Hammer and Sickle Cold War of Ideas in Australia

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The Australian Socialist Labor Party, Federal & State, often proves they support Anti-Freedom Ideas including Communism.

ABC released a serious report by Markus Mannheim on the 18th August 2020. The title focused on the societal concern… ‘Hammer and sickle sparks anger during ACT election campaign, but what does this symbol mean in 2020?’ (i)

(i) https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-18/hammer-and-sickle-sparks-war-of-words-in-act-election-campaign/12560816?

A small icon associated with Communism on the wall of an ACT Labor campaign office has sparked condemnation from the Canberra Liberals, which the candidate has dismissed as a political smear.(i)

“Maddy Northam, who is seeking election for the central Canberra seat of Kurrajong in the upcoming ACT election, posted a photo of her campaign team on Facebook last week.” (i)

In the picture, a poster on the wall behind her, smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, displayed the hammer and sickle – a symbol long linked to the Soviet Union.” (i)

“That detail has prompted anger from the Ukrainian community and the opposition, the Canberra Liberals, who say it is an “outrageous” insult.” (i)

“Yet the hammer and sickle, and other communist emblems, are common in many countries and adorn many products.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Communism and Socialism are working against Australian Freedom Values. These political belief systems are enemies of all people that cherish the right to live 100% Free in speech, choice, and equality.

The fact that communist emblems are commonly displayed in many countries only serves to remind us that many fools do not have the intelligence to reject anti-freedom symbolic messages.

We the people that value the eternal human right to live free have a right to reject anti-freedom Socialism and anti-freedom Communism. There is no place for these ‘Totalitarian’ ideologies in Australia.

The above Facebook Maddy Northam office image with the Hammer and Sickle has disappeared since the ABC posted the report (i). I suspect after public criticism that Maddy Northam removed the photograph from her Facebook page. The only image that appears to be left in existence is the ABC Facebook Image with the insertion of the ‘Magnifying Eyeglass Image Projection.

I saw the following image, tabled by ABC still exists on Maddy Northam’s Facebook page…

Maddy Northam

“Mr Romaniw said the size of the poster was immaterial. Anyone today who wants to glorify and stand behind the hammer and sickle, and wants to get elected in Australia, really needs to have a think about the oppression that people went through and what the symbol stands for.” (i)

Stefan Romaniw, who chairs the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Associations, said the symbol brought back horrific memories for Eastern Europeans who fled the Soviet Bloc, and did not equate with Australian values such as human rights.” (i)

“You can equate the hammer and sickle to the swastika,” he said. “It’s a symbol of oppression”. (i)

“Liberal MLA Vicki Dunne, who is retiring at the October election, echoed MR Romaniw, saying the Soviet Union was one of history’s most oppressive regimes.” (i)

“Many ACT voters would feel enormously uncomfortable that ACT Labor is drawing its inspiration from one of the most oppressive regimes responsible for the deaths of millions and millions of people, state-enforced famine, environmental degradation, and complete and utter economic carnage.” Ms. Dunne said. (i)

“For Labor to glorify a reign of human torment and suffering is outrageous and a major insult to anyone who fled the Soviet Union.”

A.I. comments… There is no place for anti-freedom Socialism or anti-freedom Communism in Australia. There is no place for any form of Marxist Ideology anywhere in the Universe. Karl Marx was an irresponsible thinking idiot. Marx oppressive philosophy has been responsible for the cruel death of millions of people since 1917, wherever Communism rules.

Be careful about ideas. Wrong ideas can kill and must always be opposed.

Romaniw & Dunne said it right.

Any politician that supports Marxist Socialism or Communism must never get support from people that treasure ‘Freedom Values’.

The report reveals that when speaking to the ABC, Northam dismissed the Liberals criticism as “a distraction and a desperate attempt by them at a smear campaign”.

Northam wasn’t honest enough to admit the mistake was hers and that she was not very smart to support using the hammer and sickle image as a background image, which as an emblem highlights her leaning towards using oppressive objectives. Her claim that it is a desperate attempt by them at a smear campaign is nonsense. The image on her office wall sent a public message that she supports oppression. Exploring her policies it can be discerned that oppression is included in her political philosophical doctrine.

Northam also president of Unions ACT, rejected any assertion that she was glorifying suffering. She said, “I’ve spent my working life standing up for people.” That idea does not mean much, most people stand up for their friends and family and good workmates. And history reveals that even Communists & Nazis stood up for people they chose to support whilst at the same time parallel to supporting their selected associates they also encouraged the execution of those that opposed their ideology.

The very fact that Northam allowed the Hammer & Sickle image to be displayed in her working office, proves that either she is an ignorant person about history or that she supports Communism ideology. Whatever the reason, we must not ever support a politician that is ignorant about history. The dumbest thing a politician can do is make a statement about history that is wrong. A politician should never talk history until they have done their research study homework. If they are too stupid to get their history facts straight, we do not want them in politics. We need good educated leaders not ignorant fools.

“There is no suggestion that she is a Communist, that she put the picture up herself or that she used for anything than decoration.” (i)

A.I. comments… Seems true so far… But the Australian Labor Party is now Socialist which is the transition stage towards Communism. Even Labor Premier Daniel Andrews of Victoria is a Socialist and has done a deal with ‘Communist China’ in opposition to Australian Federal Government. So why would we trust a Socialist Labor person that claims she is not Communist? And even if she did not put the hammer & sickle image on the wall, she certainly did not object to its existence and made no effort to take it down. And if she did not know what it represented then she definitely is not a good political candidate that has the skills to represent people. Only fools will support and vote for Maddy Northam.

As to what Labor thinks matters, is another concern. Many ideas Labor supports true to Socialist Mentality are wrong.

Northam also president of Unions ACT said, “I’m concentrating on protecting jobs for Canberrans and making sure that we are supporting those in our community that need it most.” (i)

A.I. comments… The history of Unions only protects jobs for people that obey their oppressive policies and decisions. When I was young, driving trucks, oil tankers in 1970, I was ‘Declared Black’ and sacked by the Union because I correctly rejected their bully dictatorship. I was not allowed ‘Free Speech’ I was told to join the union and obey or be terminated. Hence, Northam’s claim is not worth much, people in Canberra must do it her way, or not be supported for getting a job. Only fools support oppressive leadership.

The hammer did once represent working-class people and the sickle did once represent peasants, but in the hands of Communist Russia the ‘Hammer & Sickle’ was linked to the deliberate persecution and oppression of working-class people including peasants.

Regardless of what opinions are flying around, one fact does exist… the Australian Labor Party is now an anti-freedom Socialist Party and cannot be trusted to protect and preserve Australian Freedom Values.

If you want to live free… Never vote for Socialism or Communism.

There is no place for anti-freedom Marxism in a Free Society.

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This speech includes reference to the millions that were killed by ‘Communism’

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