Allan Ivarsson and Scott Morrison Sons of Cops – The Bikini Challenge

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Did you know? #

Scott Morrison is the son of a Policeman. And Allan Ivarsson is the son of a Policeman.

It will be interesting to see how the belief system thinking of these two sons of coppers compares in the years ahead.

Using nino cullotta’s sequel words to “they’re a weird mob” … “Cop this lot”.

# Source: 2018 COMPENDIUM III book by Allan Ivarsson subject title ‘Australia: Good News on Pension’… September 5, 2018.

Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison response to 2020 Bikini harassment incident…

After her story went viral and gained national attention the PM was asked about his thoughts on the matter. (i)

“I thought they always could (wear what they want) I was not aware that any of that had been constricted,” Scott Morrison told 2GB Radio on Thursday morning. (i)

“I’m surprised that it even applied,” the Prime Minister said. (i)

“I tell you what though, as the father of daughters, I might have some dress standards and conditions, but that’s for the family.” (i)

(i) Source: Gold Coast Bulletin report… ‘Zetland: Australian Prime Minister weighs in on Sydney woman’s bikini stoush’ by Anthony Piovesan October 9, 2020. NCA Newswire.

Thus the Prime Minister insisted that people can wear what they want, but maybe not his own daughters.

Allan Ivarsson

So what did Author Allan Ivarsson say in comments? For that answer read the following response by Allan…

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Click Here to Read.

Allan Ivarsson and Scott Morrison were both raised as Christians. But Allan in later years walked away from Christianity when he read the ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Bible. He also was not impressed by the history of wrong thinking and behaviour of Roman Christianity.

Allan believed only in the ‘Sermon of the Mount’ teachings by Jesus and selected wisdom texts in the Bible and he believed the early Christians that followed Jesus and did not have a Bible because it did not exist, were the best ‘True Christians’ before the corruption of ‘Roman Christianity’ spread around the world.

Scott Morrison chose the path of complete allegiance to Christianity.

Thus… the two sons of Policemen are different in their belief systems.

The good news is that ‘Freedom Values’ gives people the right to choose what they believe.

The bad news is that ‘Totalitarian Ideologies’ like Communism, Islam and Socialism want to destroy ‘Freedom Values’ and dictate by forced oppression what people can believe.

The incident of the Bikini harassment reveals the creeping rise of ‘Sharia Law’ dictatorship in Australia by Muslims who are crossing the line to tell Australian women that they are not allowed to wear the Bikini.

This advanced dictatorship bully harassment must be stopped, thus Allan Ivarsson tabled ‘Cosmic Law on the Bikini’. And a recommendation that new laws must be established to stop the advance of Islamic Dictatorship.

Allan’s Father…

Dad, Sergeant Svend Aage Ivarsson, Sydney Water Police showing Tom Richards, Matlock TV star, the ropes aboard a police launch 1974.

4th May 1947 ‘Dad’ Svend Aage Ivarsson in Navy – taken at ‘Watson’s Bay’ Sydney.

My Father served until retirement in the Sydney Water Police, Flood Rescue and Rescue Squad. His mates called him ‘Swanny’ since the 1950’s. He led many Rescue Operations in NSW Floods. He almost lost his life several times. Some of his mates died in flood rescue operations.

Dad, S.A. Ivarsson Flood Rescue Training Course for Police on Sydney Harbour 1960’s. (Red arrow)

My father raised me to be tough, respectful, courteous and chivalrous and taught me true to old school teaching, always shake a man’s hand with a firm grip. Limp handshakes is a sign of character weakness.

When I was 18 years of age, I went out with my father and other Water Policemen on one of those flood training courses leaving Sydney Harbour up the Parramatta River, the main tributary of Sydney Harbour. At the end of the day, we returned to Water Police Headquarters on Sydney Harbour. For me it was a great adventure.

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