‘Communist China’ is grabbing more control of Australian development through profit investment in building of ‘Wind Farms’.

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Allan Ivarsson opens with this comment… As a child in the 1950’s & 1960’s our ‘Baby Boomer’ generation learned the important idea taught to us by American and Australian shows on television that we must stand strong and true to the values of believing that Good must always triumph over evil. To achieve that essential vision, we must always preserve the values of ‘Liberty’ and must never surrender to the dictatorship of oppressive ‘Belief Systems’ and to Nations that oppress their people with wrong ideas, which deny people the right to freedom of speech.

“Without Morality we don’t have civilization”

James Drury 2009

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James Drury 85 years (18th April 1934 – 6th April 2020)

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‘Communist China’ is grabbing more control of Australian development through profit investment in building of ‘Wind Farms’.



Wind Farms Destroy the Environment encouraged by Socialism & Communism

A Double Jeopardy disturbing headline flew from the page into the eyes of readers that understood this ‘Double Jeopardy’ concern. Our First Jeopardy is Destroying our Planet/Gaia Environment. Our Second Jeopardy is allowing a Chinese Company in Australia that has ties to ‘Communist China’ to proceed with the destruction of our land and make a profit by our loss.

This is the headline… ‘Deeply troubling’: Chinese company that ‘tries to hide its ties’ to the Communist Party is set to be given the green light to build two hydro power stations in Australia. By Alison Bevege for Daily Mail Australia dated 16 June 2020. (i)

(i) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8422653/Deeply-troubling-Chinese-firm-Communist-ties-set-build-hydro-power-stations-Australia.html

“A Chinese firm described as ‘trying to hide’ its ties to the Chinese Communist Party is set to be given the go ahead to build two hydroelectric power stations in Australia.” (i)

Goldwind Australia is part of Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, based in Beijing.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This is the Chinese company that shipped medical supplies to Communist China during the invasion of Coronavirus-19 and ignored the Australian need for urgent supplies choosing the support and allegiance of anti-freedom Communist China as being more important than loyalty to Australia.

It is claimed that the two planned power stations are needed in the NSW Hunter Valley. The idea that we need Wind Turbines anywhere in Australia or in the world is a very serious dangerous idea threatening to harm our planet and our civilisation long term.

It was also suggested that the shortlisted bid to do the job was too expensive for local companies, like AGL and Meridian who had to drop out of the race. Put aside my objection just for a moment, to building Wind Turbine Farms… and let us focus on the question of price.


AGL promotes itself Proudly Australian since 1837. In 2020 AGL is an ASX listed company, which means that ownership is mixed among shareholders. Most major shareholders are Australian investment companies.

Meridian Energy Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Meridian, the largest electricity generator in New Zealand. As part of the spirit of the ANZAC’s New Zealand investment in Australia is always welcomed.


The Australian Securities Exchange Ltd (ASX) is an Australian public company. It is Australia’s primary securities exchange. The Australian Securities Exchange is known as the ASX Group. ASX is sometimes referred to as the Sydney Stock Exchange outside of Australia.


Slide Source: https://www.commsec.com.au/education/learn/investing-basics/how-does-the-asx-work.html

The question must be tabled, “Why do we foolishly allow a Communist Chinese Company to outbid Australian Firms.” Remember the rules of life is… Quality First, Price Second. And also never forget loyalty to our Nation comes first to ensure all profit stays in Australia backing jobs for Australians.

Allowing foreign investment by Communist China in our country only serves to help China become stronger in wealth which can be used to build a war machine that will conquer us if we don’t lift our self-sufficiency game.

The planned project locations for two NSW hydro-electric plants are at Glennies Creek & Glenbawn Dam.

Glennies Creek is a small ungated concrete faced curved earth and rockfill embankment dam with an uncontrolled rock cut spillway across the Glennies Creek, upstream of Singleton, in the Hunter region of New South Wales, Australia. The purpose of this dam includes flood mitigation, irrigation, water supply and conservation. Surface Area is 1,540 hectares (3,800 acres). Catchment area is 233 square kilometres. It was built to supply water to the town of Singleton in 1980 to 1983 completion. Glennies Creek is a tributary of the Hunter River.

Glenbawn Dam located approximately 14 kilometres east of the town of Scone, is a large ungated earth and rock fill with clay core embankment dam with a concrete chute spillway plus fuse plugs across the Hunter River upstream of Aberdeen in the Hunter Region of NSW. The impounded reservoir is Lake Glenbawn. It was built in 1947 to 1957 completion to supply water to a region of 40 kilometres in length reaching near Maitland. And for reasons of irrigation and flood mitigation. This dam operates in conjunction with Glennies Creek.


Glennies Creek Dam 2006 Creates Lake St Claire NSW Australia

Photograph by Wollombi


Glenbawn Lake Looking South towards Glenbawn Dam Wall 2013

Photograph by Rangasyd

Thus we have learned a serious concern that Australian Firms cannot compete with Communist Chinese Companies. Why is that? Are they all operating on a level playing field? Are all the specifications standards equal to each other? Is the Red Chinese Corporation being heavily financed/subsidised by ‘Communist China’ to get a firm strong foot into the door of Australia to achieve step by step takeover control of the economics of Australia? These are questions our government Federal and State needs to get to the bottom of for complete survival understanding. The last thing we want is to weaken the economic control of our country and certainly we must protect and upgrade our self-sufficiency. Politicians, Federal, State and Local need to wake up and check thoroughly to accurately determine what is going on. We need an in-depth understanding of what ‘Foreign Investment’ is doing to our country. Is it helping us become stronger in self-sufficiency or is it weakening our country by selling out our self-sufficiency to the lowest offshore bid. Finally we need to make sure no ‘graft’ is being used to corrupt Politicians and CEO’s in their decision-making process.

We must always think in ‘Patriotic Spirit’ Australian Self-Sufficiency First… Foreign Investment Second and such investment must only be accepted from ‘Liberty Based Nations’. Investment in our country by ‘Totalitarian Nations must always be outlawed and that includes outlaw of donations to infiltrate our country.

Goldwind is listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges, but 40 per cent of its top ten investors are owned by the ruling Chinese Communist Party.” (i)

A.I. comments… So what this information tells us, is that through Goldwind investment we are financing the stronger economic growth of ‘Communist China’, which is in turn financing the rapid growth of its military forces, on land, sea and in the air. In other words, we by allowing foreign investment by Communist Chinese Corporations, are gradually financing our own inevitable invasion by Communist China years ahead. This tells me we are not only stupid, but insane to the point of being suicidal. (i)

“Conditions imposed by WaterNSW included that the company with the winning tender would have to hand back the hydro-electric project after 40 years and comply with government directives, such as using water during drought.” (i)

A.I. comments… If Goldwin wins the bid as the lowest price that demand of handing back within 40 years will not be a problem, because 40 years is the year 2060 and by then ‘Communist China’ will probably have invaded us to take control of our Nation.

Don’t think so? You may be right, but I would not count on it. Communist China’ is planning to build several more Aircraft Carriers. Why would China need so many Aircraft Carriers? For self-defence against invasion? Not likely. There is not one Nation in the world that wants to invade China. The only use such an increase in number of Aircraft Carriers would serve is for control of the South Pacific, including to strengthen Communist China’s mission to invade all countries within the region. You can safely bet to win that China will invade when it has achieved its committed objective of building a military force strong enough to fight USA & Russia and every other military force in the world.

Australia’s negligence in failing to build self-sufficiency in every which way, including failing to upgrade military strength, will not stop ‘Communist China’. Our apathy towards the threat of ‘Communist China’ is making it perfectly easy for Chinese Military to invade us by 2050.

“This has raised questions about what is motivating the Chinese firm to invest.” (i)

A.I. comments… You would have to be as thick as a brick in the head if you cannot figure out the answer to this question.

NSW Labor Senator Deb O’Neill told the Senate on Monday she was ‘deeply troubled’ by the prospect of a major utility with access to critical NSW energy assets being owned by a company with major ties to a foreign power.” (i)

“She asked how the company could be trusted with energy infrastructure when it had sent much needed protective equipment to China during the pandemic.” (i)

“If they cannot be trusted with medical gloves and masks how can we expect them to act in Australia’s interest with our dams and our power grid,” she said. (i)

“What is even more troubling to me is Goldwind’s desire to hide their ties with the ruling Chinese Party. (i)

A.I. comments… that is what enemy infiltration does… like all ‘Trojan Horses’ it seeks to hide the enemy within. This Labor Senator impressed me in so far as having the survival common-sense to ask such a question. I wonder if she would serve the Liberal Party better? The Socialist Labor Party Politicians don’t have this common-sense, many of them think we should not offend Xi Jinping and the Communist Chinese. Clearly, she does not think like a Socialist. Wow! If only more of Labor MP’s (Member of Parliament) would reject anti-freedom Socialism, Australia would have a better chance of survival.

“A decision has not yet been made over the hydroelectric tenders, and any decision will be subject to Foreign Investment Review Board approval.” (i)

A.I. comments… It is claimed that Goldwin Company has made big inroads into Australia’s taxpayer-subsidised green energy sector. And has built several projects in Australia that needed approval from the board.

Goldwind says on its website that it is now running four wind farms and two solar farms.” (i)

It has plans to build four more wind farms and another solar farm.” (i)

“Four other projects are now under construction.” (i)

A.I. comments… we can safely bet that Goldwind Australia being based in Beijing, has a map in their Communist Chinese location of every project they control and of every project they are bidding for. The Communist Chinese Government needs this information to mark in all the dots of geographic control that is now in the hands of ‘Communist Corporations’ in Australia.

People that cannot think outside the square of the square have no chance of surviving political/economic invasion tactics. It will be tough enough to fight a war, outnumbered by equal skills than to be also handicapped by apathetic intelligence that failed to establish self-sufficiency capability.

Goldwin secured loans from a banking consortium including the ANZ, Westpac and the Commercial Bank of China to install its turbines at the $300 million Cattle Hill wind farm near Lake Echo, Tasmania.” (i)

The company has a 20 percent stake in Cattle Hill with the other 80 percent owned by PowerChina, which is owned by the Chinese Government.” (i)

A.I. comments… This is a very concerned identification of reality… the ANZ and Westpac are investing in Communist Chinese economic efforts to own more Australian income and property under the guiding light approval of Communist China Government. Our Australian Politicians and CEO’s are really dumb and asleep like Rip Van Winkle.

Directly and indirectly in economic terms Communist China has a 100% stake investment in the wind farm near Lake Echo, Tasmania.

The military maps in Beijing have this located, highlighted on their mission plans.

Now we know why ‘Communist China’ is planning to build more Aircraft Carriers by 2050. They need them to cruise around to the back door of Tasmania & Victoria & South Australia.

Australian Politicians are really asleep.

Goldwin “also has another wind turbine project at Biala where it will install 31 of its turbines in the NSW Southern Tablelands.” (i)

Goldwin is also building the Stockyard Hill wind farm in Victoria, with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews launching the project in June 2018.” (i)

“Said to be Australia’s largest wind farm, Stockyard Hill will consist of 149 wind turbines made by the Chinese corporation(i)

A.I. comments… never forget that ‘Communist China’ has majority ownership and investment in all of these ‘Renewable Energy’ Projects backed by the anti-freedom Socialist Green Party that has proven itself again and again to be an enemy of all ‘Freedom Loving’ Australians. Never forget that the Greens support the existence of antifreedom of speech legislation 18C.

“The Victorian Premier said at the time it had been made possible ‘thanks to the Andrews Labor Government winding back the former Liberal Government’s anti-wind farm planning rules that almost killed off the clean energy sector.” (i)

A.I. comments… We can thank the Labor Victorian Premier and his Government for increasing the destruction of Australian Environment by establishing Wind Turbines in the misguided name of increasing the expensive use of Wind Turbines.

We can also thank the Victorian Premier for financing more income going to Communist China to strengthen its investment in Military to invade Tasmania and Victoria.

The Liberal Parties anti-wind farm planning rules was the smartest way to go, but Labor and the people who voted in Labor were not very smart, in fact the decision to spend millions on creating more ‘Wind Farms’ by Labor was stupid and was an act of betrayal of all Australians when they allowed ‘Communist China’ through Goldwin to invest in Australia.

Betrayal means ‘Act of Treason’. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is an incompetent disastrous thinker. The above decisions he supported proves that he is a fool.

“Construction is nearly complete on another Victorian project for Goldwin at the Moorabool Wind Farm near Ballan in central western Victoria, which will install 107 wind turbines made by the [Communist] Chinese firm”. (i)

“Victoria is the only Australian State to have signed up to the controversial Belt and Road initiative, despite warnings from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and national security agencies.” (i)

Having signed the initial agreement in 2018, the Andrews Government significantly deepened it with a new agreement in October last year.” (i)

A.I. comments… The ‘Belt and Road’ agreement by Premier Andrews proves how incompetent he is and how he betrayed Australia submitting to the dictatorship of Communist China’s Ambitions to gain control of Australia, first without firing a shot through economic control and finally physical invasion to enforce total control down-the-track.

 Daniel Andrews is a treasonous enemy of every patriotic Australian that values their right to live free.

Critics fear China is using the trillion-dollar Belt and Road, which provides loans and investment in infrastructure projects from the Chinese government, to buy undue influence through debt diplomacy across critical trade choke points around the world.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson concludes…

The Critics fear of China using the trillion-dollar Belt and Road Agreement is a correct justified fear. In one idiotic move, Daniel Andrews wrapped up in his own vanity, has betrayed Australia by surrendering more ownership of Victoria to ‘Communist China’.

I would refuse to live or work in Victoria knowing that ‘Communist China’ is gradually gaining economic control of this State. The people who voted in the Andrews Labor Government are getting what they deserve, gradual economic loss of prosperity as Communist China takes over.

Eventually the fight in Victoria will be between anti-freedom Islam wanting to take control of the State versus anti-freedom ‘Communist China’ wanting control of Victoria. Islam will lose because ‘Communist China’ has proven in China how it oppresses 20 million Muslims.

Whichever way it goes, Daniel Andrews is a wimp and lacks the courage to stand up against any anti-freedom dictatorship, and that is easy to prove.


Is this what we want?

When the wind stops in cold weather, people freeze to death if there is no alternative source backup. What a waste of land. If we need backup, why not upgrade the backup, and save wasted land being used by eye sore blades in the air. What happens when the blades get too old? Buried in the earth as landfill? We are already overcrowding the earth with rubbish landfill and with cemetery’s that refuse to use cremation process.

With over 7 billion population around the globe today heading towards 20 billion people, how are these people going to survive void of land misused for ‘Renewable Energy’ and landfill?

It is time for people to become smarter and learn to think outside the square of the round outside the square of the round. Get the drift?


Our Crazy Green Future



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