Zoonotic Diseases

A treatise summary of Zoonotic Diseases by Allan Ivarsson 2020

Zoonotic disease can be transmitted from animals to people. It is a disease that can infect humans and cause serious dangers for the health and wellbeing of society. There are many histories of animal diseases that have harmed people. They are caused by virus, bacteria, fungus, and parasites.

The best known, examples of Zoonotic disease are…

Anthrax, animal flu, bird flu, swine flu, malaria, dengue fever, parrot fever, rat-bite fever, cat-scratch fever, Rocky Mountains spotted fever, plague, Q fever, rabies, ringworm, hepatitis E, Ebola, Salmonella and E. coli infections and now in 2020 C.E. Corona Virus called COVID-19. Because it was discovered in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, in China in December 2019 C.E.

Wuhan City is one of the first pilot cities being trialed in China for the 5G technology network. Amongst the 5G trials in the city… applications of the technology have been used for driverless cars, intelligent education, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent tourism, smart transportation and intelligent enterprises. The rise of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is evolving.

CV came from the Wet Markets in China. It was not created by biological laboratory experiments, it was transmitted by the bad wrong habits of some foolish Chinese that eat wildlife for healing powers, which they naively believe works.

These diseases can be transmitted in different ways dependent upon the type of disease.

Infection can be passed forward through the air, or by touching an infected surface that an animal or later an infected human has touched. Coughing and Sneezing can pass forward the disease, harming the mouth, nose and eyes. Insect bites like mosquitos and ticks can pass forward diseases. Close contact with animals infected can be passed forward, which is why it is not wise to pet zoo animals or other wild animals. Eating contaminated meat or other produce is a well-known example of how infection can strike us. This is how Corona Virus came from the Wet Markets in China from the bad cultural habit of handling infected wildlife and eating it.

Fortunately not all Chinese foolishly eat wildlife or the disease disaster which now thrives in 2020 around the globe would be a lot worse.

The high risk groups of people dying from such diseases are pregnant women, adults aged 65 years or older, children 5 years or younger, those with HIV for which no cure has been discovered and those with cancer that are going through chemotherapy or radiation, and others with weakened immune systems like diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Common-sense ways of protecting yourself is washing your hands regularly for preservation of hygiene standards. Using insect repellant to keep insects away from your body, which includes, mosquitos, fleas, ticks. Practice safe food handling including washing food before eating it.

Do not eat or drink or touch your face whilst handling animals. Use disposable gloves to protect yourself when handling animals or pumping petrol at bowsers. Use gardening gloves when doing gardening. Even soil can cause types of infections, not likely to be corona virus.

Many diseases are treatable in the early 21st Century whilst others are fatal.

Stay alert and always listen to the wisdom guidance of Medical Professionals.

 Do not be naïve and believe we are not vulnerable. The entire world needs to lift its game by upgrading hygiene safety good habits. The worlds population is now over 7 billion and increasing, for everyone to survive in health, we must calmly change the way we think.

(i) Reference Source: and the Internet Overview. Rewritten by Allan Ivarsson.

SARS is Severe acute respiratory syndrome. No treatment exists except supportive care.

SARS appeared in China in 2002. It appears to have vanished as a harmful threat by 2004. Like Corona Virus SARS is a virus transmitted by droplets travelling though the air when someone with the infection, coughs, sneezes or talks at a too close distance.

Fever, dry cough, headache, muscle aches and difficulty breathing are symptoms of SARS.

Other coronaviruses include… COVID-19 (also called SARS-COVID-2) and MERS Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

How these coronavirus types spread… by coughs, sneezing, kissing, hugging, handshakes, sharing drinks, touching doorknobs, blankets, metal like petrol bowsers and air pressure tools etc.

Likewise, Corona Virus like SARS causes fever, fatigue, coughing, sore throat and shortness of breath. Good hygiene can save a person by prevention of infection. This is why ‘Social Distancing’ is so important.

There is no vaccine yet for Corona Virus but there is one for the flu and everyone should get their annual flu vaccine when available.

Like SARS there is no treatment for COVID-19, but supportive care usually gets most people through this terrible experience. The most vulnerable people facing death are those people with weak immune systems and other health problems.

Antibiotics do not work against viruses; they only fight bacteria. If you are given anti-biotics during a virus infection it will be only to fight other harmful bacteria.

Infectious diseases that originate from ‘animals’ and infect people comprise the majority of recurrent and emerging infectious disease threats and are widely considered to be one of the greatest challenges facing public health.” (ii)

Source. Research Article titled ‘Global shifts in mammalian population trends reveal key predictors of virus spillover risk.’ Published 8th April 2020. (ii)


“Emerging infectious diseases in humans are frequently caused by pathogens originating from animal hosts, and zoonotic disease outbreaks present a major challenge to global health. To investigate drivers of virus spillover, we evaluated the number of viruses mammalian species have shared with humans.” (ii)

“We discovered that the number of zoonotic viruses detected in mammalian species scales positively with global species abundance, suggesting that virus transmission risk has been highest from animal species that have increased in abundance and even expanded their range by adapting to human-dominated landscapes. (ii)

“Domesticated species, primates and bats were identified as having more zoonotic viruses than other species.” (ii)

A.I. comments… which is why homo sapiens are so vulnerable to infections. We are a primate animal like monkeys and apes and other animal species. This virus danger is more proof that evolution process is real and has been changing for millions of years and that creation is not the consequence of a ‘God Creator’, but is the result of a ‘Natural Law’ process which has always existed and is forever changing throughout the Universe. This does not mean that God does not exist, it simply means that ‘God Creator’ is an imaginary God with no physical powers and that ‘God of Creation’ is a Spiritual God, a ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ God that has no physical powers and exists only in ‘Spiritual Communication’ and that Eternity is of the spirit.

“Among threatened wildlife species, those with population reductions owing to exploitation and loss of habitat shared more viruses with humans”. (ii)

Exploitation of wildlife through hunting and trade facilitates close contact between wildlife and humans, and our findings provide further evidence that exploitation, as well as anthropogenic activities that have caused losses in wildlife habitat quality, have increased opportunities for animal–human interactions and facilitated zoonotic disease transmission. Our study provides new evidence for assessing spillover risk from mammalian species and highlights convergent processes whereby the causes of wildlife population declines have facilitated the transmission of animal viruses to humans.” (ii)

“With ongoing landscape transformation towards human-dominated landscapes and approximately half of the world’s human population living in urbanized communities, species that are adaptable to human modified habitat are likely to continue to be an important source of zoonotic pathogen transmission.” (ii)

In other words… Zoonotic bacterium, virus or other microorganism transmission that can cause disease.

Read more click on this link (ii)

To Be Continued…

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