Do Not Panic – We Do Not Need ‘Communist China’ as a ‘Trading Partner’.

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Do Not Panic – We Do Not Need ‘Communist China’

as a ‘Trading Partner’.

Politicians and CEO’s did not look before they leaped into trading with ‘Communist China’. They should have read the Karl Marx ‘Communist Manifesto’. They failed to understand that a persons ‘Belief System’ is the reason for their thinking and behaviour. And they failed to understand that the history of cruelty and murder imposed by Communists upon the Chinese people since 1949 including the invasion of Tibet, has been responsible for the murder of over 80 million people. Why would a ‘Free Nation’ enthusiastically trade with such an evil Political Marxist Doctrine that rules China? And the answer is… “Only Ignorance, Intellectual Laziness and Greed, would trade with a Despot Tyrant of the kind that rules the Chinese people that want to live free.”

I have no respect for Xi Jinping and the ‘Chinese Communist Party’.

A.I. 2020

Do not Panic. We Aussies survived for Decades, over Two Centuries, without ‘Communist China’… we do not need this oppressive Dictatorship Country.

Watch this video First and Remember since 1917 ‘Communism’ History wherever it existed around the World does not recognise

‘The Brotherhood of Man’.

Marxism has never understood the importance of Altruistic Caring.

Allan Ivarsson comments… Professor Harcourt wanders into fields of panic and negativity. He does not recognise the Big Picture danger of ‘Communist China’. We Aussies do not need ‘Communist China’ as a trading partner, we can walk away from China as a ‘Trading Partner’ in both Imports and Exports. We will in the beginning suffer economic disadvantage, but the inconvenience can be traded out and we Australians as a ‘Free Society’ with better values than ‘Communism’, can become a stronger more wholesome society than ‘Communist China’ can ever achieve.

When Xi Jinping and Hu Xijin and all their Communist Comrades threatened us Australians, they shot themselves in the foot. It is just the opposite, ‘Communist China’ needs us more than Australia needs them.

Australia has a history of being the ‘Lucky Country’ because our altruistic values are founded upon Patriotism and ‘Freedom Values’. True to the ANZAC spirit we will never submit to the despicable tyranny of ‘Communism’.

We do not need to introduce ‘Tariffs’ against Chinese imports, but we do need to stop Chinese imports by legislation and encourage imports from other ‘Free Nations’. Cheaper is not always better. The first rule of survival when buying an item, is ‘Quality First’, Price Second’. I learned this important rule back in the late 1960’s as a young adult. It is a common-sense survival rule.

We do not need to revenge Xi Jinping’s stupidity of bullying us by imposing ‘Tariffs’ on Chinese imports upon Australians. We Aussies are smarter and better than ‘Chinese Communists’ we do not need them, let them suffer true to Karma in their own stupidity.

It is time for all Australians in ‘Trade Deals’ to walk away from ‘Communist China’ in both imports and exports. We cannot trust ‘Communists’. The days of tolerating their bully tactics must be ended. There is no place for ‘Greed’ in our ‘Freedom Resistance’ against the tyranny bully abuse by ‘Communist China’.

We do not need revenge against Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’. We can simply just walk away and reject all trade with China and reject all ‘Foreign Investments’ in our Country by ‘Communist China’. We do not need any deals with ‘Communists’.

Stephen Johnson Economics Reporter for Daily Mail Australia, dated 7th December 2020, tabled an interesting thought-provoking subject titled, ‘The grim reality facing Australia if we get into a full-blown trade war with China: The price of most consumer items would DOUBLE and there’d be $150 billion less for hospitals, roads and services.’ (i)


Actually before we start, the idea we would be $150 billion dollars less is not correct. In Trade Deal changes we can buy and sell with other new Trading Partners void of Tariffs and reduce substantially the elimination of income from ‘Communist China’.

# “However. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg on Wednesday said that exports to China are not crucial for Australia’s economy and that domestic spending is more important.”

# “Consumption is 60 per cent of GDP. So consumption is absolutely key.”, he said.

# Source:

## “Australia now has a current account surplus – where exports exceed imports – thanks to China’s insatiable demand for iron ore, the commodity used to make steel.”

## Source:

I am sorry but Economists like Psychologists, have a history of making too many mistakes in their thinking, void of understanding the ‘Big Picture’. But then what can we expect from Degree Qualified people that don’t know the most advanced intelligence in the world, called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Now, we shall move forward…

“Australians would be paying double the price for common imported consumer goods if Prime Minister Scott Morrison matched China’s trade tariffs.” (i)

A.I. Comments… I have not seen any evidence that Morrison is planning to do this. I doubt that he will. We don’t need to impose Tariffs on imports except when we are focused on building our own Manufacturing Specialist Industry. No such ‘Manufacturing Investment Plans’ exist… not yet. But we should legislate against buying imports from ‘Communist China’ and focus only on buying ‘Quality Product’ Imports from ‘Free Nations’ that have a proven track record for ‘Quality Performance Standards’. Cheaper is not always better.

“Without China, Australians would miss out on having Apple iPhones, $49 air fryers from Kmart and even brand-new SUVs for $20,000.” (i)

A.I. comments… So what, we don’t need these products from ‘Communist China’. I shall say it again, Cheaper is not always better. Greed for lower prices is not worth a damn if we sacrifice our right to live free by submitting to the bully dictatorship of ‘Communism’.

SUV an acronym for ‘Sports Utility Vehicle’. SUV’s are like a Station Wagon but with a higher up seating position and a tougher appearance. We can import SUV’s from other Nations. After sales quality service is equally as important as ‘Quality of Car’. ‘Communist China’ is so unstable in its tyrannical ‘Political Ambitions’ that it would be foolish to buy a ‘Chinese Communist’ made vehicle. Buying a ‘Communist Chinese’ SUV for $20,000 because it is cheaper is a stupid decision.

It has been reported that Australia is importing $60 million dollars of Chinese Cars each month. Aussies buying Chinese cars because they are cheaper are not too bright. (ii) When China starts its plans for Hot War Invasion, those idiot Aussies will lose big time as supplies and service vanishes.


Communist China keeps threatening us with bully abuse, they need to sell their cars to us… but the truth is that all intelligent Aussies do not need ‘Communist Chinese’ cars and we do not need items from China because idiot CEO’s from Kmart and Apple are trading with China.

We do not need these products. We survived without things before trading with China began, we do not need them now. Only idiots panic about not being able to buy ‘Communist Chinese’ products.

“China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, is the largest buyer of iron ore exports and is by far the largest supplier of imports.” (i)

A.I. comments… We know this… we have reviewed this previously. Australia does not need this iron ore business from ‘Communist China’ no amount of money is worth selling our soul and risking losing our ‘Freedom Values’ by selling to a ‘Dictatorship Nation’. Make no bones about it, ‘Communist China’ does want to invade and take control of Australia, first by invasion from within, by investment and imports.

When Xi Jinping started attacking our exports income, he did it deliberately to hurt us, because he knew that our exports were exceeding imports and he did not want the people of Australia to enjoy too much financial growth. He wanted to slow us down. And furthermore, he only hit hard those exports that he could avoid needing by importing from some other country. He did not stop the supply of iron ore because he needs steel to build his military force needs in ships, planes, trucks, tanks, missiles, etc. for use to invade us down-the-track. He also needs steel to support his ‘Space Program’ to conquer space to control planet earth like a ‘Big Brother’ tactic through Artificial Satellites and Space Colony strategy. Do not underestimate ‘Communism’. They want control of our planet to make slaves out of the people. (iii)


Gangster Xi Jinping wants to oppress Australia and force us to submit to the rule of ‘Communist China’. That is a discernible fact and many of our States Premiers are not too bright being easily manipulated indirectly and directly by Xi Jinping. (iii)

“The Communist power has been punishing Australia with punitive 80 per cent tariffs on barley and 200 per cent import taxes on wine…” (i)

A.I. comments… and more constant abuse tactics by the ‘Chinese Communist Party’. All of this bully abusive attacks by ‘Communist China’ proves that China wants to conquer Australia. We do not need anything from China, not money, not goods, not investment. The smartest move we Aussies can make is dump all business with China, exports and imports and Foreign Investment in our Country.

Leading trade expert Professor Tim Harcourt, however, said Australian consumers would be the real victims if Australia retaliated by slapping import taxes on Chinese goods.” (i)

“I don’t think it’s a real good idea to get a tit-for-tat exchange because that could only be worse,” he told Daily Mail Australia. (i)

A.I. comments… Harcourt Trade Expert? In history of Trade which changes dynamically decade after decade. Harcourt’s opinion is negative, limited in comprehension and cannot comprehend that we Aussies do not need ‘Communist China’ as a Trading Partner. As I said previously… The smartest move we Aussies can make is dump all business with China, exports and imports and Foreign Investment in our Country.

In the next section paragraph after paragraph of Harcourt’s negative concerns, pushes the ‘Panic Button’ about what we will lose if we impose tariffs upon imports from ‘Communist China’. He lists subject import items, prattling about what we would lose. It never occurs to him that two decades ago we survived without these ‘Communist Chinese’ goods imports and without these imports we can still survive. Professor Tim Harcourt thinks we cannot survive without imports from China. That idea is nonsense. We don’t need ‘Communist China’.

Harcourt… Professor in what weak-minded submission? Why should I respect Degree Qualifications that are founded upon so much negativity and submission to ‘Communist Dictatorship’? Only fools panic over loss of trade with ‘Communist China’, we Aussies do not need goods from China and because Xi Jinping has decided to reject our Exports, that is fine with us that have ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, we can change direction and find other alternative markets in other Nations. We do not need the bully dictatorship of ‘Communist China’.

Those persons panicking over the loss of export business into China are foolish thinkers and need to waken up and get a better wiser more ‘Positive Attitude’ common-sense pragmatic intelligence.

To read the wandering panic list of concerns and overview glances of Manufacturing History by Harcourt, read the list on Daily Mail Australia. (i) One idea that Harcourt incorrectly said is that the Middle Class in China would revolt if they did not like the decisions of the ‘Communist Party’. That idea is a lie. The Middle Class do not have the military strength to revolt against the ‘Communist Party. Over 80 million Chinese have been murdered since 1949 by the ‘Communists’. And hundreds of Chinese that were Pro-Democracy demonstrating at Tiananmen Square in 1989 were Massacred. Harcourts thinking about the Chinese peoples ability to fight the Communists is naïve.

What Harcourt cannot comprehend is that Australia does not need to do business with ‘Communist China’. He clearly cannot comprehend that we can survive better without trading with ‘Communist China’. We do not need the threatening dictatorship of Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrades’.

And Harcourt has failed to recognise that the future survival of Australia must be in development of ‘Self-Sufficiency’ in Manufacturing which we once had, until we foolishly let our partial strength slip away from us.

Other Nations are exporters in Manufactured Product why isn’t Australia doing the same thing in ‘Global Free Trade Competiveness’?

Our focus must dynamically change from importing inferior quality goods from ‘Communist China’ to manufacturing our own better-quality goods for local markets and exports. Then we can justify tariffs to protect our Manufacturing Industries.

Allan Ivarsson 2020

To be continued…

This is Fiction but these Western film clips do send a message…

We Never Know What’s Around the Corner.

I am a Fan of Good Westerns, many of them often deliver a Common-Sense Philosophical Message something which Marxism never understood. Don’t underestimate people that value their right to live Free.

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