President Trump warned… Twitter

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President Trump warned… Twitter

A report jumped off the page into my eyes by Matthew Boyle dated 11th August 2020. The title read… ‘Breitbart Exclusive – President Trump: Would Be ‘Very Dangerous’ if Twitter Tried to Shut Down My Account Before Election.’ (i)


The article opens up…

“President Donald Trump told Breitbart News that it would be “very dangerous” for Twitter to try to shut down his account, @RealDonaldTrump, before the election.” (i)

“We’ll see what happens,” Trump said when asked if he was concerned that Twitter might try to shutter his account and what he would do in response. “It would be a very dangerous thing to do, especially since I’m very careful with what I write.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This report was passed forward to me by GAB News, a strong 100% ‘Freedom of Speech’ competitor against anti-freedom of speech ‘Twitter’. Twitter has a Socialist anti-freedom of speech habit of censoring what people can say, which is why since 2011 C.E. I have always boycotted the use of Twitter to make my comments and to pass forward my reports. I have no respect for Anti-Freedom Socialism, which is an absolute enemy of ‘Freedom Values’.

You can read what I posted about Twitter on…


I have never understood why some Politicians in Britain, Australia & USA use ‘Twitter’ to make comments. I guess they believe they have to reach out to a larger audience to gain more followers to ensure being elected & re-elected. But I am not confident that works well because my experience in observation of thousands of comments over the last thirty years in many recorded sources, is that too many opinions are reckless debates. No one wins such debates, each side walks away with the same opinion still, be it right or wrong. It is not worth the effort to follow all the opinions on ‘Twitter’ just for the rare privilege to read a common-sense statement. Far too many comments lack ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and are incompetent in logic and worse many insult each other with soft to rude abusive comments. The conflict is never resolved, and the truth never rises above stupidity, both vanish into the ‘Comment Sea of Conflict’, all ideas drown in the end, unread by most of the global population. The next generation shall never know what happened in previous decades, and thus only recorded history of Philosophy, Science and Truthful History is worth reading to learn wisdom & truth.

As for what Trump means byIt would be a very dangerous thing to do…is not a very clear statement of his intentions. His response could be anyone’s reckless guess and it is best not to speculate on what Donald Trump was thinking when he made that statement. I personally don’t believe in telegraphing intentions; it is wiser to say nothing and leave a response as a surprise. As for ‘Twitter’ there are better ways to market your ideas than to use an anti-freedom of speech Socialist Media Censor like ‘Twitter’. Now let’s get back to reading more of the Breitbart Report…

“Trump’s comments came during a nearly 30-minute Oval Office exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Monday afternoon. Trump’s comments are particularly newsworthy given that former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democrat presidential nominee, selected Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate on Tuesday afternoon. Harris has sought previously to ban Trump’s Twitter account.” (i)

Harris argued in late 2019, as House Democrats conducted their impeachment inquiry into President Trump, that Twitter should ban the president from tweeting about witnesses to the matter. While Trump was eventually acquitted in full by the Senate after the House Democrats’ partisan impeachment inquiry, Harris was publicly calling on Twitter to stop Trump from tweeting about the witnesses who were testifying in the House investigation.” (i)

A.I. comments… Trump had the right to publicly defend himself against the unjust Democrats bully tactic to remove Trump from the White House. Harris tactics were typical unethical Socialist strategy. Harris wanted to silence Trump so that the Democrats could take control of the White House. The Democrats have been infiltrated by anti-freedom Socialism and are moving closer towards becoming a ‘Communist Party’. The Democrats have lost the strength of character that once existed as a freedom party under the leadership of John F. Kennedy the 35th President of the United States who served from January 1961 until his assassination on 22nd November 1963. I was 14 years ten months old when I heard of his sad assassination on the radio. It was the first time in my life I was disturbed emotionally by a political event.

The American Democrats were like the Australian Labor Party, both stood for ‘Freedom Values’ but then after the Vietnam War, Socialism began to infiltrate both parties in USA & Australia, striving to gain control of youth and politicians. Now our Nations, Australia & USA, are divided in two by Marxism versus Freedom.

This is a message for youth do not tolerate anti-freedom Socialism, drive it out of your politics, business, and society. Your Freedom demands the elimination of Socialism and its parent Communism.

Freedom is not free… every generation must fight for their right to live free. Always vote against Socialists & Communists & Fascists & Jihad Muslims. To live free only vote for those that defend ‘Freedom Values’.

Promises are not worth a damn if they are not delivered by a politician that believes as ‘Priority One’ in the eternal human right to live 100% Free in Speech, Choice and Equality, provided such ‘Freedom Privilege’ does not abuse others and deny them the right to live free in peace.

Kamala Harris born 1964 is an American Politician and Lawyer aged 55 years on 20th October 2019, who has chosen to misuse her academic education and law skills to enforce anti-freedom of speech legislation. This is clearly evident by her attempt to ban Trump’s Twitter account. Her Socialist leaning is apparent by her attempts to stop ‘Freedom of Speech’ and by her support of the Democrats striving to unjustly impeach Donald Trump, which fortunately failed, thus smashing her credibility even more.

Kamala Harris became running mate of Joe Biden to give her a strong opportunity to jump over Biden down the track to become the First Female President of the United States. Her anti-freedom socialist thinking makes her a very dangerous candidate for the roll of President of the United States.

Joe Biden is now 77 years old, too old to be running for President and will only serve to become a puppet of the ‘Socialist Democrats’ with Kamala Harris controlling the puppet strings of Biden. It will be a disaster for America if the people foolishly voted in Joe Biden for President.

Joe Biden as the 47th Vice President (2009-2017) to Barrack Obama, jointly with Obama did a lot of damage to the wellbeing of America especially in weakening American Military Strength and Financial Prosperity, including for Black People. It was Donald Trump that brought strength back into American Society, even as ‘Marxist Socialists’ struggled to overthrow Trump using every insidious dirty deceitful tactic they could, to topple him. Constant Lies and Marxist riots all proved to be in vain against Donald Trump. We can thank the ‘Black People’ that used their common-sense and supported Donald Trump. The good blacks gave America greater freedom prosperity by supporting Trump. And the stupid socialist whites opposed Trump in street demonstrations with their idiotic posters lacking common-sense logic.

It was Donald Trump that had the courage to start the building of a border wall to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants into America. The Democrats don’t have the guts to build such an important self-defence wall against invasion of tyranny.

“While Trump himself has not yet been shut down, several top conservatives- including Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., his spokesman Andy Surabian, Breitbart News’s official account, the president’s campaign account @ Team Trump, and many more- have had their accounts temporarily locked in recent weeks by Twitter.” (i)

“Twitter has, however, added appendages to several of Trump’s personal tweets, fact checking them or adding extra information or disclaimers.” (i)

A.I. comments… These censorship tactics by Twitter proves that Twitter is controlled by anti-freedom Socialism. Twitter has demonstrated that they cannot ever be trusted and that it is a bad idea to use Twitter for a communication media. At present GAB is a better choice, whilst they continue in policy to oppose Twitter and stand for protection of the eternal human right to 100% Freedom of Speech. GAB respects the ‘First Amendment’ whilst ‘Twitter’ does not respect the ‘First Amendment’.

Twitter is the first Social Media to be ‘Blacklisted’ by ‘Cosmicism’ as an enemy of ‘Freedom Values’.

“President Trump has made Twitter one of his primary means of communicating with the American public. His tweets have outraged some and fired up others, as the country is sharply divided along fierce partisan lines about what the president says and comments on via Twitter. He regularly breaks news on Twitter, and tweets what he thinks about major news events. He also regularly endorses Republican candidates for public office in tweets. All of this makes Trump’s Twitter feed one of the most read sources in American politics.” (i)

A.I. comments… Whilst I have never agreed with British, Australian & American Politicians using Twitter to communicate ideas and information to the people, nevertheless ‘Freedom of Choice’, gives people the right to use Twitter. The problem is that Twitter does not respect ‘Freedom of Speech’ and often censors what people post in comment, even suspending their accounts. It is reasonable to censor violent threats and excessive coarse language, but that is all. It is not acceptable for a Social Media to censor speech, whether it is logical, misguided, or hateful in non-violent comments.

Excessive use of coarse language reveals that the writer lacks ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and is weak in communication skills and the excessive use of monotonous words is boring to read.

In reality a large percentage of comments in any theatre of communication is not read by millions of people… that objective is not achievable. Only a Nation-wide mail drop financed by a Government can reach the majority of the people in a Nation. But even then, such a posting would fall short of reaching those who refuse to read circulars, treating it as ‘Junk Mail’.

But one truth jumps off the page… Trump wisely said…I’m very careful with what I write.”


Donald Trump will win the next election in 2020. He is now 74 years old and slowing down, he does not have the energy levels he had in his younger years. But he has the determined wisdom and strength of character to focus on protecting and preserving American Freedom and that is an essential number one priority. In the event of Trump ill-health, Mike Pence 48th Vice-President of the United States, is 61 years old and has the energy levels and the skills to protect and preserve American Freedom Values from the dictatorship of Socialism & Communism & Sharia Law.

Prophesy on Donald Trump… more came true.

It will be a disaster for America & Australia if the Socialist Democrats gain leadership control of America.

“Trump’s comments about Twitter also come as he warned during the interview that big tech companies in Silicon Valley are “100 percent” trying to control what information Americans see.” (i)

“The tech companies are very dishonest about that and about free speech,” Trump told Breitbart News. “It could be a big problem for them at the appropriate time.” (i)

A.I. comments… I don’t think industrial secrecy in Silicon Valley is anything to worry about. Because all Corporations as part of business process keep research and development and plans and progress achievements secret from the public view that is what successful business does. Even the Trump Business Empire would not be an open book for public information.

The real check for the public view is the integrity and quality control of a business and the identification as to what belief system has majority ownership of the business. Ownership of a business by anti-freedom Marxist organisations is a serious concern.

Every business must stand for integrity, quality control and freedom values that is what the public must be able to recognise.

Using Twitter is a waste of energy and I have only ever passed forward a Twitter comment, when someone else has brought it to my attention. I don’t waste my time wading through Twitter comments when I know many truthful statements are censored by Socialist Twitter Mentality.

Twitter will never get my support.

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