Recently, in September/October 2020, we Aussies that take notice of what is happening in Australia learned that several women have been harassed for wearing a Bikini. As I revealed in another treatise report, titled ‘Creeping Sharia Law in Australia II’… I remember a serious life threat that happened on a Sydney Beach in 2009, because a girl was wearing a Bikini.

Rights of Women to wear Bikinis including G-String.

There is no defined law in 2020 that protects women’s rights to wear a Bikini including G-String.

Before Muslims invaded the West with their anti-freedom demands we did not need such a law. But after foolish intellectually lazy politicians opened the gate to accept an anti-freedom Trojan Horse Ideology which is focused on destruction of ‘Freedom Values’ we urgently need common laws at both Federal and State levels all in agreement with each other to stop the insidious demands of Muslims to oppress our free spirited society. There is no place for ‘Blasphemy Law’ or ‘Sharia Law’ in a free society. If Muslims do not like it and protest, they should be permanently expelled from a ‘Free Society’ and sent back to where they came from. Let Islamic Countries carry their anti-freedom Islamic Mentality.

Problem is where are the courageous Politicians brave enough to stop the insidious demands of Muslims by legislated Law? Where are the courageous degree qualified CEO’s that are brave enough to stop the insidious demands of Muslims against their Corporation. Believe it or not, Muslims do not have the right to tell Corporations what they can do and not do and who they can hire or fire.

It is time to pass laws in Australia, Federal and State, banning the bullying of women for wearing a Bikini, including a G-String. It must be a criminal offence, backed by gaol time, for harassing a women wearing a Bikini.

This is not the first-time women have been bully harassed by Muslims in Australia. And it shall continue until Politicians have the courage to pass laws to stop the bully antics of ‘Jihad Muslims’.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Cosmic Law on Bikini

Cosmic Law on Bikini states…

# Thou shalt not tolerate bully harassment of women that are wearing a Bikini or G-String, or any type of clothing using a ‘halter-neck’ design or ‘cheeky’ cut bottoms.

# Thou shalt recognise that the attire of the Bikini, the G-String, the ‘halter-neck’ and ‘cheeky’ cut bottoms, are all deemed as being suitable morally correct decent standards of dress on beaches, at Swimming pools, public or private, around lakes and rivers for reasons of comfort, sunbaking and relaxation resting. And are also deemed suitable, walking and sitting, around food supply locations near water/park areas.

# Thou shalt pass legislation in Federal and States to ensure the rights of all women to wear the Bikini, the G-String, the ‘halter-neck’ and ‘cheeky’ cut bottoms is protected.

# Thou shalt pass legislation fining or enforcing gaol time or both delivered unto any person male or female that harasses women for wearing decent dress standards. The severity of punishment should increase when repetition of crime of harassment continues.

Cosmic Law does not tell society what degree of punishment to enforce, it simply states what thou should do and not do in decent thinking and behaviour.

Society must review and decide the severity of a crime and what punishment must be enforced to protect the rights of animals – human and non-human to live free in peace, in speech, choice and equality, provided such rights do not deny anyone else the same freedom rights.

The decision of what punishment to enforce must be made by society and such decisions are not governed by ‘Cosmic Law’. Though it should be noted that ‘Cosmic Law’ does reject the ‘Death Penalty’ and all inhumane acts of cruelty, torture and solitary confined conditions which are clearly too small, unclean and are inhumane and negligent of maintaining decent survival conditions for all animals human and non-human.

Wearing the Bikini is an eternal female human right… “Lest We Forget”.