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Only readers will learn where this presentation is leading.

Allan Ivarsson often writes in a circular or conference table horseshoe style or simply uses a U table presentation to create more interest about the truth and his beliefs. This subject starts at one end of a small horseshoe table and ends at the other end with an important video. 


This person is Atheist, but it should be noted that not all Atheists write badly like this e-mail.

Allan Ivarsson says

April 11, 2020 at 10:39 pm

The use of the word ‘Moron’ is a common indicator that the writer has no communication skills. Also the constant use of coarse language reveals he does not have emotional intelligence and is limited in communication skills and his reckless hate speech void of logic, reveals his thinking is incompetent and has no clear understanding of the nature and character of existence in all of its forms.

Whether a person believes in God or not is a personal decision that every person has the right to make.

100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ & ‘Freedom of Choice’ & ‘Freedom of Equality’ provided such rights are not used to abuse or deny anyone else the same right, is an eternal human right.

Which is why all laws enforcing ‘Blasphemy Law’ or any other form of anti-freedom of speech law is deemed a criminal offence by ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’.

Which is why the use of censorship by ‘Social Media’ is deemed by ‘Cosmicism’ as disgraceful behaviour.

We have the right of self-defence in battle but those who want to kill others simply because of what they say are evil.

‘Freedom of Speech’ gives us the eternal right to criticise and reject all ideas. We do not have the right to sue people for defamation or for what they say. We do have the right to condemn bad thinking and behaviour. And we do have the right to use criminal law when abusive people misuse their freedom rights and threaten and harass others.

This disgraceful thinking person’s intellectually backward thinking needs to be thrown into the rubbish bin. He has demonstrated that he is an incompetent disgraceful thinking person and is not worthy of a response. If he crosses the line into exercising criminal behaviour then he must be dealt with by enforcement of criminal law. And given no quarter.

End of Statement on BNI


 BareNakedIslam says…

April 12, 2020 at 1:35 am

Reader, believe it or not, this email was the tamest one I’ve gotten in a long time. Most of them are filled with death threats and worse.

BNI about comment lines 240917

SPLC 001

Allan Ivarsson comments… It is very distressful to receive death threats, I know I received one from a Muslim living in Sydney, in 2013. I dealt with it head-on and he stopped immediately. BNI has been facing this threatening abuse and they get away with it because there are so many undesirable creeps in the world writing death threats to people that the law does not deal with it and thus they get away with their evil behaviour.

Read more about SPLC, click on here. Also you can watch a very important video on this link about SPLC.

Good Codes of Behaviour is written in ‘Cosmic Law’ which rules the universe.

If people disobey the common-sense of ‘Cosmic Law’ then Karma Result/Consequence will rule. They will suffer misery and in many cases loss of freedom.

Those who disobey some of the ‘Ten Commandments’ which is common-sense Cosmic Laws have time and again throughout history paid a terrible miserable price for their wrong thinking and bad behaviour.

Loss of Freedom is Hell on Earth.

One of the reasons I do not have a comment line linked to my website, is because I do not have the time to waste… to weed out the undesirable comments that are not about calm differences of opinion but are written using disgraceful choices of words. In other words, I am not going to tolerate those creeps that violate terms of service imposed upon websites. Even when the owner/authors of a website do the right thing they can still be bully harassed by dark opinions and thus by law authorities and by website providers.

BNI does an exceptional job because she makes the constant effort to weed out bad comments. She does not ban differences of opinions because she respects freedom of speech. But she does stand for ‘Liberty Values’ free of the dictatorship of anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ and for that reason openly bans anti-freedom Muslim comments.

BNI welcomes the opinions of ex-Muslims that rejected oppressive ‘Islamic Doctrine’.

And even though he still calls himself a ‘Muslim’ BNI and I do still respect Dr. Tawfik Hamid author of 2005 book ‘Roots of Jihad’ & 2008 book ‘Inside Jihad’ for his honesty in revealing the dark thinking that thrives today amongst ‘Muslim Clerics’ that feed the masses of Muslims with deceitful false knowledge radical propaganda to promote their own vanity to control others.

There are many good Muslims out there in society, problem is that we unbelievers cannot discern who is genuine in caring behaviour, and who is not. Therefore we are forced to live by a survival rule of never trust a Muslim. In other words, ‘Trust is earned not given’ and how can we that value Liberty ever trust a person who is Communist, Fascist, Muslim, or Socialist that rejects freedom values.

Where Islam gains a majority in a Nation those nice Muslims will be forced to fight and oppress all unbelievers because ‘Blasphemy Law’ denies them the right to disagree with ‘Sharia Law’ and ‘Islamic Doctrine’. The penalty for opposing ‘Blasphemy Law’ and other Islamic teachings including wrong teachings in the Qur’an is often death by enforcement of cruel methods.

Now you know why 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ must rule the Universe. There is no place for any form of anti-freedom of speech law.

We will never be a better world free of the ‘Habit of War’ until all decency lives free, in speech, choice and equality.

‘Cosmic Law’ states…

“Thou shalt not make death threats nor shall thou threaten to cruelly harm an animal – human or non-human.”

“Thou shalt not kill.” (Refer Ten Commandments.)

One of the problems with anti-freedom of speech laws is that people are often not allowed to post proof of e-mail death threats and abuse they receive. Which means these evil creeps are not held accountable for their abusive threats. In other words their dangerous bullying is not exposed. This social media restriction is an anti-freedom of speech activity.

100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ gives us the right to say what we believe, be it true or false thinking. Without freedom to speak freely we will never solve real societal problems. The very process of freedom of speech, which gives people the right to criticise and reject ideas is that it also stops bad ideas from being hidden. When we hide the dark side of wrong ideas refusing to table them we are not solving anything.

Society must face bad ideas and bad behaviour head-on and must have the eternal human right to always say “No” to wrong thinking. If we fail to speak freely then we are allowing wrong thinking to fester into a state of bad behaviour which may result in unjust injury or worse loss of life. Everyone is accountable for their wrong behaviour. To reduce bad results, we must always be free to table the truth whether it is pleasant or not.

We must never hide the truth. Only cowards oppress the truth.

The world shall never become a better more peaceful place ‘Void of the Habit of War & Conflict’ until we eliminate ‘Blasphemy Law’ and all anti-freedom of speech laws.

Wrong ideas and bad thinking can only be corrected by truthful feedback response in speech or writing.

Furthermore, people who have poor communication skills and use coarse language frequently are more likely to lack ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and thus are more likely to bully others with abuse and threats.

This means that the penalty for bad bully behaviour in communication must also demand forced training in communication skills and in the essence of goodwill training.

The credibility of a person’s character is challenged by their thinking and written and verbal speech. This challenge is a good thing because a wholesome peaceful society can only grow wiser and stronger when everyone in that society has reasonable, good communication skills.

SOCRATES 2014 FB 140420 001

CAIR in America often bullies Americans threatening them with Lawsuits. Why? This explains their thinking and behaviour…




A Demonstration Message in England 2010 by Muslim Demands


A Sad Truth

The problem is that everywhere in the Western World where Muslims live they are not content to assimilate and enjoy living free. They are not interested in sharing the traditional values of the Western World.

They want to enforce the wearing of the Hijab for women and ban Bikinis, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Alcohol, and Christmas and Easter Celebrations and replace our Constitutions with anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’.

And women must always take the backseat behind men. Such is the planned oppression under Islam.

Muslims hate dogs and do not want people to own dogs as pets. Why? Because Muhammad hated dogs and claimed they were unclean animals. They do not believe that a loyal dog can be a person’s best friend. They also want to ban all religions and other non-religious belief systems and replace it with enforcement of anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine. They use the phony argument that all non-Muslims are sinners and must be forced to submit to Islam. They want ‘Blasphemy Law’ enforced and all Gays punished. In Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran they deal with the Gays… when caught they hang them and have been known to throw them off tall buildings to their death. In Indonesia they brutally flog Gays. Is it any wonder that millions of people in the West have nothing but hate and contempt for Muslims.

There are many more totalitarian belief system thinking in Islamic Doctrine too many to record them all here. The approval of ‘Child Brides’ and ‘Slavery’ is a serious concern.

Slavery 001

There will never be true peace between Muslims and non-Muslims because of the oppressive dictatorship demands by Muslims. And thus the following slide response is understandable…

Read ‘Child Brides’ published in book COMPENDIUM IV available in illustrated Colour printed on white quality paper Paperback and in Electronic Kindle. The Paperback is a collectors item and is also a good textbook for senior students to enrich their understanding. Quality books are not cheap because they last a lifetime when looked after.

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