China Threatens Australia

Under the Leadership of Communist President Xi Jinping…

China threatened to destroy Australia’s economy by cutting off trade.

China has already done a lot of damage to our economy by deliberately failing to inform us of the danger of COVID-19 when they first identified its existence last November 2019.

Allan Ivarsson anticipated China’s totalitarian tactics when he wrote on April 7th 2020… “We need to stop trading with China… stop all imports and exports. There is no survival value in the ‘Insanity of Greed’.” (iv) A.I. also wrote on the 28th April 2020… “We in the West must refuse to buy food and clothing imports from China.” Read why(ii)

China has a history of threatening people. If people praise the Dalai Lama, China is offended. If criticism is imposed upon China for the invasion of Tibet in 1950 creating a holocaust, China is offended. If China is criticised for enforcing their totalitarian tactics in Hong Kong denying the people freedom values, China is offended. China is focused on enforcing anti-freedom oppression. Communist China is not a democracy and has no respect for the eternal human right to live free in speech, choice and equality void of abuse and harassment.

Allan Ivarsson posted the below remarks about ‘Tibet’ on Facebook dated 21st May 2020…


Why should we Aussies respect Xi Jinping and Communist China when they are so focused on enforcing oppression upon every person they deal with, including their own citizens that deserve the right to live free from persecution and harassment?

China is a ‘Reckoning’ threatening the entire ‘Free World’ and must be challenged.

We must let China know… that we will not tolerate bullying.

The First Step of China must be to free its citizens and expel ‘Communist Doctrine’ and Replace it with the Democratic Process of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’. Only Nations that are founded upon ‘Freedom Values’ in Speech, Choice and Equality can be trusted in discussions and negotiations.



Alison Bevege writing for the Daily Mail Australia published the following Headline report on the 18th May 2020… (i)


Coalition of 62 countries backs Scott Morrison’s call for an independent inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic – after China threatened to destroy Australia’s economy in retribution for the probe push(i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… The report reveals that the focus of the needed independent probe is to identify the origins of Coronavirus. This investigation is an essential objective and the fact that China rejects such an investigation reveals that ‘Communist China’ is not worthy of respect as a Nation whilst it is lead by Xi Jinping.

“The assembly, made up of health ministers of the World Health Organisations 194 member states, meets once a year in Geneva, Switzerland, to set policy for the WHO.” (i)

“The World Health Assembly will vote on this objective on Tuesday.” (i)

“The motion… requires WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to initiate at the earliest appropriate moment, and in consultation with Member States, a stepwise process of impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Tedros Ghebreyesus has done a great delivery contribution of good health work for Ethiopia and the ‘World Health Organisation’. Despite his serious blooper recommendation in February 2020 overall Tedros G. has done a good job for the globe. Wikipedia recorded… Tedros stated there was no cause to limit trade or travel with China and said, “Let me be clear, this declaration is not a vote of no confidence in China.” In the first week of February 2020, Tedros reiterated per WHO and international guidelines that governments adopt policies to stop the spread of the disease that were “evidence-based and consistent,” and not to “unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade.” # This was Tedros blooper founded upon excessive trust of Communist Leaders.

In January 2020, Tedros met with Chinese leaders including Foreign Minister Wang Yi and paramount leader Xi Jinping about COVID-19. On January 23, 2019, the WHO stated the novel coronavirus did not yet rise to the level of an international emergency, but that the organization was closely tracking the virus evolution. Tedros said, “Make no mistake, though, this is an emergency in China. But it has not yet become a global health emergency. It may yet become one. On 31 January 2020, the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a ‘Public Health Emergency of International Concern’ (PHEIC). #

Tedros blooper was to completely trust the words of Communist Leaders. They lied to him and did not tell him that Chinese Medical Professional Authorities’ knew about the serious existence of COVID-19 in November 2019 and were deliberately silenced from revealing the existence of its danger to the world. Thus Tedros was slow to release his decision to declare that COVID-19 was a serious global concern. If China had been truthful with the world immediately in November 2019 as a PHEIC, we the people of the world in every society would have been prepared a lot more quickly to stop the travel of the deadly virus.


“The new resolution demands a review of experience gained and lessons learned from the WHO-coordinated international health response to COVID-19.” (i)

“It calls for reviews into the ‘effectiveness of the mechanisms at WHO’s disposal’ and the actions of WHO and their timelines pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.” (i)

However, the motion does not specifically mention China or the city of Wuhan where the outbreak is believed to have begun.” (i)

“The US has been pushing for tougher language calling to investigate specifically how it started in Wuhan.” (i)

“Australia’s most powerful ally has not co-sponsored the bill, but US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged all nations to back Australia’s call for answers.” (i)

“China has been accused of covering up the severity of the pandemic after it emerged, costing the world vital weeks of preparation.” (i)

“China’s President Xi Jinping knew about the coronavirus on January 7, yet China only shut down the epicentre of the outbreak, Hubei province, on January 23, after five million people had left to travel through China and to the rest of the world.” (i)

“WHO director-general Ghebreyesus then told the world’s nations on February 3 not to shut its borders to travel and trade, at a time when there was still a chance to contain the magnitude and spread of the virus to prevent a worldwide disaster.” (i)

Instead, flights continued, and the WHO did not formally declare the novel coronavirus outbreak to be a pandemic until March 11.” (i)

A.I. comments… “China failed to inform the rest of the world promptly of this virus threat, which the Chinese Government knew about in November 2019.” (ii)

“The idea of Corona Virus becoming dangerous did not reach the people until March 2020… information came too late because China held back informing the rest of the world and focused instead with continuing its trade with our Nations without any thought of global consequences. If Chinese Authorities did think about it, which I believe they did, their silence was driven by their desire to protect their own interests first in trade.” (ii)

 China later threatened Australia’s export trade to China when the Australian Federal Government requested an investigation into the origin of the Corona Virus.

 “There is no indication that China is serious about permanently stopping the unhygienic Wildlife Markets. They failed to shut it down in 2002 when SARS was started in China through Wet Markets.” (ii)


“…the ‘Chinese Communist Government’ knew about this Corona Virus disease in their country as early as mid-November 2019 and refused to warn the world. By their deliberate attempts to silence Chinese whistle-blowers that wanted to tell the world immediately about the danger, the ‘Chinese Communist Government’ did ruthlessly betray the entire world and thus they the Communists are guilty of high treason against all of the people of every country around the world. Consequently, many have suffered and far too many innocent victims have died in every country. (iii)

Communist China’s uncaring negligence has proven that the ‘Chinese Communist Government’ cannot ever be trusted by the rest of the world. (iii)

By failing to be ‘Truthful’ China has pushed the world into a biological war which is savagely harming the economy of every Nation. (iii)

It is imperative that we in every Nation do protest against Communism and demand that Communism must be ended and that all of the Chinese people in China and Hong Kong and Tibet be freed. (iii)


“We are in this dangerous around the world crisis, now a pandemic, because of Xi Jinping President of China who failed to be truthful to the West about COVID-19 which it appears was started by some disgraceful sections of Chinese Culture who have bad eating behaviours, consuming wildlife from the Wet Market.” (iv)

“Why did Xi Jinping choose to silence some of his people who wanted to warn everyone of the danger? Reports allege one was executed and another disappeared. We have to try and get to the bottom of this by calm research investigation and avoid false knowledge fake news as best we can.” (iv)

“Did Xi Jinping deliberately launch a biological weapon into the West to destroy our lives and our economic strength? Was Jinping striving to weaken our Nations to make it easier down-the-track to wage war against the West?” (iv)


“Foreign Minister Marise Payne said there was positive support for the independent review to help the world learn the lessons necessary to protect global health.” (i)

“This is about collaborating to equip the international community to better prevent or counter the next pandemic and keep our citizens safe.” (i)

“Australia was the first nation to call for an independent review into how the coronavirus started and spread, infuriating China.” (i)

“Beijing has said it is conducting its own investigation through the Chinese Communist Party, which it says should be enough.” (i)

“China’s ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, previously denounced the calls for an inquiry as dangerous and said it would fail to gain support from global leaders.” (i)

The Chinese Communist Party hit back through its diplomats, with a veiled threat to cut off trade, threatening wine and beef exports.” (i)

Beijing suddenly suspended meat imports from four Australian abattoirs last week, citing technical issues including ‘labelling compliance breaches’.” (i)

End of extracts (i) from report for more read link.

Allan Ivarsson comments… This excellent report by Alison Bevege, tables reality. It further mentioned that China is seriously thinking of hitting Australia’s barley exports with an 80 per cent tariff. If China does this, we Aussies must have the courage to change direction and find other buyers of our Barley and Meat Exports.

Greed and fear are our enemy. When we allow Greed and Fear to rule our decisions, we do make ourselves vulnerable to becoming blindly submissive to ‘Totalitarian Demands’. We must not ever make that mistake.

China has no right to feel enraged by the World’s justified expectations that a Global investigation into the cause of COVID-19 is a mandatory ‘must do’ objective.

“Cheng Jingye …denounced the calls for an inquiry as dangerous” (i). This claim by C.J. reads like a threat to Australia and any other country that dares challenge and question China’s policy thinking and behaviour. The Chinese Communist Party cannot comprehend that it is the eternal human right of every person to through ‘Freedom of Speech’, question and challenge ideas and investigate by research and development any idea that needs further review.

China’s childish anger and objection to Australia’s request for an investigation simply proves that China is deliberately striving to be secretive about its incompetent behaviour over the pandemic of Corona Virus 19. A deceitful Nation on subjects of serious survival importance for all societies on planet Earth is not acceptable thinking and behaviour.

China’s refusal to be openly honest up front from the beginning in November 2019 when the Corona Virus was first discovered in China proves that deceit is part of ‘Communist Doctrine’ and for that reason the Chinese Communist Party cannot be trusted.

Look back in history back to 1941… when America and Imperial Japan were at peace with each other and then suddenly on the 7th December a Sunday morning just before 8 am, the Japanese in a two-faced deceitful action violently attacked Pearl Harbour in Hawaii territory, starting World War II in the Pacific and South Asian regions.

After the attack on Pearl Harbour 97% of Americans supported war against Japan which proved that those who cherish ‘Freedom Values’ are not afraid to fight back when attacked by a bully.

The attack on Pearl Harbour which finished short of near two hours, created a terrible devastation of destruction which included more than 3,400 casualties, including more than 2,400 Americans were killed and 1,000 people were seriously wounded.

The point is when we look at Japanese History before the war, the Japanese like China today were focused on expanding their trade, wealth and power which motivated the Japs to attack USA and every country in South Asia and the Pacific Territories.

Pre-War Warnings were delivered to American Politicians for over a decade that Japan was preparing for war and foolish Politicians ignored those warnings only to be caught out by a surprise declaration of war. Japan declared war on China in 1937 and that should have sent a wake-up call to all Nations including the USA & Australia.

China has not made any secret of its aggressive commitment to build a great military force on land, on the sea and in the air. And because the ‘Doctrine of Communism’ rules China, it is clear that ‘Communist China’ has no respect for the right of people to live free in peace, void of ‘Totalitarian’ bully dictatorship.

Hence, we must not underestimate the aggressive nature of ‘Chinese Communist Policy’ in Economics, Trade, Medical, Military, Science and Oppression.

Xi Jinping needs to be removed from his leadership role and the Communist Party needs to be replaced by a strong ‘Cosmic Libertarian’ Party to give the Chinese People their freedom and to help China became a decent caring society committed to the development of ‘World Peace’ void of the ‘Habit of War’.


Reference Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Facebook

FB TAG 2013 001

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Allan Ivarsson comments… Tedros is wrong to claim Islam is a Religion of Peace. True enough many Muslims not all are ‘Peaceful’ seeking to live peaceful lives as Brigitte Gabriel, Dr. Tawfik Hamid and I have identified. But the religious Doctrine of Islam is not peaceful and if Muslim Clerics gained control of the world there will not ever exist peace whilst ‘Sharia Law’ rules and Poverty and Famine would increase to 80% by the 80:20 rule. The doctrine of Islam will never bring freedom and peace to the world.

A large percentage of naïve Christians including Pope Francis believe that permanent friendship can be established with Muslim Clerics and all those Muslims that demand that all ‘Freedom Constitutions’ be replaced by ‘Sharia Law’ and that ‘Blasphemy Law’ must be enforced, which usually includes the Death Penalty for anyone that dares reject Islamic Doctrine and the Qur’an.

It is correct to say some Muslims are Peaceful, but it is not correct to claim that because Muslims we have met seemed peaceful, means that the creed, belief system of Islam is peaceful. Where ‘Totalitarian Islamic Doctrine’ rules by ‘Sharia Law’ there is nothing peaceful about the enforcement of ‘Blasphemy Law’. Only the naïve and foolish believe and claim the lie that ‘Islam is a Religion of Peace’.

Never forget the rule of ‘Taqiyya’ as taught by Muhammad… that is… the rule of deceit.

Thus I have lost confidence in the leadership of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as a defender of ‘Freedom Values’. He may because of his love of peace, be doing a good job for fighting to protect the health of all people around the globe, but that alone is not enough to protect the urgent need to free all societies from the tyranny of anti-freedom Doctrines and enforced Political Policies.

Hence, because of his peace-loving nature Tedros is too trusting of Communist Chinese Leaders. As every reasonably educated person knows, Marxism i.e. Socialism and Communism is an anti-freedom doctrine, a dark belief system philosophy of false knowledge ideas, which rejects the wisdom and treasure of ‘Liberty Values’.

For this reason… Islam, Communism and Socialism must always be rejected by all people that value their right to live free.


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