Renewable Energy Wind Power its Advantages & Disadvantages.

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Renewable Energy Wind Power its Advantages & Disadvantages

And Harmful Gases

Before we start reading further ahead in other posts about the dangers of ‘Communist China’s infiltration takeover of Australian Business, we shall take a step back and look at the idea of using ‘Wind Farms’.

The Internet teaches us many things… As a project, I have rewritten the information with additional insight to give an easier overview of understanding.

Hydropower is energy in moving water. Hydropower Plants capture the energy of falling water to generate electricity. It is a clean fuel source, which means that it will not pollute the air, like power plants that burn fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas and oil. It uses large amounts of water, which flows down pipes into a power station. Gravity pushes the water along the pipes at high pressure forcing the turbine to turn and generate electricity.

When using ‘Wind Power’ the wind spins the turbine blades, which in turn, spins a magnet.

The advantage of Hydropower i.e. Hydroelectric power also called Hydroelectric Energy or Hydroelectricity is that it is a local domestic source of energy, which allows in state location the ability to produce its own energy without being reliant on international import of fuel sources. Water flowing over a waterfall can be used to generate electricity. As we identified earlier it is a clean energy source.

In deeper understanding… “A hydraulic turbine converts the energy of flowing water into mechanical energy. A hydroelectric generator converts this mechanical energy into electricity…This, in turn, causes electricity to flow and a voltage to develop at the generator output terminals. Source…USGS…

Wind Turbines do not produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gases. The disadvantages are recorded below in overview.

Of course, as to what energy behaviour causes ‘Acid Rain’ is a needed treatise in itself. This advantage of Wind Turbines does not mean that all other types of energy creation methods are harmful to environment. Acid rain includes the form of precipitation with acidic components such as sulfuric or nitric acid that falls to the ground from the atmosphere above us. This can occur in rain, sleet, snow, fog, hail or even dust blowing in the wind that is acidic. In other words, the acid rain results when sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) are emitted into the atmosphere and transported by wind and air currents. The SO2 and NOx react with water, oxygen, and other chemicals to form sulfuric and nitric acids. This process mixes with water in the clouds and other materials before falling to the ground as acid rain. Acid Rain can be created by Volcanoes, however most of it comes from the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity. Fossil Fuel electric power generators can raise the creation levels of acid rain. Vehicles, heavy equipment in all of its forms and manufacturing and oil refineries which relies on the use of fuel consumption of oil and its descendent petroleum from crude oil and diesel a descendent of petroleum all contribute to the growth of unhealthy atmosphere. When CO ‘Carbon Monoxide’ is emitted into the atmosphere it effects the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This means that land and sea temperature increases, changing ecosystems. This increases storm activity and can cause extreme weather events. An increase in rain can be healthy for greening of the planet and food production whilst extreme weather conditions can be harmful. CO ‘Carbon Monoxide emission from vehicles does not cause acid rain. CO is able to modulate the production of Methane and Tropospheric Ozone. Methane is 30 times more potent than CO2 as a heat-trapping gas. CO2 is not a problem, because it helps Green the Planet. But excessive Methane is a serious concern when it is released into the atmosphere before it is burned. Methane is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.

The age is coming when CO2 used as a fuel will replace the use of oil, petroleum, and diesel and be cheaper than electric vehicles.

The modulation of bad Tropospheric Ozone O3 by CO is a serious concern. Tropospheric Ozone is a highly reactive oxidant that significantly reduces crop productivity. It effects plants and impedes growth and seed production, reducing functional leaf area and accelerates ageing of life by contributing to skin aging. Tropospheric Ozone affects the climate by increased warming, which impacts upon evaporation rates, cloud formation, precipitation levels and atmospheric circulation. Our planet is very sensitive to changes in atmosphere and on land and in the sea. Changed conditions impacts upon the survival of life. Over 3 billion years of changes have caused several mass extinctions of life.

Breathing Ozone at ground level can cause different health problems including chest pain, coughing, throat irritation, airway inflammation, reducing lung function and can harm lung tissue. Ozone O3 can make bronchitis, emphysema, and asthma worse.

There are two types of Ozone O3. They are Tropospheric Ozone and Stratospheric Ozone.

Stratospheric Ozone is good because it protects living things from ultraviolet radiation from the sun. We in past years have read the media concern about a hole in the ozone layer expanding and shrinking. We need this Ozone layer to survive.

The ground-level Tropospheric Ozone is bad for us because it can cause health problems for all ages, but the infant and the elderly are the most vulnerable. The ‘Tropospheric Ozone’ is the same chemical as the way above level in the ‘Stratospheric Ozone’ high above. This ‘Troposphere Ozone’ is in the layer of air closest to the Earth’s surface, which makes us vulnerable to its harmful effects. Hence, it is this level of ozone we must fight to reduce its impact upon our survival.

Carbon Monoxide forms whenever carbon-based fuels are burned, these fuels include coal, oil, natural gas, and wood. Yes, all the people obsessed with burning log fires are injecting carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, just like vehicles do. Carbon Monoxide a poisonous gas can have an indirect effect on warming the atmosphere. Vehicle exhaust fumes and bushfires are the highest emitters of carbon monoxide. When exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide it can cause headache, fatigue, nausea and make us ill, disorientated, unconsciousness, and even kill us if we are trapped in a confined space filled with CO. The use of wood heaters is dangerous which creates CO. Smoking creates CO.

I refuse to use wood heaters, in an age where we do not need them. There are better alternative safer energy heating sources. And it wiser to never smoke. I have refused to smoke since I was six years of age in the 1950’s. And I was surrounded by smokers.

Passive smoking breathing in other people’s smoking habit exposes people to breathing in CO. Passive smoking can cause a mini stroke. (My wife Jan suffered from three mini strokes in her early 60’s of age caused by passive smoking as a child. Like me, she has never smoked.) When CO Carbon Monoxide is created it enters into the air and remains in the atmosphere for about two months. Eventually the Carbon Monoxide reacts with other compounds in the atmosphere and is converted to carbon dioxide CO2. Plants use the CO2 to convert to Oxygen. The best way to treat CO poisoning is to breathe in pure oxygen. This helps removes the CO in the blood by increasing oxygen levels in the blood. The creation of Acid Rain is not focused on one origin location it can travel long distances over land and water making it a problem for everyone.

As for the breakdown of what causes Greenhouse Gases that needs another independent treatise which studies other energy types that create greenhouse gases. And the gas impacts need to be separated into types of greenhouse gas, e.g. water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, Fluorinated Gases, and ozone.

The worst gas listed as our enemy is CO2 Carbon Dioxide. But that thinking is a serious error. CO2 helps green the planet and reduces the risk of poverty and famine.

A warmer planet improves survival conditions for life whilst a colder planet reduces food availability increasing a higher death rate for all life including human life.

The Colder our Planet the higher the risk of incoming disease and virus attacks like influenza. The proof lies in the logistics of when influenza attacks us homo sapiens. The Winter Months reaches the highest peak of virus attacks. Whilst influenza can attack us in Summer, Autumn and Spring the incidents of influenza attacks are lower. This means that tourists leaving a cold country can deliver a flu virus to people in a warmer nation after they arrive.

Hydroelectric Dams/Reservoirs are beneficial because it provides a reliable, clean energy source. It is more reliable by being less variable than wind turbines generation which varies daily depending on changes in wind speeds. Flowing water creates energy that is captured and turned into electricity. The water flows through turbines spinning by wind power which activates a generator to create electricity power.

Hydropower is now a widely used renewable energy source. In 2020 it represents about 17% of total electricity production, per IEA ‘International Energy Agency’. Communist China is the largest producer of hydroelectricity, # followed by Canada, Brazil, and the United States. (Source U.S. Energy Information Administration.)

# Obviously, China has a population of 1.4 billion people and needs more electricity.

Whilst there is the valid concern that dams can dry up during drought periods, the supply from dams have proven to be usually reliable.

From a financial perspective wind energy and solar energy has been a heavy cost burden on consumers around the globe.

The difference between ‘Hydropower’ and ‘Wind Power’ is that Hydropower uses large volumes of water which flows down pipes into a power station by the use of gravity pushing the water at high pressure to force a turbine to turn and generate electricity. Whereas ‘Wind Power’ spins the turbine blades which in turn spins the magnet.

Dams may use both waterpower (Hydropower) and Wind to generate electricity.

Both types of energy creation are generated mechanically with moving parts. Generators, huge magnets are turned inside massive coils of wire creating an electric current. The magnets are turned by a turbine which is turned by the force of either water or wind.

The force turning the turbines does not get depleted. When it has used the water it returns to the lakes and rivers. And the wind keeps blowing, passing by the turbine. Thus because of the no waste natural process, it is called ‘Renewable Energy’. The same reason exists for ‘Solar Energy’ it captures the light energy of the Sun, which is not wasted.

The real problem is when ‘Wind Power’ stops it can become more unreliable than water supply with the rare exception of droughts.

The disadvantages of ‘Wind Power’, which includes harming our planet earth environment suggests we should be exploring more the use of Nuclear Energy which is cleaner and safer than the use of fossil fuels.

There is detailed evidence available that ‘Nuclear Energy’ has saved more lives than it has taken. It has been reported as a risk assessment that ‘Nuclear Energy’ is the safest of all generating electricity resources, including renewable energy. This includes the early years suffering tragedy of Chernobyl and Fukushima when the world was exploring the power use of Nuclear Energy.

We have come a long way since then in our increased scientific and technical understanding of how to safely use ‘Nuclear Power’ which naturally exists throughout the Universe. The Risk Assessment of ‘Nuclear Power’ was undertaken by ‘The Paul Scherr Institute in Switzerland and is now on record as the safest method of all other forms of energy creation. In other words, the use of ‘Nuclear Energy’ is safer than other forms of energy use, with the lowest incidence on record of deaths.

Safety logistics climb up the ladder of danger with the safest on the bottom in this order. Nuclear Energy is the safest as we move up the ladder it becomes more dangerous to use wind, solar, hydro, gas, oil, in that order… the most dangerous is coal. Whilst Wind Power may be the lowest dangerous cause of death for humans by accidents, it is the highest danger for cause of death to wildlife, with the exception of bushfire. This fact tells us that our future society needs to focus on use of ‘Nuclear Energy’, hydropower, and ‘Solar Energy’ as a backup renewable energy source. There is no right place for use of ‘Wind Power’ Farms.

Whilst there is a place for use of ‘Solar Panels’ on buildings and other independent locations. ‘Solar Farms’ is equally like ‘Wind Farms’, they are not acceptable because such land farms should be used to plant wildlife environments or when necessary more food growth.

And ‘Solar Farms’ floating on Water as ‘Communist China’ has done is also not acceptable, as such behaviour harms sea life.

It is important to take note of the Disadvantages of Wind Energy…

As we all know the wind changes constantly to low and high-speed rates. We personally don’t like being outside in high winds, including working outside. Driving and working in high winds can be dangerous, this varies from location to location.

The Wind as an energy spin source has similar disadvantages to ‘Solar Energy’ in that it is not constant, i.e. it is not always reliable.

Wind Turbines are expensive. That fact is not a good reason for rejecting the use of Wind Turbines. Like all new product introductions costs are reducing. I remember in 1973 as a ‘Purchasing Officer’ buying two Scientific Calculators at $794.00 AU each, for our CEO Managing Director, years before prices dropped and became tools accessible at low costs. The same high cost once existed for DVD Players, Computers and Televisions to name just three groups that finally came down to realistic prices for the average person.

Wind Turbines do pose a very serious threat towards Wildlife especially Birds and Bats. This is a very good reason for rejecting the use of ‘Wind Power Blades’.

Wind Turbines are very noisy which pollutes the airways with sound irritations which are not good for human tolerance and is even more harmful to the sensitive hearing of animals, including dogs that depend on the need for sharp hearing skills to survive.

The visual pollution of Wind Turbines i.e. ‘Wind Energy Converters’ destroys the aesthetic potential beauty of the landscape. And denies the existence of needed trees and wildlife safe zones. Less trees, less plants means less consumption of CO2 Carbon Dioxide which is a poison to us and all animal life, because we need the creation of Oxygen, which exists only by allowing the natural process of ‘Greening the Planet’. Carbon Trading focused on reducing CO2 is a very foolish waste of money and is a politically incorrect objective, as I and others around the globe have recorded in different reports and treatises.

When Wind Turbine Blades become to old and need replacing, they become a serious disposal problem, which pollutes the land as the material is buried. We shall look at that concern further down-the-track as a separate treatise.

As tabled earlier the use of wind turbines does damage wildlife habitat, which also can include fish and plants. Certainly as stated previously the spinning turbine blades do pose a death threat to all flying wildlife such as birds, bats, and other nocturnal creatures. With tongue in cheek, “luckily there are no monkeys around flying through the air.” Be careful, where you do parachute gliding and plane gliding as more ‘Wind Turbines’ increase on Planet Earth the more dangerous it will become for animals human or non-human.

Wind turbines may create a stable source of income for some, but other better methods need to be explored and established.

The age of using ‘Wind Turbines’ must come to an end to help save the Planet from self-destruction caused by the desperate wrong thinking of homo sapiens.

It must not be forgotten that in some countries especially in the ‘Cold North’ that people that became overdependent on ‘Renewable Energy’ methods have died, frozen to death in savage freezing winter when ‘Solar Systems’ and ‘Wind Turbine Systems’ failed to function and they were not backed up by alternative fossil fuel energy creation methods or by ‘Nuclear Energy’ sources. Even Hydroelectric dams can freeze over.

Given that ‘Communist China’ is an anti-freedom Nation it is disturbing that they are ahead of the rest of the world now in many different subject skills. It looks like USA is gradually slipping behind China in skills evolution process. I have noticed that India is working hard with courage to upgrade their skills performance levels and are also focused on protecting their freedom values. Australia my country really needs to wake up and lift its game quick smart to become a better stronger self-sufficient Nation. We were when I grew up as a young adult more self-sufficient than we are now.

This deterioration of self-sufficiency is the consequence of our Politicians incompetence in their failure to use survival common-sense and business sense and because they lacked philosophical intelligence. For the first time ever USA is now in danger of also sliding downhill behind China and India. I hope the people of America wakeup and stop all their misuse of freedom values. There is no place for violence and intellectual laziness in a ‘Liberty Based Society’.

The Chinese People oppressed by anti-freedom Communism are not sitting on their buttocks, feeling sorry for themselves. They are working to strengthen their economic position and to become one day free.

People in the West are clearly taking their freedom values for granted and many don’t seem to recognise that with the expansion rise of Socialism and Communism we around the world are in serious danger of becoming puppets of the State. Reckless Demonstrations on the Streets is not going to save us, we have to learn to become smarter than that.

With this introduction understanding we now shall explore the rising danger of ‘Communist China’ taking control of Australia from within before invading us from without.

To be Continued…


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