China: Wet Markets Eating Wildlife

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My First Post on this virus dated 19th February started with a video…

This Video came to me in March 2020….

This Video came to me in April 2020…

Now let’s get serious and deal with Survival Danger…

Proof that many regions of China are not Hygienic, and they eat Dog which is readily available and is usually killed in an inhumane cruel way. You may not like some brief scenes tabled in this video, but the truth must not ever be hidden because without truthfulness about wrong thinking ideas and behaviour, we cannot eradicate that which is the wrong thing to do. 

China: Wet Markets Eating Wildlife

“China’s leaders have launched an immediate ban on selling and eating wild animals, in a fast track decision to fight the spread of the Coronavirus.” (i)

Extract from an important article published by “The Independent” on 25th February 2020 by Jane Dalton titled Coronavirus: China bans citizens from eating wild animals including peacocks, pangolin and badgers” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This Chinese Government decision founded upon genuine fear, proves that the false knowledge rumours floating around the Internet which claimed in different circles of ideas that the Corona Virus was created in a Laboratory either by the Chinese or the Americans as a biological weapon is a myth and is not true.

Note: the above Independent article was written before the dawn of awakening in March 2020 in the West about the serious danger of COVID-19. China failed to inform the rest of the world promptly of this virus threat, which the Chinese Government knew about in November 2019. Read…

Whilst Australia was threatened during March 2020, the Australian Federal Government and all States stood united against the invasion of Corona Virus, consequently during March/April 2020 our Nation experienced a low casualty rate, far lower so far than the flu rate. ‘Social Distancing’ was enforced promptly Nation-wide.

The ANZAC Patriotic Spirit of all ‘True Aussies’ stood strong and overruled all the whinging minority that complained about all the restrictions.

Australians became better organised than even Americans in their fight against the invasion of Corona Virus. Australia has the best Medical System in the World. Australia also has the best Financial Aid Health System in the World. And will become even stronger if the Federal Government uses Medannuation designed in 2003 by Aussie author Allan Ivarsson.

The World’s suffering count versus Australia & United States @ 28th April 2020

China must be held accountable by the rest of the World for its deliberate negligence in failing to promptly inform us of the serious coronavirus disease passing forward around the Chinese Nation.

Xi Jinping must be held accountable for refusing to inform the West promptly of the discovered danger of COVID-19. His negligence was clearly deliberate. Why? Because common-sense revealed that the danger of death of citizens was serious but equally as serious was the economic breakdown of trade and all forms of business and increased unemployment. And for many… the ‘Insanity of Greed’ Rules without concern for the lives of people.

 If every Nation had shut down overseas travel in December 2019, the death rate would have been fifty percent lower, and the suffering of unemployment would have been more restricted to only the travel industries, instead of including so-called non-essential industries in other Nations. Non-Essential Industries are still essential to the Quality of Life of every Nation.

 The idea of Corona Virus becoming dangerous did not reach the people until March 2020… information came too late because China held back informing the rest of the world and focused instead with continuing its trade with our Nations without any thought of global consequences. If Chinese Authorities did think about it, which I believe they did, their silence was driven by their desire to protect their own interests first in trade.

 The World’s suffering count versus Australia & United States @ 15th April 2020

Deaths in the USA more than doubled since 15th April to 28th April 2020 in just 13 days.

“Within hours of the crackdown being announced by the National People’s Congress – China’s top level of parliament – authorities started closing down markets across the country selling species ranging from badgers, deer and peacocks to turtles, pangolin and civet cats.” (i)

The ban marks a major shift in the country’s attitude to selling and eating animals caught from the wild. Most towns and cities in the country have one or more wild animal markets.(i)

“Experts say citizens are so worried about the rapid spread of coronavirus that they will help police the ban, by posting on social media photos and information on any traders breaching it.” (i)

A.I. comments… this ideaby posting on social media photos” is a not true objective. China does not have ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the West is not allowed to contact China through ‘Social Media’ and the Chinese are not allowed to use ‘Social Media’ to contact the West. In short, any Social Media that exists in China is a very controlled ‘Social Media’ with very limited right to freely speak. And dobbing in is about the only freedom of speech they would be allowed. However, such limited freedom is dangerous because if the ‘Chinese Authorities’ do not like what is said, the person posting communication may find themselves persecuted and thus most Chinese will choose not to speak to stay safe.

Only one official from the Chinese Government monitors my website regularly. The Chinese People are not allowed to view my website.

Lack of freedom of speech in the West, which is more relaxed than in China, persecutes only those who are unjustly accused of being ‘Racist’ as being not ‘Politically Correct’, when they oppose the demands made by Muslims in the West. Hence, the disenchanted comments criticising anti-freedom Islam are often tabled by anonymous pen names. Far too many people in the West are afraid to post their full name, state and country to their comments. I am one of the few that has never been afraid to quote my full name, state and country as BNI knows well since 2011 when I first publicly made global comments about Islam. The cause of this problem is ‘Blasphemy Law’ and many other forms of anti-freedom of speech laws which exist around the West including in Australia.

“However, trade in pigeons, rabbits and quail, bred for consumption rather than taken from the wild, is still allowed.” (i)

Scientists suspect the coronavirus was spread from wild animals to humans in December 2019 in a market in Wuhan after the earliest infections were founded in people who had exposure to a wildlife market.” (i)

A.I. comments… As I tabled previously, we have since learned that the Coronavirus was identified as an infection in November 2019 by Chinese Medical Professionals.

“The order says the illegal consumption of or trade in wildlife will be severely punished, as will hunting or transporting wild animals for eating.” (i)

“Authorities had last month tried to introduce a temporary clampdown on markets where species from bats to snakes and mink are kept in cramped cages to be slaughtered on demand. More than 28,000 animals were confiscated but it did not end market wildlife sales.” (i)

A.I. comments… So in January 2020 when Chinese authorities confiscated the 28,000 animals, did they release them back into the wild or more likely… slaughtered all of them?

As I have written in my earlier records, I hate cages that are so small the animal cannot move freely. Small cages are cruel confines. Think about codes of decency… how would you like to be trapped inside a cage, where you cannot move about freely?

Notice the gesture by the Chinese authorities was to introduce a ‘temporary clampdown on markets. Eventually, the dangerous disease creativity will resume.

 As I wrote in my article (ii) ‘Bug Boat – China’s Virus Cruise’ posted April 7, 2020 the following…

It is my understanding that as from February 24th, 2020 that the Chinese Government is moving towards permanently criminalizing wildlife as food. The decision was made by the ‘Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress’ to amend China’s ‘Wildlife Protection Law’ which governs the use of wildlife.” (ii)

“The Chinese Government decision stipulates that the trade of wild animals for medicine, pets and scientific research will be subject to strict approval and quarantine procedures. It is this latter thinking that needs closer review. Because the question must be placed on the table… is the Chinese Government doing the right thing by leaving a loophole to exist on how wildlife can be unjustly used?” (ii)

“Remember that in truth animals, non-human also has natural rights as well. Freedom Values belongs to all ahimsa existence and not just to humans. How would you like to be a forced victim of scientific research? Or a pet trapped in a cage with limited space to move?” (ii)

Notice I said… “This latter thinking needs closer review” which was verified as why, by the above statement… “temporary clampdown on markets.

There is no indication that China is serious about permanently stopping the unhygienic Wildlife Markets. They failed to shut it down in 2002 when SARS was started in China through Wet Markets.

“Traders legally selling donkey, dog, deer, crocodile, and other meat pledged to resume business as soon as the markets reopened.” (i)

“The legal animal trade has long acted as a cover for a black market in protected species such as pangolin.” (i)

“Peter Knights, chief executive of the US-based Wild Aid charity, welcomed the new ban, saying it should stop the spread of disease that poses a risk to humans, but that health, hygiene and welfare risks remained from slaughtering rabbits, pigeons, chickens and pigs in one place- as in many countries.” (i)

Such practices risk spreading avian flu and swine flu, he warned.” (i)

“The Chinese government is hitting the key areas hard – ban live markets, stricter laws and penalties, better enforcement and public education. After SARS, the trade was reopened.” (i)

“This time, it should be permanent, he said. The tremendous health and economic risks of wildlife consumption massively outweigh the small profits made by sellers and breeders. We hope China can set a strong precedent for the whole of Asia and hopefully influence the many African countries that are impacted by the illegal wildlife trade to follow suit.” (i)

A.I. comments… Peter Knights concerns are valid. But China will not make a permanent commitment to stop wildlife trade, the disgraceful trade including in the Wet Markets will not be permanently shutdown until China feels the full weight of shame imposed by the West through business trading.

We must refuse to buy food from China for reasons of survival commonsense. We must stop all import trade with China until the entire Nation has demonstrated high standards of hygiene in their complete new cultural way of life. This important survival discipline demands the complete abolition of all wildlife trade for food and trophies.

This commitment demands that only well organised humane killing Abattoirs of cattle and sheep and pigs should be allowed to exist. These Abattoirs must be open to inspection for hygiene standards at any time without notice. All killing of animals at markets must be banned. In other words, “Outlawed”.

The cruel capture of animals stored in confined cages must be banned. The killing and eating of dogs and all other wildlife must be banned.

Until China does that by upgrading its hygiene and non-cruelty behaviour in much the same way as the standards of Australians and Americans, China must not be trusted for quality standards of imports, this especially applies to food imports and clothing manufacture.

“The good thing about social media is anyone can photograph and upload details of any animal trading. So the ban can be policed by the public. We think the public is very much on this, because they are aware now of the huge risk of these markets and will be very helpful.” (i)

A.I. comments… As I stated previously… Freedom of Speech does not exist in China. We in the West are not allowed to observe any controlled social media that is allowed in China. We will never see what is happening except when leaked information reaches us.

The Chinese Culture is so intense in Wildlife bad eating habits and hygiene standards are so slack, there is no way that China is going to upgrade itself to equal the higher hygiene standards of the West. Even with a concentrated effort it would take three generations of persistent effort to trade out the bad cultural belief systems of today’s generations. Change of people’s wrong thinking and bad behaviour does not suddenly change overnight.

Whilst there are good Chinese that reject the Wildlife Markets, they are outnumbered by all those negative thinking Chinese that refuse to change the dark thinking unclean habits of their life.

China needs ‘Freedom of Speech’ like that which exists in Western Nations to speed up the change process. That objective will not be achieved under a ‘Communist Government’ thus China will stay stagnant in hygiene upgrade objectives.

For that reason we in the West must refuse to buy food and clothing imports from China.

The problem we have with our logistics import business they are more concerned with profit and greed than with doing the right thing by the people. Far too many import businesses do not have a sense of ‘Patriotic Loyalty’ to their Nation. The proof lies in the poor quality of the goods they import which are void of high-quality control standards.

Cheaper is not always better. When we buy, Quality First, Price Second.

“Online debate within China has also appeared to favour a permanent ban. A survey by Beijing University last month found 97 per cent of respondents were “strongly against” wildlife consumption.” (i)

A.I. comments… True or False? Since it was a survey by Beijing University the idea that 97% of respondents were strongly against wildlife consumption is probably true. But that does not say whether they oppose the consumption of dogs or not, which is a common feeding practice throughout China, including in China’s grand cities and in Restaurants. Sample polls are fractions of ‘Societal Thinking’ and do not represent the attitude of the majority. Those who can afford to go to University are financially more prosperous than the poor people Chinese battler that thrives on food from Wildlife Markets. Hence, their opinion is not worth much if the Chinese Government does not have the genuine commitment to permanently shut down the entire wildlife markets including all Wet Markets.

“There has been a growing concern among people over the consumption of wild animals and the hidden dangers it brings to public health security since the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak,” said Zhang Tiewei, a spokesman for China’s legislative affairs commission. (i)

(i) Source:

A.I. comments… Zhang Tiewei words may be truthful, but they are soft words to appease the West. Truthfully, his words do not mean much, because action speaks louder than words.

The Chinese Government in 2002 C.E. after the outbreak of SARS made a commitment to deal with the wildlife and wet markets and then did nothing allowing cultural business as usual to continue until it raised its ugly head again in 2020 and this time attacked the entire world as a consequence of its inept thinking and behaviour. Trust in China’s commitment to better standards of thinking and behaviour? Not likely, there is no evidence that ‘Chinese Communism’ will ever get it together.

Communist China is more focused on building a military force designed to threaten the West with fear than first fixing their internal poor- quality attitudes of societal behaviour.

I wonder what type of food China’s Military personal eat. I am not talking about their Officers who no doubt eats well. I am talking about their troops. Do they eat dog? Which is a popular food throughout China for the poorer class of people.

When a person is starving, they will eat anything. Sad, for the dog in China, they suffer such cruel treatment.

The dog does not survive well in Islamic Nations, because Muslims hate dogs, they reject them because Muhammad hated dogs, and claimed they were unclean. And for this reason many ‘Jihad Muslims’ are cruel to dogs, but they do not eat them, just like they do not eat pigs.

Whether a dog is clean or not depends upon the lifestyle of the dog and whether its owner looks after it kindly or not.

But one thing is sure Muslims who hate dogs because they are unclean will automatically believe anyone who eats dogs or pigs is also unclean.

So where do we go from here?

To be Continued…

Authors Note: All work by Allan Ivarsson is not funded by anyone. He does not chase donations and does not seek income for his work. His records are given to society to help them establish a better quality of life world, free of Poverty, and free of the ‘Habit of War’ and free of all forms of tyranny. Allan gives all his effort as ‘Social Capital’. Allan retains copyright only for his book publications and even in this commitment his books paperback and kindle are published at low prices. To achieve this lower price, Allan’s Royalty is a low margin that most authors cannot afford to do. Allan is not rich, he is a pensioner, an Aussie Battler, but like Jesus, Buddha and Moses he does not believe that wealth makes a person happy. If we have one friend and a modest home and possess calm inner peace, founded upon ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, we are prosperous.





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