‘Communist China’ Trade Threat

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China true to its Marxist Philosophy of ‘Communism’ has been striving to bully Australia into submission of its political totalitarian ideology. If we Aussies reject the dictatorship viewpoint of ‘Communist China’, Xi Jinping President of Communist China and the supporting ‘Communist Party’ are threatening us that we will lose trade advantages with China.

There is no advantage to free trade imports if it means selling our right to live free. There is no prosperity advantage if we are no longer self-sufficient and are over-dependent on need for supplies from a ‘Totalitarian’ Nation that refuses to allow its own people to live free in speech, choice, and equality.

Buying cheaper from China is not an advantage if we lose our ability to survive free. And just for the record the clothing standards for example, being imported from China is a far lower performance standard than the quality standards that decades ago Australian textile and clothing industry once manufactured. Our politicians were foolish to allow our textile garment industry to switch to buying from overseas. Cheaper is not the reason for buying a product.

First rule choose quality product then look at price. A cheaper product that only lasts 20% of the lifetime of a quality product is not cheaper, when it proves to be more expensive over the years needing more frequent replacement.

Remember, our survival focus is to always be self-sufficient first. We are only more prosperous when our quality performance standards are higher than any imports that we procure. ‘Prosperity’ starts with owning products that have a longer life in quality than cheaper imports. If a product has a shorter life and has to be replaced more frequently, we are not likely to be living as prosperous, as someone who owns products that have a longer life span.

‘Prosperity’ begins with ‘Freedom’ and becomes stronger with ownership of quality high performance products that last longer than junk lower quality imported products.

‘Free Trade Competition’ is about who around the world can supply the highest standard of quality products. Cheaper is not better when quality standards are sacrificed.

‘Communist China’ cuts corners and often supplies lower quality products which our inferior thinking politicians accept without question.

We need a ‘Federal Consumer Protection Commission’ which wisely investigates all imported products for quality standards and reports these reviews of standards in a ‘Consumer Protection’ presentation on the Internet for the public to read, which indicates source of manufacture.

A classic example of poor quality standards in ‘Garments’ from China is that the stitching of clothing is poorly joined with overflowing straggling threads, elastic is poorer quality, and the textile used is an inferior quality that tears more easily.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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“Make Australia Strong Again”

Rebuild Australian Dynamic Self-Sufficiency.

Trade only with ‘Free Nations’.

Import only what we do not have the ability to make at a higher standard.

Australia has an excellent range of good raw materials, minerals and ores.

Do not be negative there is not much that we cannot grow and manufacture.

We need to focus on strengthening our ‘Primary Industry’ and on building strong self-sufficient ‘Manufacturing Industries’. If other Nations can build their own military defence equipment, including Ships and Planes, why can’t we? And the answer is we can, if we have the courage, persistent determination, and the willpower to work hard committed to building a stronger Australia.

To win we need ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ backed by ‘Patriotic Spirit’.

Like I said… “Make Australia Strong Again”, true to the ANZAC Spirit.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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