. But, at the age of 98, Wake was finally beaten.” (ii)

“The White Mouse died in a London hospital yesterday following a chest infection.” (ii)


Only cowardly weak men, with no sense of decency, would ever approve of women being drafted and being sent overseas into combat. My anger against such inferior thinking men like Mitch McConnell, has been tabled for the philosophical history books.

The way of ‘Cosmicism’ using Philosophical Intelligence, absolutely rejects women being drafted/conscripted into the military and absolutely rejects women being sent overseas into combat.

The eternal code of ‘Chivalry’ is the foundation of decency, without chivalry and decency, we are no better than a crocodile or shark that has no concern for the sex of the person it attacks.

This subject also appeared on BNI in May 2016…

May 19, 2016 @ 12:47 pm

Some of you may disagree with me on this one. It is fine for women to join the military but never engage them in combat situations or place them in danger.

Allan Ivarsson NSW Australia – “No Islam!”
May 19, 2016 @ 9:46 pm


I agree with your statement, I have no problem with women being in the military in support functions. I have no problem with them being trained in self-defence, last stand fighting defence in their own country. But I object to women being sent overseas to fight in combat, in the air, on the sea and on land.

If women joined the underground freedom resistance in their country, as they did in WWII that is justified and the right thing to do.

The ancient Greeks & Romans were smarter, they did not send their women into foreign lands and seas battles. We have enough wars without promoting the insane habit of war further by including women.

May 20, 2016 @ 5:43 am

I concur with both of you. Women DO have a place in the military however, the front lines, unless as a defensive position on home base, it’s out of the question. (iii)


Original Source of this Treatise: ‘American & Israeli Military’ 2017 Book COMBAT WOMEN by Allan Ivarsson available at in Paperback & Kindle.

The following discussion occurred on Facebook after I posted treatise titled as follows…

These handful of below opinions indicate how great the divide between peoples thinking is evolving around the world caused by the naïve belief that ‘Equality for Women’ means women must also be sacrificed in insane ideology conflict wars caused by ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems’ trying to wipe out ‘Freedom Values’.

Not on my Watch!






To be continued…


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