In an Age of Expanding use of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ we must advance cautiously and wisely.

Life in Space


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The below brief overview was published as a concern in Allan Ivarsson’s book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ in January 2018.

Below Allan wrote in 2010…

“‘Look before you leap’ is very sound advice. Lower intelligent life forms may not be in harmony with earth genetics and may introduce diseases dangerous to human existence and all current life on planet earth. The quest for intelligent life forms equal to us or with higher intelligence is a very dangerous pursuit. Such a discovery may inadvertently open up a Pandora box of conflict and disaster.”

On February 19, 2020 Allan posted on his website the first of several posts to follow on the problem of COVID-19 first identified simply as a serious ‘Corona Virus’ concern. This is what he wrote…

The dark spectre of the CORONA VIRUS, will pass, like all plagues and diseases. In science & medical technology, we homo sapiens have a history of learning more constantly. We are upgrading our skills in every field.”

One thing we must do is stop the ‘Habit of War’ to do that… we must reject every form of ‘Totalitarianism’ on this planet. That means we must always reject every Political, Religious, and Philosophical ‘Belief System’ which bans 100% “Freedom Values” in Speech, Choice and Equality.”

Allan Ivarsson Feb 19, 2020

Allan Ivarsson has a lifetime history as an adult since 21 years-of-age in 1970 of being able to look at the future by philosophical cosmic analysis, thus he made all his career decisions and changes successfully over the years. He decided on his ‘Quest for Truth’ to explore other ‘Belief Systems’ around the world and focus not only on learning the wisdom contained in different cultural ideas, but also identify the serious errors in thinking that endanger societies and cause tragic repeats of history that could have been avoided if the common people had opened their minds and made the intellectual effort to learn the truth about the nature and character of right and wrong thinking. Many throughout history did open their minds but sadly the majority did not and thus the tragedy of history kept repeating itself in errors and apathetic negligence. Whilst the few century after century had truthful vision and walked alone, the majority were afraid and intellectually lazy to make the effort to learn higher cosmic awareness, and thus often by error in understanding and by serious mistakes, sadly many prematurely perished.

In 2007 Allan Ivarsson coined the words ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to identify a level of the most advanced intelligence that only a rare few people in the past possess. The most advanced intelligence in the 19th into 20th Century was ‘Albert Einstein’ he had ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Now with the advanced technology of the Internet the world, all Nations, has access to ‘Global Communication’ and its gives ‘humankind’ the opportunity to solve all problems and create a world of peace and happiness void of the ‘Habit of War’ and dangerous diseases.

The problem is that far too many people are still intellectually lazy and refuse to open their minds to become versatile dynamic thinkers. To solve problems we must have ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ as ‘Can Do People’ and we must be able to change and adapt as required by the laws of common-sense and truth. Equally as important the entire world must live free in speech, choice, and equality. We can only solve problems in a free world.

‘Totalitarian’ ideologies and fixed dogma belief systems do cause progress to be restricted and thus creates more suffering.

Capitalism eliminates poverty whilst Totalitarianism increases poverty and suffering. The only true Democracy is that which thrives in a ‘Capitalist Society’. There is no such thing as a perfect political society. There is no workable Utopia. Such a boring dream is a misguided illusion. ‘Freedom Values’ is the right path for continuous improvement of ‘Quality of Life’ for all life- human and non-human with altruistic instincts.

Since the beginning of ‘Homo Sapiens’ mission of flying into ‘Space Exploration’ in the 20th Century, we have now began exploring further the questions about life in the outer limits of the Universe, which now links an increased understanding of ‘Evolution Process’ introduced by Charles Darwin in the 19th Century.

Now read the 2010 warning overview of the dangers of exploring ‘Life in Space’

Microbiologist Research

To avoid a nightmare we must always stay alert.

Humans through the evolution of Astronomy/Cosmology, are deeply interested in a quest to discover other life forms in the universe. This quest for higher understanding is a natural instinct of human genetics linked cosmic consciousness. But wisdom and prudence is absolutely essential; there are real dangers which can have major implications for the survival of the human race. The old adage… ‘Look before you leap’ is very sound advice. Lower intelligent life forms may not be in harmony with earth genetics and may introduce diseases dangerous to human existence and all current life on planet earth. The quest for intelligent life forms equal to us or with higher intelligence is a very dangerous pursuit. Such a discovery may inadvertently open up a Pandora box of conflict and disaster. There is no guarantee that other life forms, even lower forms, discovered in space can be classified as ‘friendly’. There are science fools on earth that given the DNA opportunity would clone dinosaurs and other dangerous creatures, with the vision of creating a ‘Jurassic Park’. We don’t need fools like this, discovering life in outer space.

The plain fact is that humans, who do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’, will not have the ‘Inter-species co-operative exchange intelligence’ to communicate with life from outer space. And they will not have the pragmatic common sense to explore other life forms, with a deep sense of caution. And if a Muslim met a life form of equal intelligence or superior intelligence, they would immediately start demanding that life form to submit to the will of Islam. ‘True Muslims’ may be clever, but they are not smart- they don’t have anything between the ears, because their fixed dogma belief system blocks them from ever becoming smart. To become smart one must learn P.I. And to learn P.I. one must reject all fixed dogma belief systems forever.

Humans cannot as yet live in peace together and have not yet learned how to manage their own backyard. Humans are not yet ready for communication and physical contact with other intelligent life forms in outer space. We need ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and excellent communication skills before we can even start such a contact process. We must fix our own planet and establish global peace before we will be ready for communication with other advanced life forms in outer space. As long as ‘Totalitarian’ belief systems exist, like Communism, Socialism and Islam’ global peace will never be established.

To succeed in communication with intelligent life forms throughout the universe…we must be willing to dump all false knowledge fixed dogma belief systems, into the garbage bin. There is no place for religion and cults in the brave new world we are preparing to explore, discover and colonise in space. We will not be ready for communication and contact with intelligent life throughout the universe, until at least ninety percent of the human race has ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and we have established one Universal ‘Gaia Language’. The learning of P.I. must begin in our schools and universities, which means all religious and cult teachings, must be ruthlessly dumped from the education system, giving no ahimsa quarter to those persons who oppose such a dynamic change in education. There is no room for religious and cult thinking fools in the brave new world, which is evolving. Philosophy and Science as companions backed by Communication and Mathematics skills must lead the way. All other skills are support skills to the ‘PSCM’ leader guiding skills.

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