The Tragedy of Java/Indonesia… A Warning

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An important historical message by Daniel Byantoro that must not ever be forgotten.

The Tragedy of Java/Indonesia

This is a warning to Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, Canada, United States, China, Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Africa, South America and all of Europe. But the real question is… how smart are Politicians? Can they figure out the serious danger which is expanding like a Cancer around the globe?

The Politicians are worried about the latest threat Coronavirus, which is a valid concern.

 And Politicians are foolishly worried about the false knowledge ‘Climate Change’ Panic Fear Charge that blames humans for causing ‘Global Warming’ and naively believes CO2 is the cause and must be controlled by Carbon Trading.

 But these dangers are minor compared to the higher risk of Islamic Doctrine continuing to spread its hate speech anti-freedom doctrine around the world against all unbelievers.

India (Bharat) does not need a warning… the people have a history of knowing the dark truth about Islamic Doctrine and the suffering it imposes.

And Israel knows they are hated by Muslims, because they are Jews and the Qur’an teaches Muslims to hate all Jews, who are at the top of the Qur’an Hate List. Followed by Christians and all other Belief Systems, including Atheists and Gays.

Yes, many around the world know the dark truth about anti-freedom Islam and know what I just stated is the obvious truth. But a lot of Politicians in all Western Nations are not behaving correctly and dealing with this serious danger. They have just put it in the too hard basket and there are volumes of evidence that verifies that fact.

The last Hindu King of Java made a serious mistake; because he allowed a Muslim missionary to preach his belief system, he should have first studied the Islamic belief system ideas and understood its teachings, before giving his permission to the missionary to proselytize others. This is a common failing of many leaders throughout history and in the 20th to 21st Century, far too many Politicians in the West are too intellectually lazy to make the effort to learn about the creed of Islam, and hence due to ignorance or cowardice are afraid to publicly say, “No” to the teachings of Islamic Doctrine.

These incompetent politicians must be voted out of office, expelled by the people and replaced by stronger leaders that are dedicated to the preservation of Liberty. There is no place for anti-freedom political leaders in a good wholesome decent society.

Look at the sad history of India (Bharat). Before the Invasion of Islam, India a Hindu/Buddhist Culture was evolving during Ancient Centuries into a potentially great civilization. Likewise, the Java history of Hindu/Buddhist culture now called Indonesia was evolving to be equally as great as India. Such cultures would have evolved to become great peaceful loving Nations, but instead they have suffered unjust abuse and wrongful death imposed by the misguided cruel thinking of ‘Sharia Law’ and the false knowledge teachings in the Qur’an.

#Note: Hindi is the language spoken widely in India, Pakistan and other South Asian countries. Hindu is a person that practices the Hindu religion.

Foolish new generations centuries ago in different countries accepted the dark thinking teachings of anti-freedom Islam and consequently destroyed their right to live free. Now the weak-minded politically correct anti-freedom socialist mentality of Westerners is making the same tragic mistake and are afraid to offend the oversensitive Muslim beliefs that seek to force all unbelievers to submit to their anti-freedom ideas.

The lands of the West have gradually shrunk in size by the accepted creation of No-Go Zones which are now ruled by ‘Sharia Law’. Britain accepts ‘Sharia Law’ as a parallel law. Other Nations which don’t accept ‘Sharia Law’ often don’t have the courage to close down its dictatorship which thrives in No-Go Zones.

Preserving the peace is an illusion when those who teach anti-freedom doctrine are just buying time to increase their population numbers, until they are strong enough to rise up using violence to take control of a region, which includes expanding its borders of forced ownership. Let the buyer of peace beware when ‘Totalitarianism’ is knocking on your door.

All Islamic No-Go Zones are no longer free zones and thus it is not safe for true patriots of freedom to travel into these lands of Islam. Geographers/Surveyors’… start with tabling the known size of a Nation in hectares, then subtract the addition of all hectares in No-Go Regions, which are lands of Islam… and the answer, will reveal how the free size of a Nation has shrunk. All of these No-Go Zones will gradually expand in size until they become small nations housed inside a big country. As generations pass new border changes will create larger lands of Islam. This is how Islamic takeover works.

No-Go Zones must be shut down and those Muslims that demand to live by ‘Sharia Law’ must be permanently expelled from the Nation. Islamic Organisations like bully CAIR in America are enemies of Freedom Values and must be closed down and all its leaders permanently expelled.

We in the West do not, I repeat, do not want to become like India and Indonesia and Iran. There are many Iranians, Indians, and Indonesians that want to live free in a true democracy void of the dictatorship of dark thinking anti-freedom Islamic Bully Doctrine.

Iranians shall never live free until the ‘Sharia Law’ ‘Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ is disbanded and anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ is phased out. The path of freedom future for Iran and Indonesia needs ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’.

Once free, the culture of Buddhism can help build a more peaceful Nation as ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ interfaces with Buddhism using ‘Cosmic Law’ and ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ as its guide and companion with proven path science.

No-Go Zones is the modern terminology for the ‘Bad Lands’ places on earth where Pirates and Outlaws once ruled before they were wiped out.

[Not to be confused with Badlands geography where dry terrain has been extensively eroded by wind and water, often creating steep slopes and uncultivable land with little vegetation. Such land could be terra-formed by homo sapiens with modern technology. Only imagination is needed.]

All anti-freedom No-Go Zones/Bad Lands must always be forcibly closed down.

It is the duty of every person, in every generation for all eternity to always fight to protect and preserve ‘Freedom Values’ and reject tyranny wherever it exists.

Sadly, we cannot trust a large percentage of degree qualified politicians in the West. They are philosophically weak and are too focused on their own greed and vanity and lack the courage to do the right thing by rejecting tyrannical ideas.

In my book ‘Flat Earth’, I mention in overview about the great achievements of an Indian that worked on the problems of solving ideas about earth, space, stars and the sun before Islam was invented. The Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Indians independently were the first, both doing research thinking on the important concerns of needed knowledge which despite resistance and opposition by erroneous thinking religions, pantheist and monotheist, did set the foundations of evolution of science and far more advanced thinking than that of fixed dogma backward thinking religions.

China is doing the right thing rejecting the oppression of Islam inside its Nation. But the leaders of China are also doing the wrong thing by imposing the oppression of Communism. It is time for the Chinese to be freed from dictatorship and be given the right to enjoy the benefits of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ the values of Freedom in speech, choice and equality. Chinese Muslims would be wiser to get rid of their misguided Islamic Beliefs and learn the importance of Freedom Beliefs.

Anti-freedom Islam is the wrong Belief System Path. And must be rejected. The Qur’an is riddled with errors in thinking and lack of logic which proves Allah/God did not dictate the false knowledge writings in the Koran. It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that goat herder Muhammad dictated the wrong thinking Qur’an and that is easy to prove. Read Allan Ivarsson’s book ‘Flat Earth available at in Paperback and Electronic Kindle.

If people cannot handle the reading of this book, recorded in an easy reading style, they are not intellectually very alert and can be conquered by tyrant forces. The Qur’an must not be censored or banned from society. For it is important that all generations to come, must know how to recognise wrong ideas and why. The reason for rejecting censorship and banning of any wrong thinking book is to ensure that future fools do not reinvent wrong ideas and that the recording of wrong ideas is consistently criticised and rejected to protect the eternal hallmark of freedom values in speech, choice and equality, provided such freedom does not deny others the same right to live free.

Freedom of Speech gives people the right to record wrong ideas, including hate speech, and gives people the right to peacefully reject ideas and criticise them. Freedom of Speech must rule to protect decent values founded upon democracy.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ in a good, decent wholesome society. The world must be freed from the tyranny of anti-freedom belief systems like Communism, Fascism, Islam and Socialism.

‘Sharia Law’ founded upon the wrong thinking of the Qur’an has been outlawed by ‘Cosmic Law’ and must always be rejected for all eternity.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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