Will UK Outlaw Child Brides?


British Girls are being married as ‘Child Brides’.

Who is guilty of allowing such evil behaviour?

Millicent Fawcett (1847-1929) Suffragette… English Politician, Writer and Feminist.

Independent News report… titled ‘Hundreds of British girls married off as children each year.’ By Maya Oppenheim Passed forward by MSN News dated 6th March 2020. (i)

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/uknews/hundreds-of-british-girls-married-off-as-children-each-year/ar-BB1ehe13?

“Hundreds of British girls are being “married off” as children each year due to UK law failing to properly protect them, campaigners have warned.” (i)

“Charities said child marriage is often deemed an issue for the developing world, but it occurs across the UK, it is just “hidden in plain sight”. (i)

“Religious marriages which are not formally registered are legally permitted to occur at any age in the UK, with girls as young as 10 sometimes married off. But it is difficult to work out how many of these marriages take place as they are not recorded.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… The reason this child marriage behaviour is “hidden in plain sight” is because inferior thinking politicians in Britain in the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, allowed during the invasion of Britain by Islam, the existence of ‘Sharia Law’ in Britain. Over one hundred ‘Sharia Law’ courts now exist in Britain. Legal Pluralism now exists in Britain. There is no current law in Britain that can stop the practice of ‘Child Bride’ Marriages. I have no respect for the politicians in Britain that allow the practice of ‘Child Bride Marriages’ and ‘Sharia Law’ to exist as a plural legal system.

UK formally recognized ‘Sharia Law’ court in 2008 and the Archbishop of Canterbury – the head of Church of England – conceded that adopting elements of the Sharia law into UK’s court system was “unavoidable.” (ii)

Thus, the coward Church of England approved the existence of ‘Child Bride Marriage’.

(ii) https://billionbibles.org/sharia/uk-sharia-law.html

“Today, UK has over 130 Sharia law courts. Although they technically lie within the UK’s Tribunal Court system, these Sharia courts have been issuing rulings that contradict UK’s common law.” (ii) #

A.I. comments… This ‘contradiction’ # was approved by the weak-minded thinking of the Archbishop of Canterbury – the head of Church of England, and by all politicians that refused to oppose the existence of legalized ‘Pluralism’ in law, allowing ‘Sharia Law’ to overrule British common law.

“In 2011, UK’s Muslims began demanding that Sharia law replace British common law and become the only law in towns with large Muslim populations, including Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets, an East London Muslim enclave whose streets are already plastered with posters declaring, “You are entering a Sharia controlled zone. Islamic rules enforced.” (ii)

“More than 20,000 underage girls are married every day, research by Save the Children found in 2017.” (i)

A.I. comments… I do not know if this logistic of 20,000 is true or not. But certainly, thousands of young girls per year are being forcibly or sometimes not forcibly married to men many years older in Islamic societal locations around the globe. Such ‘Child Bride’ activities must be outlawed.

Most of these Child Bride Marriages are encouraged and enforced by ‘Sharia Law’ approval. The belief system of anti-freedom Islam supports such insidious behaviour.

And worse the UK Government and its main opposition choose the path of ‘Silence is Approval’ and true to the cowardly decision of the Archbishop of Canterbury – the head of Church of England in 2008 have placed the problem in the too hard basket, refusing to outlaw the practice of ‘Child Marriage’ in UK.

It has been said that children are being transported from the UK to other Islamic countries promised to older men. This sounds like a financial benefit is involved given to the uncaring parents of the children. Sex Trade Trafficking in Child Brides for money? UK Politicians do not care, they say nothing and do nothing. An intelligence investigation does not exist.

It has also been suggested that children in Britain have been promised in marriage to older Muslim Men. It is all hidden because ‘Sharia Law’ in the UK approves of such Child Bride decisions. And the UK weak-minded politicians true to their uncaring apathy and cowardice say nothing.

Respect British Government? Not on my watch.

“Karma Nirvana is an award-winning National charity supporting victims of honour-based abuse and forced marriage.” (iii)

“Karma Nirvana was founded in 1993 by the survivor, activist and author, Jasvinder Sanghera CBE who escaped a forced marriage by running away from home at age 16 years old. Jasvinder has been a campaigner for 24 years and is the author of The Sunday Times bestseller, ‘Shame’, ‘Daughters of Shame’ and ‘Shame Travels’.” (iii)

(iii) https://karmanirvana.org.uk/about/

Allan Ivarsson founder of ‘Cosmicism’ the way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ (1984-2024) teaches that Nirvana (Sanskrit noun) is the synonym of Nibbana (Pali noun), Spiritual Awakening, the Way; Tao, (Chinese noun), Bliss (English noun) recorded 1991 in ‘Blue Light’. Nirvana is the path of enlightenment, the way of Satori (Japanese noun).

Karma is result, consequence. When Karma and Nirvana are united as a spiritual path, the consequence is the way of inner peace and goodwill to all ahimsa existence. The way of Non-Violence, Non-Killing, Non-Injury, Non-harming, Non-hurting. Recorded in 1991 in ‘Blue Light.’

“Karma Nirvana have urged the government to ban child marriage in the next 60 days.” (ii)

A.I. comments… This is a noble important goal, but I doubt that the UK government will have the courage to ban child marriage. They would have to overrule ‘Sharia Law’ in UK, which they allowed to exist.

“The charity… wrote to Boris Johnson asking him to urgently ban child marriage.” (ii)

Will Johnson be brave enough to fight in Parliament for the banning of ‘Child Marriage’? I doubt it… a big conflict would then follow… on how to shut down ‘Sharia Law’ in UK.

“The [UK] law does not recognize age as a standalone factor in determining lack of capacity to consent to a marriage. The law does not adequately protect them.” (i)

“Although there are many laws in this country to protect children, such as remaining in education or training until 18 and not being able to buy cigarettes or use sunbeds, we fail to protect them from the harms of child marriage.” (i)

“Legislation, which would make child marriage a crime in the UK, was introduced to parliament last Autumn, but the bill had its second reading postponed because of the pandemic.” (i)

A.I. comments… Why could not every politician in parliament in isolation be given a written copy of the proposed bill to read? Too easy? Sure, is to the minds of those hesitating in approving such a bill.

Of course, even if the bill is passed and child marriage is tabled as a crime. How brave will the common law be to overrule ‘Sharia Law’ in UK and arrest those Muslims that disobey that law by enforcing the continued existence of ‘Child Marriage’?

And when parents transport their young girls to an Islamic Nation for a child marriage, will those parents be arrested and prosecuted by the common law? Will those parents be expelled from the UK as not suitable citizens who have failed to respect the laws of decency which outlawed ‘Child Marriage’?

Will common law duck under cover to avoid the hard job of enforcing the law banning ‘Child Marriage’ in Muslim ‘Sharia Law’ territory which has now been allowed as pluralism to rule sections of the UK?

Old News still hangs high over the heads of British Politicians that did nothing.

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