Aussie Allan Ivarsson exposes the incompetence of Harris and Biden’s First Speeches.

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Feature Image: Harris and Biden masked. If you look at Donald Trump and his family at the RNC 2020 they were not masked, they had courage unmasked, so the people could see their faces. That is the difference in character between Biden and Trump and Harris and Pence.

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Aussie Allan Ivarsson exposes the incompetence of Harris and Biden’s First Speeches.

Allan Ivarsson comments…

You can read the waffle speeches of Biden and Harris in the above link for as long as it exists on the Internet.

I am not concerned about all the nice things they say about their families. It is reasonable to talk nicely about your spouse and family. Even enemies have loyal family members.

And I am not concerned about the idea of Kamala Harris being the first Black Woman to become Vice-President. I am concerned about the age of Joe Biden who is too old to serve as a President in control of a Nation. Such a National Responsibility needs someone younger with more energy. I have no doubt that Harris has more energy and can do the job. Of course, how well she does the job is another valid question and we will not know the answer to that until she has served her term.

I don’t care about a person’s sex, colour or race, if they have the ability to deliver the right results then I will support them.

What I do care about is their policies, their agenda, and their mission targets. I care about their ‘Belief System’. What they think and believe tells us what they will do.

Joe Biden is a Christian and even though I was raised as a Christian, I walked away from Christianity with good reasons. But having said this, my concern is not about his Christian Beliefs, my concern is about his goals. What confidence can I have that they will defend and protect ‘Liberty Values’ and will do the right thing by their Nation and Australia and the World.

We shall watch and see down-the-track.

There is no such thing as a perfect politician, Donald Trump made mistakes, but his heart and loyalty was for the American People, he cared about striving to do the right thing. And he did a great job to strengthen the quality of life for all Americans.

Donald Trump’s vision to ‘Make America Great Again’ was an excellent Vision which still needs several more years of work. If Biden/Harris don’t carry forward the Trump Mission they will prove to be wrong for America.

The Border Wall being built by Donald Trump was the right thing to do. If Biden/Harris tear down that wall they will prove that they don’t care about the safety and security of the American people.

Donald Trump stood up for Israel and correctly moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem, I expect that Biden/Harris must support that Trump/Pence decision.

Donald Trump stood up against Iran, Communist North Korea, and Communist China, I expect that Biden/Harris to do the same.

Trump fought for increased self-sufficiency in America and the reduction of trade with ‘Communist China’ and the elimination of China’s investment in American business and property.

Trump correctly opposed all the false knowledge demands for ‘Climate Change’ activism. It seems Harris and Biden are not that smart.

So why am I an Aussie concerned about the good things Donald Trump did for his country?

The answer is simple because Australia needs to lift its game and learn from the good things that Donald Trump did.

My real concern when I read speeches is the ideas in those speeches, are they correct or not? Are they standing for truth, justice and freedom or are they standing for anti-freedom ‘Political Correctness’ and the strengthening of tyranny? We will see about that over the next four years. I shall be watching.

Right now for this paper, my concern is the limited ideas that Biden & Harris tabled in their first speech void of a clear understanding of their ‘Change Agent’ goals. I have written about what Movers, Shapers, Maintainers, and ‘Change Agents’ are. At this point of time, I believe that Harris is only a ‘Change Agent’ and that is not a flattering observation. As for Biden, he is so locked into belief in angels, he will be looking for them to help him cope with the job.

Now let’s just look at the agenda ideas that were tabled in their first speech…

Kamala Harris’s Victory Speech.

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Harris tables Democracy as a concern. And it is a concern, but it was a waste of energy to talk about Democracy in a country like America that is protected by an excellent Constitution plus good essential Amendments.

Democracy works in America, the only problem is that the election system can be corrupted by deceitful counting of votes, including in mail votes which can be duplicated or thrown away. In a photo finish counting situation when both sides are coming in as close in numbers, corruption counting can unjustly tip the scales. And Democrat corruption counting was discovered in the last stages of the election striving to topple Trump in much the same way that the Democrats lied about Trump during their efforts to impeach Trump and to lie about him on other issues which is now in history.

I have written about the two types of Democracy in the slide below, read it and think, that is if you have the ability to think with common-sense.

Protecting Democracy is not a concern in a Nation founded upon ‘Freedom Values’. Protection of Liberty Values is the more serious concern.

‘Totalitarian’ Democracy can work equally as well as ‘Freedom’ Democracy.

The question in this democratic election was not democracy; the concern was the integrity of accuracy in the vote counts. Harris wandered off looking at the wrong concerns. Her opening speech does not inspire confidence in her ability to lead a country.

As an experienced poll worker in my young years back in the 1970’s I understand the disciplines of preserving integrity of counts.

Harris says Joe is a healer. Really? So what do you think Trump was doing? He was repairing all the damage Democrat Obama did to the United States and overseas.

First Ladies are always given respect, Harris we do not need to be told that… it is obvious.

Harris said of the support voters, “You chose hope, unity, decency, science, and, yes, truth.”

That is the most pointless statement she could table. It is common-sense that every person voted in supports those ideals, until they fail to deliver results. As for truth, the unjust attacks against Trump proved that the Democrats don’t stand for truth and often supported false knowledge fake news lies.

Of course the question is… will a strong Christian support Science when it disagrees with Christian beliefs? We will see about that too down-the-track.

Harris thanks the people for turning up in record numbers, but she failed to mention that Trump supporters turned up in record numbers. In fact the hair-splitting count was not just about Poll Counts, it was about mail votes that suffered integrity mismanagement and corruption tactics by some zealous Democrats. The error line of injustice will never be clear, but it did happen, and the question will always exist in the history books, “Did the Democrats, achieve victory by corruption tactics?

Harris was distracted by talking about the overview history of women voting. This speech should not have been concerned about women’s rights in voting at present, they already have those rights. Let’s move on… so far Harris has not talked about objectives.

The only thing that Harris tabled about her agenda is what I tabled above in my slide comments with a response… read above slide.

In her first speech Kamala Harris delivered empty worthless ideas that invites the question… “What are the Policy Agenda Missions of the newly elected Democrat leaders?”

The answer at present is blowing in the wind.

If they get it wrong, they will face me in ‘Cold War’ battle… ‘War of Words’.

Joe Biden’s Victory Speech.

Joe Biden’s speech said even less than Harris. His speech did not talk about objectives it just waffled on about goodness, the Christian Spirit, and his commitment to do the right thing though it is not yet clear what he plans to do. But the gullible and ignorant will revere his wishy-washy words that said nothing about intentions.

Mike Pence, Vice President, running mate to Donald Trump was a good Christian and now they want us to believe that one Christian is better than another Christian. Really? I wonder what God thinks. And the answer is the same when two enemies fighting a war, pray to their God before fighting to maim and kill each other. I wonder what God thinks.

I know the answer, I have written about the true nature and character of God, but to understand what I know you must be using the most advanced intelligence in the world, which is called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Who is Allan Ivarsson? To know him requires reading and studying his entire collected works. One thing is true, he is the most dynamic philosophical thinker and writer in the world. He cannot be defeated by any degree qualified person in the academic world if they do not have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ and if they do have P.I. they will not be in conflict with Allan Ivarsson because they are listening to the same sheet of music and thus are on the same page in understanding, the nature and character of the Universe and all existence.

There is more to learn about him, but so far, no politician has demonstrated that they can keep up with him. And no one in any University has demonstrated the ability to comprehend the mentor teachings of Allan Ivarsson.

Allan welcomes the challenge… but be careful… over five decades… hundreds have tried to challenge his ideas, and no one has defeated him. There is a reason why. That is for you to figure out. The answer exists in his records.

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