‘Communist China’ Investment in Australia

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Feature Image: Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Australia needs foreign investors to help strengthen the growth of our Primary and Secondary Industries. But that objective must be restricted to support only from ‘Freedom Valued’ Nations.

We must never accept foreign investment from Nations which are founded upon ‘Totalitarian’ Ideologies, like ‘Communist China’, ‘Communist North Korea’, Islamic Iran and Saudi Arabia the heart of anti-freedom Islam.

Ideally British and American Investment should be encouraged to help ‘Make Australia Strong Again’.

Already ‘Communist China’ has too strong an investment in Australia that situation is not acceptable given that China is an anti-freedom Nation and cannot be trusted to support the eternal human right to live free. China oppresses their own people, and that reality is likewise, not acceptable thinking and behaviour.

This portfolio of pages is focused on watching all investments in Australia which are linked to anti-freedom ideology Nations. Such investors seeking to gain control of our Nation must be stopped.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

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