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HONG KONG CORONA VIRUS: Only two Deaths in 8 Million after two months.

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HONG KONG CORONA VIRUS: Only two Deaths in 8 Million after two months.

Published on February 28, 2020 By Joe Hoft


The Hong Kong government and corporations reacted late to the coronavirus but when they did act, the actions were borderline extreme.  More than a month later there are still questions. The overall damage of the virus is not nearly as severe as originally feared.

News of the coronavirus reached Hong Kong and the world in early January. Hong Kong citizens were curious at first and then almost hyper-reactive. The Wuhan coronavirus was a big unknown and still is.

China’s economy was already slowing (click left to read about Trump strategy) and it took a very big hit from the coronavirus. This was not what the regime needed. President Trump’s tariff’s encouraged US manufacturers in China to move outside of the country and into SE Asia or back to the US.  This was the beginning of the economic downturn before the coronavirus. (To get a perspective of how the economy in China is doing, imagine all the major airports throughout China seeing less than 5% of their normal traffic.)

What does this mean for Hong Kong and China?

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas on earth with a population of around 8 million. As of this morning there have been 93 coronavirus cases confirmed (the same as Singapore) and two deaths. (Click left to see all the countries hit by Corona) The percent of confirmed cases to total population is minuscule at 0.0012%. Deaths as a percent of the population are basically nil at 2 in 8 million.

China has a population of around 1.4 billion. The number of coronavirus confirmed cases stands at 78,824 with around 2,700 confirmed deaths. The percent of confirmed cases to the population is also minuscule at 0.0056%. Deaths as a percent of the population are basically nil. These numbers are based on reported cases which may or may not be accurate.

It’s unknown if the actions taken in China and Hong Kong prevented any deaths but it is suspected that they have. We don’t know if those who died would have died anyways due to old age or other complications. The data is not available.

The economy has certainly been hurt but China’s economy was on the downturn anyways. We still don’t know a lot about the coronavirus with opinions running wild. The rumor being passed around in China is that the US may have started the coronavirus and has the cure that it will then sell to China.

Allan Ivarsson Comments… Never trust rumours… stick to facts… the unknown is unknown until evidence proves or disproves rumours, ideas and theories. I read a rumour a few weeks ago which suggested that China started the Corona Virus in a laboratory. This suggestion like the idea US started the virus is equally ridiculous. Biological warfare will always wipe out the leaders who started it. No one in a government would make such a stupid move, for such tactics are insane. We now exist in a global fastmoving communication and migration world. We must phase out fixed dogma beliefs systems be they religious, political or philosophical and replace it with dynamic philosophical thinking. We must all change our thinking, beliefs and attitudes or we shall drive the homo sapiens species into extinction. The doorway to higher levels of freedom and consciousness is through the use of the most advanced intelligence in the world. It is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Influenza, the flu, has a history of being more dangerous and we all face that threat every day of our lives. Stay calm and alert always and obey the rules of hygiene and wash our hands regularly even after coughing and sneezing. Our hands are also a proven carrier of bacteria, disease and virus threats. That’s why hospitals have hand cleaning dispensers located at entrances and around many key point positions. Most of us now know this but others need to be advised. We are one human race, to survive we must work as one global team void of fixed dogma. Human history of fixed dogma will gradually phase out, we have no choice but to change the way we think and behave.

Don’t hug strangers, friends or even relatives. Keep the gesture of goodwill hugging inside the family unit only. A smile and a good gesture of spoken goodwill is all that is needed when we meet each other in the circle of societal activity. And shake hands only with people you trust. Even then we must do as you may have noticed that Doctors do, they always wash their hands when alone after shaking hands in a goodwill greeting or goodbye. There is no need to shake hands when greeting strangers for the first time. Often a casual salute is a sign of respect and acknowledgement and thank you. This works well when courtesy is given in public places and the thank you voice cannot travel to be heard.




A.I. comments… Australia is not facing any serious danger, like Hong Kong and USA we are vulnerable, but not in a serious way. Don’t Panic, Stay Alert and practice the common-sense rules always. But that process also includes dealing with the flu and other diseases that threaten us.

Evolution process of viruses and other epidemics is not kind or friendly to any animal… human or not. All we can do is adapt and change according to the standards of health requirements. There are no guarantees in life, but we can work survival sense in our favour when we use calm logic, positive mental attitude and never panic.

Be kind to each other… we are one.

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