‘Communist China’ is using Cold War ‘Grey Zone’ deceitful methods.

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‘Communist China’ is using Cold War ‘Grey Zone’ deceitful methods.

They are invasive tactics focused on oppressive strategy to gain control of a region of territory without firing a shot.

Coming War with China over South China Sea?

An important Sydney Morning Herald report posted on the Internet tabled a serious concern that every person in Australia and the South Pacific and Southern Asia should be concerned about.

The report by Peter Hartcher, a Political and International Editor posted on 30th, March 2021 is titled, “Joe Biden’s first test against China is brewing as regime exploits the ‘grey zone.’ (i)

(i) https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/joe-biden-s-first-test-against-china-is-brewing-as-regime-exploits-the-grey-zone-20210329-p57exk.html

Allan Ivarsson comments…

‘Communist China’ is using ‘Grey Zone’ methods of warfare. ‘Grey Zone’ tactics are neither peaceful nor warlike in past traditional methods. They are invasive tactics focused on oppressive strategy to gain control of a region of territory without firing a shot.

Covert Cyber-attacks are ‘Grey Zone’ methods.

Building Islands on reefs and moving a fleet of vessels into position claiming they are fishing vessels to control shipping lanes are ‘Grey Zone’ tactics.

Xi Jinping Beijing, instructing herders and grazers to move into desolate Himalayan border areas ahead of regular ‘Communist Chinese’ army troops to create disputes with locals living in the area and then asserting control is a ‘Grey Zone’ method. ‘Communist China’ is actually guilty of an invasion crime when it uses these forceful tactics to gain control of a region that does not belong to ‘Communist China’.

The United Nations needs to define ‘Grey Zone’ tactics as acts of war, being war crimes against other Nations and Maritime Passage Lanes.

There are images in the news reports of Chinese activity in the South China Sea, turning coral reefs into artificial islands, to gain control of strategically important maritime areas, and shipping lanes, which can be used as leapfrog bases for invasion of countries.

Building these artificial islands without approval of neighbour countries is a crime against local countries and is actually destructive of the natural environment of planet earth.

Greenpeace says nothing because it is too dangerous for them to challenge China. Greenpeace is only brave in protest when it is reasonably safe, like in protesting against ‘Deep Sea Mining’. But they will not challenge ‘Communist China’… too dangerous.

The United Nations should order the destruction of these artificial islands and these fleet of ships. But it is not likely that the U.N. will be that brave.

The Philippines government has observed that the fleet of huge steel-hulled Chinese fishing vessels are not doing any fishing. China’s ambassador Huang Xilian in the Philippines lied to the Philippines government and said, “the vessels were fishing boats that sought refuge at the reef due to rough sea conditions.” It is reported that the vessels are lashed together in line formation as a blockade and at night they run powerful lights in a deliberate abusive manner to threaten any craft travelling in the area.

I personally have no respect for ambassador’s from ‘Totalitarian Nations’, they cannot ever be trusted to speak the truth.

Rough seas are always temporary and when water calms, and the weather is good, the Chinese falsely called fishing vessels do not leave the area. Instead, the opposite is happening, Xi Jinping Beijing has ordered more vessels to invade the area and increase the strength of the ship invasion.

“They have been increasing in numbers since November 2020. And they are not visibly there to fish.” (i)

“They are still there. Manila says the vessels are part of the China Maritime Militia; China denies this. Beijing says that they’re privately owned and operated fish boats, end of story.” (i)

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping Beijing lied. Xi Jinping has no honour, he is a deceitful man in every which way.

“They don’t have any weapons systems in evidence but, says Andrew Erikson of the US Naval War College, they don’t need to: “The ships themselves are the main weapon. Far larger and stronger than typical fishing vessels from the Philippines or other South China Sea neighbours their comparatively robust hull designs with additional rub strakes welded onto the hull’s steel plating aft of the bow, and typically powerful mast-mounted water cannons, make them powerful weapons in most contingencies, capable of aggressively shouldering, ramming, and spraying overmatched civilian or police opponents.” (i)

A.I. comments… As I have reported previously, all Chinese Companies in Australia report to Beijing. The policies of every Chinese Company in Australia and around the world reports to Beijing. This means that all the Chinese Fishing Vessels also report to Beijing. When Beijing claimed that they were privately owned and Beijing had nothing to do with their decision to stay in the line formation location; they inadvertently gave the Philippines Government the right to order the Chinese Vessels to leave the area. If they refuse to move, then the Philippines Government Military has the right to blast all the ships and sink them, even if that means killing everyone aboard those ships.

It is time for free countries to recognize, we do not have to tolerate invasion tactics, be they by acts of war aggression or by ‘Grey Zone’ tactics. Threatening harassment of Philippine citizens craft and Philippine Police is a criminal offence and thus they should be destroyed if they refuse to leave. It is time to send a message to Xi Jinping Beijing that ‘Grey Zone’ tactics will not be tolerated. And the USA and all allies need to back the right of the Philippines to sink all the vessels that refuse to leave. Beijing cannot complain, because they lied and denied ownership and responsibility for the fleet of Chinese vessels.

It was reported that ‘Communist China’ chose the Whitsun Reef, in the Spratly Islands of the West Philippine Sea, so that Beijing could seize ownership of eighty percent of the South China Sea. The crucial international shipping lanes for commercial activity uses these waters near Whitsun Reef. ‘Communist China’ wants control of these shipping lanes and is focused on bully pressure of Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia until they back down and submit to the evil dictatorship of Beijing. China must be stopped by all United Allies tabled in the United Nations. If the UN fails to stop Beijing than the allies must stop ‘Communist China’s invasion aggression, by whatever degree of force is necessary.

“When Manilla took its case to an international arbitral tribunal at The Hague under the ‘Un Convention on the Law of the Sea’, the tribunal found in 2016 that China’s claim had “no basis in law.” China ignored the ruling, seized more territory claimed by more countries and built seven islands on disputed reefs. An American admiral said China was building a “Great Wall of Sand”. (i)

A.I. comments… ‘Communist China’ got away with this seizure of territory, which was an International Criminal Act. Xi Jinping who should be executed for ‘High Treason’ against ‘Free Nations’ is the Beijing culprit responsible for these deliberate invasion tactics, which is called ‘Grey Zone’ tactics, but in reality, is an act of war. The United Nations should order the destruction of these reefs which Xi Jinping has destroyed, by making them military bases so that he can attack all the countries in the circle around the reef; but it is clear since 2016 the leaders of the free nations in the United Nations are cowards afraid to fight Xi Jinping and his ‘Communist Comrade Gangsters’ head-on.

It does not end here…

After manufacturing 1300 hectares of land on the seized reefs, China’s regime actually has built a string of military fortifications on them, equipped with hardened shelters for missile launchers, radar and communications bases, and runways on which one of its heavy nuclear capable bombers has conducted demonstration landings. The bases serve to project China’s military power and enforce its further claims to territories also claimed by its neighbours.” (i)

A.I. comments… ‘Communist China’ has no legal claim to this region of water in the sea. This region belongs to Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Gangster Xi Jinping intends to invade these Nations and take control of these countries. He is a vain, evil man without honour.

It has been reported that Xi Jinping and his Beijing government have taken control of this region without firing a single shot. True to his persistent bully tactics, Jinping uses non-military ships, pretend fishing fleets, maritime administration ships, coast guard vessels etc. to manipulate control of the sea region and threaten and intimidate all these countries in the surrounding areas. Slightly further away from these reefs is Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand, and Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, all additional countries Xi Jinping is planning to invade.

In the distance hiding out of sight are threatening Chinese naval vessels that can be tracked by radar. The low life tactics by Xi Jinping is beyond belief. Through the United Nations all the allies should demand that ‘Communist China’ sacks Xi Jinping and withdraws from its ‘Grey Zone’ maneuvers.

If ‘Communist China’ refuses to stand down then the allies should surround the coast of ‘Communist China’ with an International Fleet of Navy Ships to send a warning message to Beijing. It is time the allies in the United Nations united against ‘Communist Nations’ starting with China.

China’s strategy has been successful in the South China Sea because the Senior Executives in the United Nations have failed to find the courage to stop ‘Communist China’s’ ‘Grey Zone’ claim to rule the entire region of the South Pacific.

There is only one way to deal with bully countries choosing a perpetual rhythm struggle to oppress other Nations and that is by fighting back hard giving no quarter. It may be a tough fight but it is not hard to deal with, it just needs courage to take them down.

The Philippines might be required to call upon the USA for defence support. This may require the use of military force against Chinese fleets and Chinese planes.

Those inferior thinking wimps that accuse such a self-defence act of war against a civilian target are liars. The ‘Communist Chinese’ military bases located in illegal regions are acts of war by ‘Grey Zone’ tactic and must be dismantled or destroyed.

“Indonesia’s former minister for fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, dealt with hundreds of illegal fishing vessels by seizing them and sinking them, either blowing them up or flooding them.” (i)

“China calls it fishing, Indonesia calls it crime,” said the straight-talking Pudjiastuti. And that was very black and white.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson concludes this report… “I agree with Susi Pudjiastuti… ‘Xi Jinping Beijing must be stopped by whatever degree of force is necessary.”

(ii) https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/politics/article/3128397/manila-gets-tough-beijing-over-whitsun-reef-row-earning-praise

Raissa Robles and Alan Robles posted a report, dated 5th, April 2021, titled ‘South China Sea. Manila gets tough on Beijing over Whitsun Reef row, earning praise from even Duterte’s critics.’ (ii)

“The war of words began on Saturday, when Lorenzana called on Chinese maritime militia vessels to depart the Whitsun Reef. Rubbishing Beijing’s explanation that the ships had been sheltering from bad weather, Lorenzana said: “Get out.” (ii)

“In response, the Chinese embassy said the remarks were “perplexing” and insisted that the vessels were in Chinese waters.” (ii)

“The waters around Niu’e Jiao # has been a traditional fishing ground for Chinese fisherman for many years,” it said, using Beijing’s name for the Whitsun Reef.” (ii)

“It is completely normal for Chinese fishing vessels to fish in the waters and take shelter near the reef during rough sea conditions. Nobody has the right to make wanton remarks on such activities.” (ii)

“The argument continued on Sunday, with Lorenzana condemning “the utter disregard by the Chinese embassy … of international law”.” (ii)

Allan Ivarsson comments… The Chinese Embassy lied on behalf of Xi Jinping and his Beijing gang of anti-freedom Communist Comrades.

Yes, no doubt over decades, Chinese fishing vessels have genuinely fished in these waters, but they were not big military style vessels grouped together as a wall of control. Such genuine fishermen would have been moving about and not staying in anyone same location. After they completed their catch, they would have left the area and returned home.

The fleet of deceitfully called metallic ‘fishing vessels’ strung together are not fishing. They are a deliberate set-up by Xi Jinping Beijing to rule/control the area. Genuine fishermen were not building military bases islands on the reefs.

‘Communist China’ is proving again and again, they are rejecting all ‘International Laws’ of every type, because Xi Jinping and his Beijing gang believe they are above all laws on our planet. Their mission is to become a Superpower and invade every Nation on this planet and that includes in the end their Communist allies, North Korea, and ‘Putin Russia’.

# Note: The Philippines calls part of the South China Sea… West Philippine Sea. And Whitsun Reef is called by China ‘Niu’e Jiao, and ‘Julian Felipe Reef’ by the Philippines, and ‘Da Ba Dau’ by Vietnam. These are different cultures that have evolved over centuries assigning different names to commonly used regions.

It is clear that ‘Communist China’ is not interested in respecting a ‘Code of Conduct’ between ASEAN and China. Xi Jinping and Beijing wants control of all of South Asia which includes the Ten Nations in ASEAN.

‘Communist China’ wants control of all oil and gas within the region of the Philippines. Greenpeace opposes mining in the sea, but even they will not go up against ‘Communist China’.

The truth is that if the ASEAN Countries do not stand together and support the Philippines rejection of Xi Jinping Beijing takeover of the Whitsun Reef Region, Beijing will treat their silence as approval and continue to claim more expanding control of the South China Sea, stripping ASEAN Countries of their rights.

‘Communist China’ deliberate encroachment strategy will increase to gain more control until the ASEAN Countries submit to the dictatorship of Beijing.

(iii) https://nayboomno1.wordpress.com/list-of-asean-countries/

South of the ASEAN Countries, Papua Guinea, Australia, and New Zealand are also targeted for invasion conquest by Xi Jinping Beijing. And to the North of the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan are also on Beijing’s planned invasion list. This list of planned invasion objectives exists within the intelligence files secretly hidden in Beijing, to be actioned when ‘Communist China’ becomes the number one Superpower of Planet Earth.

In the meantime, using ‘Grey Zone’ tactics avoiding with exceptions, in firing a shot, Beijing keeps pushing to gain more internal control of every country it wants to invade and control and that objective also includes ‘Putin Russia’ and Africa. Xi Jinping and Beijing does not care about their own non-Communist Chinese people and that history of understanding since 1949, explains why their Communist Regime will not ever care about the people of any Nation they invade.

All Chinese Company investments in other Nations report to Beijing, including lease and purchase accomplishments, which Governments in other Nations foolishly approved as ‘Foreign Investments’ in their Country.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Ps. Notes:

ASEAN Countries

ASEAN Emblem & ASEAN Flag Ten Countries

The ‘Association Southeast Asian Nations’ motto is “One Vision, One Identity, One Community”. Their Anthem is “The ASEAN WAY”.

ASEAN was founded on 8th August 1967. The creation of ASEAN was founded upon a common fear of ‘Communism’. Foreign ministers of five countries the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, signed the ASEAN declaration. The other countries in the years ahead progressively joined ASEAN to finally become Ten Nations.

The Declaration of ASEAN established the aims and purposes of the ‘Group of Nations’ to accelerate economic growth, social progress, and cultural development in the region, to promote regional peace, collaboration and mutual assistance on matters of common interest. And to help each other in the form of training and research facilities, to collaborate better utilization of agriculture and industry to raise the living standards of the people. And to promote Southeast Asian studies to maintain close beneficial co-operation with existing international organisations with similar objectives.

By 2,000 C.E. ASEAN became a leading voice on regional trade and security issues.

By 2006 C.E. ASEAN was recognized by the United Nations as an important voice.

Through the evolution of ASEAN over the years a Charter was signed in November 2007 and launched in December 2008 to establish ASEAN as a legal entity, a single free-trade area for the region for over 500 million people.

Thus, the war-torn regions of the 1960’s and 1970’s in Southeast Asia’ was gone. It should not be forgotten that all of these wars were triggered by anti-freedom Communism.

By 2009 the ‘ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights Declaration’ (AICHR) was established. And in November 2012, the commission adopted the ‘ASEAN Human Rights Declaration’.

(iv) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASEAN

‘Communist China’ true to the philosophy of German Karl Marx (1818-1883), author of the ‘Communist Manifesto’ does not care about ‘Human Rights’ and does not care about the eternal rights of people to live free in peace. Communism is a ‘Greed Ideology’ focused on Dictatorship of others.

On 15 December 1995, the ‘Southeast Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone Treaty’ was signed to create ‘Southeast Asia as a Nuclear-weapon-free zone’. The treaty became fully effective on 21st June 2001, which banned all nuclear weapons in the region.

However, ‘Communist China’ does not respect the creation of a ‘Nuclear-weapon-free zone’ and is determined to create nuclear weapons and has no objection to North Korea firing and upgrading ownership of nuclear weapons as created by its expanding Nuclear Weapons Program.

It is estimated that by 2021 North Korea has 20 to 30 Nuclear Weapons of ‘Mass Destruction’ and enough fissile material to create another 30 to 60 Nuclear Weapons.

The Kim Dynasty since 1948 is a cruel despot regime that cares more about creation of ‘Nuclear Weapons’ than about the North Korean people.

Beijing has no objection to North Korea owning Nuclear Weapons. Beijing should be afraid that North Korea does not go into a rage and destroy Beijing.

ASEAN is a great step forward but the fly in the ointment for peace is the mud wasp ‘Communist China’ and the paper wasp ‘Communist North Korea’. Communists will never respect the human right to live free in peace, such is their evil despotism.

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