CHINA: Coronavirus victims Burned Alive… an alleged statement made by a Chinese lady.

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These logistics from WORLDOMETRE dated 15th April 2020 do not include the number of people that were burned alive, by Communist Chinese. 

China lied to the West and failed to inform the West about the disease Corona Virus that came from the Wet Markets. Many ideas in the West claim that China created the dangerous virus in a laboratory to create a biological weapon to wipe out enemies. In China many claim the biological weapon was created in America to wipe out the Chinese. Both points of view claims are a lie.

There is now no doubt that the disease came from the Chinese Wet Markets. It’s not the first time that the Wet Markets have passed forward diseases because of bad eating habits of some foolish Chinese thriving on the Wet Markets primitive culture. A cruel culture that kills wildlife using obscene methods.

This video does not contain any graphic footage… it simply is a Chinese eyewitness account of seeing elderly people wrapped up in Plastic Bags whilst alive and then burned alive.

This disgraceful evil behaviour reminds me of the cruelty of the Nazis who during World War II cruelly murdered millions and now it seems once again past the evil behaviour of Mao that Communist Chinese are inhumanely murdering live people victims of Corona Virus, a disease started by bad thinking Chinese in the Wet Markets.

We must never close our eyes to evil. As long as we choose silence, evil shall continue to thrive. Watch this video and tell others about it. Pass it forward.

We must always work to help people oppressed by ‘Totalitarian’ regimes to become free. Always say “No” to oppressive Governments.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Ps. I have since learned that the ‘Chinese Communist Government’ knew about this Corona Virus disease in their country as early as mid-November 2019 and refused to warn the world. By their deliberate attempts to silence Chinese whistle-blowers that wanted to tell the world immediately about the danger, the ‘Chinese Communist Government’ did ruthlessly betray the entire world and thus they the Communists are guilty of high treason against all of the people of every country around the world. Consequently, many have suffered and far too many innocent victims have died in every country.

Communist China’s uncaring negligence has proven that the ‘Chinese Communist Government’ cannot ever be trusted by the rest of the world.

By failing to be ‘Truthful’ China has pushed the world into a biological war which is savagely harming the economy of every Nation. 

It is imperative that we in every Nation do protest against Communism and demand that Communism must be ended and that all of the Chinese people in China and Hong Kong and Tibet be freed.


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