Child in Time Do you want to live free… First the Deep Purple Music 1970, now in 2021 the message to help you live free…

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Stand up and be counted listen to the music in your soul and educate yourself against the educated that strive to enforce totalitarian regimes against you, who want to rule your life and tell you what you can say and do and what music you are allowed to enjoy or not.

Every form of oppression must be opposed and stopped.

I, Allan Ivarsson am not a musician, I am a poet of philosophy light and serious, focused on protecting and defending the right of every person to live free in Mind, Body and Spirit.

We all must be ‘Free Spirits’ standing strong against those who strive to oppress us.

There is no place for any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ on this planet.

The World is now divided in two, ‘Freedom versus Totalitarianism’.

Our job if you live this ‘Blue Light Mission’ is to protect and preserve the eternal human right to live free.

Music, poetry and peaceful philosophy is the spirit of our hearts, live it, feel it and learn more, never ceasing to learn, never rejecting education and wisdom and common-sense ideas.

To every writer, poet, philosopher and musician, I give you the right to extract quotes from my poetic work and other serious presentations throughout my collective writing, to use as you feel motivated to include in lyrics to music and to other philosophical review writings. You do not need my permission; I give you access to my copywrite; only my books in format shall hold copyright.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

And now the Music of Deep Purple 1970 ‘Child in Time’…

And now the messages…

Master Ahimsa Peace

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Master Anti-Freedom Socialism

Master Philosophical Intelligence

Master in Summary Philosophical Intelligence