Hong Kong: Xi Jinping Beijing Destroys the Rights of 7.4 million people to live Free.

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Feature Image: Hong Kong

Hong Kong Statue: Buddha Born Free 2,500 years before the insidious creation of Communism.

Children Looking at Hong Kong when the people lived Free before the invasion of Communism.

Airplane Flies into a Once Upon a Time Free Hong Kong.

Hong Kong: Xi Jinping Beijing Destroys the Rights of 7.4 million people to live Free.

Reporter for ‘The Guardian’ Helen Davidson in Taipei, Capital of Taiwan, tabled a news report, titled, ‘They can’t speak freely’: Hong Kong a year after the national security law.’ (i)

(i) https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/they-can-t-speak-freely-hong-kong-a-year-after-the-national-security-law/ar-AALB9Ob?

“One year after Beijing imposed a national security law (NSL) on Hong Kong, the city has been drastically and fundamentally changed. Political opposition has been largely crushed, pro-democracy newspapers have been forced to close or self-censor, political and advocacy groups have disbanded. Thousands of residents have fled overseas.” (i)

“At least 128 people have been arrested under the NSL or by its dedicated police department, including three minors, dozens of politicians, and journalists. More than half have been charged with national security offences that carry up to life in prison, and only 17 were granted bail. (i)

“But with the first case reaching trial just last week, the law – which broadly outlaws acts of secession, subversion, foreign collusion and terrorism – remains untested. Analysts say the rushed arrests and slow prosecutions are a deliberate strategy designed to stoke fear, and that interventions in due process risk the right to a fair trial.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Once again, true to his Authoritarian dark mentality, coward gangster Xi Jinping is responsible for the creation of the anti-freedom of speech NSL abusive dictatorship. Xi Jinping is beyond a shadow of a doubt a coward despot that preys on unarmed helpless people that value the eternal human right to live free in speech, choice and equality. By his despot authoritarian behaviour, Xi Jinping has proven that his thinking and behaviour is evil and that he is a vain selfish self-centred creep, void of honour, integrity and decency.

Xi Jinping has been ‘Blacklisted’ by me in the past for his anti-freedom behaviour. But now he is listed by me as an enemy of the world and he must be stopped. Xi Jinping and I are mortal enemies and I am not afraid to publicly challenge him in ‘Cold War’ ahimsa debate in writing. As to whether we engage in ‘Hot War’ combat will be determined by him. I do not fear him. Xi Jinping’s cruel unjust treatment of people has aroused within me complete contempt for this man.

I have no respect for any person that wants to do trade deals in imports or exports with his team of Communist Comrades. If Xi Jinping is not afraid of me, I guarantee he will be, he deserves no quarter for the unjust oppression he has imposed on the pro-democracy, pro-freedom Chinese people. Xi Jinping’s name will be mud forever in the history books. There is no excuse, no justification for the bully tyranny he is constantly imposing on the Chinese people. And now he wants to do the same to Taiwan, Australia and all of the South Pacific and Southern Asia. Xi Jinping is a disgrace and must be publicly challenged everywhere, including in the United Nations.

“The low rate of charges so long after arrest is deliberate, said Eric Lai, the Hong Kong law fellow at Georgetown University and a co-author of two recent reports by the Georgetown Center for Asian Law examining the NSL.” (i)

“It’s totally in their control whether and when they will prosecute the arrestee under police bail,” said Lai. “[Not doing so] creates a silencing effect in society, an idea that everyone could be arbitrarily arrested, even without charges, and so they can’t speak freely and participate in political society.” (i)

A.I. comments… The victims of arrest are trapped in jail and will be stopped from trial until it suits Xi Jinping to try them in a corrupt unjust court, such is his evil character. Jinping definitely has no sense of justice and decency.

It is time for the entire Western World to stand up strong against Xi Jinping. Stay focused on elimination of this evil man, if he crosses the line and invades Taiwan or any other country. It is time he learned the meaning of fear, by becoming mandatory instant number one target, if he launches an act of ‘Hot War’ attack against freedom societies. There is no excuse for his despot dictatorship behaviour against the once free people of Hong Kong.

Jeffrey Wasserstrom, a historian of modern China at the University of California, Irvine, and an author on Hong Kong, said authorities already had the ability to “arrest, detain, and prosecute people for many actions that displeased them,” but that the NSL had added the fear of long sentences and provided greater potential to punish people for speech. “This has a powerful chilling effect,” he said. (i)

A.I. comments… and this vicious bullying by Communist Police and Communist Authorities is fine with gangster Xi Jinping because he ordered this nasty unjust oppression.

“Few people in Hong Kong are still willing to speak publicly in opposition to the government, and interviews with foreign media have been cited in at least one case (against Jimmy Lai) and two bail hearings (against the former legislator Claudio Mo.” (i)

“High-profile activists such as Jimmy Lai and Joshua Wong are among those awaiting national security trials. But there are others, like Margaret Ng, Martin Lee, Lee Cheuk Yan and Albert Ho, who have been charged or convicted under pre-existing laws covering unauthorized protests, anti-pandemic gathering bans and the colonial-era sedition law.” (i)

A.I. comments… It is a never-ending unjust Communist Beijing attack against the rights of the Chinese to live free in speech, choice and equality. There are serious lessons to learn from the increased oppression of Hong Kong 7.4 million people. The people live in an area of just 1,104 kilometres, which makes Hong Kong one of the most densely populated places in the world. Hong Kong before Communist Invasion lived free with its own separate political and economic system, like Taiwan, but not anymore, thanks to evil Xi Jinping Beijing and his low-life Communist Comrades. Hong Kong when it was free, was deemed as being one of the world’s largest financial centres, but not anymore. The invasive anti-freedom corruption of Hong Kong by Communist Beijing is now moving Hong Kong into a place that only fools outside of Communist China would trade with.

“An Amnesty International report released on Wednesday said: “The Authorities are exercising these virtually unchecked investigative powers in cases potentially unrelated to national security.” (i)

“This risked normalizing the NSD operating outside its scope (which gives some immunity from human rights laws) and limited what could be done to prevent “potential human rights violations during the investigative process,” Amnesty said. (i)

A.I. comments… Amnesty International strives to do the right thing by fighting to protect people’s rights from inhumane abuse and cruel mistreatment. Unfortunately, many anti-freedom ideology groups and despots do not care about the rights of human beings. Xi Jinping Beijing and his Communist Comrades reject anything Amnesty International says. Communist Beijing does not care about humane treatment of people. Communist Beijing deem themselves to be superior and above human rights laws and they are not listening to the world. Proof of this fact exists in Xi Jinping Beijing’s commitment to build a Nuclear Military War Machine Force focused on his ambition to conquer the world. There is nothing humane about war.

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Guardian Highlights of decay of justice in Hong Kong…

Two judges left citing the NSL. (i)

“Members of the judiciary expressed fear for the future of Hong Kong’s respected court system.” (i)

“The Georgetown report found significant concerns that defendants’ rights to due process were being curtailed in NSL prosecutions.” (i)

“We can see the government, the prosecution, even the judge is trying to endorse a dual-track justice system in Hong Kong,” he said. “One that follows the ordinary practices and the other that creates a new norm.” (i)

A.I. comments… Dual-track law systems never work. Injustice takes control. And the ‘New Norm’ is Communist Dictatorship law, void of justice and humane caring concern.

“The Georgetown report said it was too early to say definitely, but “taken together, the moves by the government … put the fundamental right to a fair trial at risk.” (i)

A.I. comments… The Georgetown report was too soft in its opinion of the danger. Analyze ‘Belief Systems’ correctly and we will understand the truthful motives of people’s thinking and behaviour. ‘Marxist Communism’ is an anti-freedom ideology. It does not respect the human right to a fair trial and never will. The foundation of Communism is founded upon injustice, bullying and persecution of all persons that refuse to submit to its dictatorship. Say it the way it is. It is not too early to say definitely. The fundamental right to a fair trial will not exist in NSL prosecutions and will always deliver injustice just like Jesus was crucified.

Communism does not respect humane justice and the right of people to live free in speech, choice and equality. Xi Jinping is a Gangster and I shall persistently table that fact until every person in the world wakes up and recognizes his low-life despot character for what it is. Just like its in the nature of a scorpion to sting others, so it is the nature of Xi Jinping to sting all opposition. Xi Jinping is emotionally immature, he cannot handle losing face, he throws a tantrum, when people challenge his thinking. Proof of that fact exists in Australia when our Government called for an investigation into the original source of Corona Virus in ‘Communist China’.

Never forget that the majority of the 1.4 billion Chinese in China are not Communists. Only 95 million people in China are Communist members. The rest, pro-democracy, pro-freedom Chinese are unarmed and oppressed by the dictatorship of Gangster Xi Jinping Beijing.

China and Communist China are two different countries. Ancient China was ruled by Emperors, until 1912. Pre-1949 China was pro-freedom. Since 1949 Mao Communist China has by force oppressed all the Chinese people and imposed murder, cruelty, slave labour and oppression of the Chinese family even destroying the family rights to live free, happily together in peace, void of harassment and bully tactics.

In terms of education, China for thousands of years was slow to upgrade its knowledge to Western World understanding. Until 1850’s most Chinese believed the world was flat. Just like Muhammad believed the world was flat. He transcribed his flat world belief in the Qur’an. Even the Ancient Vikings for three centuries, believed the world was flat.

Now ‘Communist China’ wants to become the supreme superpower to rule earth and space. Not a freedom rule. The oppressive rule of ‘Communist China’ would enslave the world, using the expanse of space as one of its many controlling locations.

Communist Beijing must be stopped. There is no place for anti-freedom ideology on Earth or in Space, not now, not ever.

“In the last year, political opposition has all but disappeared. Pan-democrat legislators have resigned or been disqualified, dozens of them have been arrested. Activists have been jailed, gone to ground or fled overseas alongside untold thousands of other residents. Political parties and advocacy groups have disbanded, church charities shuttered, academia upended. The city’s most vocal pro-democracy newspaper, Apple Daily, has been forced to close and other media intimidated or muzzled. Fundamental changes to elections have sailed through.” (i)

A.I. comments… This last paragraph tabled by The Guardian, delivers more proof that freedom of the people in Hong Kong is rapidly vanishing. We must say it again and again, until every person on earth wakes up… Xi Jinping Beijing and his Communist Comrades do not care about people’s rights. Beijing is focused on ruling the world and converting every person into a slave of the Communist Chinese and that includes millions of Chinese people who dream of living free from oppression of Marxist Communism.

Human rights in Hong Kong and throughout China is gone and Xi Jinping approves of that reality.

“In a report last week, ‘Human Rights Watch’ accused the [Communist] Hong Kong government of having “systematically dismantled human rights” with the NSL.” (i)

“Hong Kong people are watching the Chinese government take rapid-fire steps to destroy their democratic society,” said Maya Wang, the senior China researcher at Human Rights Watch. “They used to talk about politics, run for office and criticize the government, but that’s not just off limits now, it’s punishable by up to life in prison.” (i)

A.I. comments… below are extracts from other reports…


“China does not recognize Taiwan’s democratically elected government, and leader Xi Jinping has said “Unification” between the sides cannot be put off indefinitely.” #

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping Beijing lied. This deceitful ‘Unification’ claim is not about bringing together a ‘One Nation of Freedom’. It is about destroying Taiwanese Freedom and enforcing Marxist Communism down the throats of the survivors and cruelly executing every person that stands strong for ‘Democracy’ and ‘Freedom Values’. #

Never forget the mass murder of good Chinese people who were pro-democracy and pro-freedom at Tiananmen Square 1989, by the evil Beijing ‘Communist Government’.#

# Source: https://allanivarsson.com/2021/04/28/taiwan-will-fight-to-the-very-last-day-if-attacked-by-china/

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Once Hong Kong is completely controlled by Despot Gangster Xi Jinping Beijing, his next invasion attack will be Taiwan followed by Invasion of Australia.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

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The ‘Cold War’ & ‘Hot War’ against anti-freedom ideology Marxist Communism has been raging since 1917. Communism must be stopped. Never trust a Marxist Socialist Communist. Not now. Not Ever.

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Stay free, where no walls divide you,

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