LGBTQ Now Rules the USA – Yanks Submit to LGBTQ Dictatorship.

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LGBTQ Now Rules the USA – Yanks Submit to LGBTQ…

How do I know this is true? “Silence is Approval”


American Boys and Girls no longer have the rights of Privacy in School Restrooms.

Has this decision been approved by the American Federal Government lead by President Joe Biden? Still under investigation.

The submissive ‘Gender Equity’ disease will spread throughout USA and takeover control of every Primary School, every High School and every College in America. By the year 2070 Yanks will be a weaker society and ‘Communist China’ will have no problem invading them.

Boys and Girls will no longer have the ‘Freedom Privilege’ to Privacy in Restrooms. They will be ruled by ‘All Gender’ subjection.

As the LGBTQ takeover disease spreads throughout the entire education system of USA, eventually all public restrooms in Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Hotels and Public Toilets in Parks and other locations will become void of privacy for Boys, Girls, Men and Women.

The LGBTQ a minority group in sexual orientation choice is now ruling the ‘Free World’ gradually gaining control of society.

Eventually, the American Military Forces, will be ruled by LGBTQ and all sexes will be bunked together sharing showers, toilets and common sleeping locations.

This destruction of privacy between the sexes, boy and girl, has been approved by pro-LGBTQ takeover of society by dictatorship, overruling the rights of men and women to personal sexual privacy.

In the new world LGBTQ ‘Gender Neutral’ Mentality, Men, as fathers, sons and brothers, will have to escort their wives, daughters and sisters to ‘Public Restroomsto stand guard to ensure their women folk are not sexually molested by deviant male creeps.

How do I know this is true? “Silence is Approval”.

What Triggered Allan Ivarsson’s comments?

Allan Ivarsson says… #

December 5, 2021

I find it disturbing that USA is misusing its freedom privilege to impose by totalitarian strategy the demand that the sexes be denied natural privacy because of the minority demands of the LGBTQ.

For the first time ever, I support Islam’s ahimsa attacks against the education leaders of these schools.

Where are all the coward Christian Leaders not coming down hard on these disgraceful educational leaders?

I am up to my neck in a fight against Xi Jinping and idiots in Australia. But if I have to cross the line further into USA mistakes… understand this ‘Yanks’ charges of ‘Treason’ will be filed by me.

‘Yanks’ get your act together and set a better standard for the ‘Free World’ to follow.

I have no respect for coward parents that refuse to fight these schools.

Joe Biden, I hold you accountable for this disgusting crap.

BareNakedIslam says… #

December 5, 2021

Allan said: For the first time ever, I support Islam’s ahimsa attacks against the education leaders of these schools.

I agree.

# Source:

“Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is requiring schools to adopt new signage in order to make restrooms gender-neutral. The initiative, which has been described as “big step forward for gender equity,” requires schools to display language outside of restrooms to inform students they may use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity.” (i)


Allan Ivarsson comments… “They may use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity.” In other words, … Every boy and girl can be anything they want anytime. When they want to change their sex feelings for the day to visit opposite sex restrooms, they can, because they now have the right to choose what they want to be and where they want to be.

Street Girls/Transvestites have said to men, “I can be anything you want me to be… boy or girl or whatever you want me to be, for just the right price.” Backed by Gender-Neutral-Equity signage they have a good public approval selling message. It is sad to be morally alone in a sexually promiscuous confused thinking world.

This ‘Gender Equity’ ‘Gender Neutral’ Mentality is insane thinking and is socially destructive of a decent morally strong society. Such a society proves that the adults that are submitting to such subjection demands are not worth much as human beings.

On December 3rd, 2021, BARENAKEDISLAM, wrote… “Chicago Public Schools removes sex-specific restrooms to ‘increase gender equity’… not to mention the increase in rapes by boys pretending to be girls. All schools are required to adopt this insanity.”

A.I. comments… Rape cases will increase in the courts because of lack of respect for the rights of women, caused by the objective of refusing to recognize, “Boy, Girl, Boy Girl” Lady and Gentleman, Male and Female, replaced by ‘Gender Neutrality’ to keep the LGBTQ happy amongst their minority spin philosophy of sexual orientation choices.

The Two Female Adults below approved this new Signage ‘Gender Switch Strategy’ which encourages children to think about their sexual orientation even before the age of Puberty’. Such approval is irresponsible, immoral and void of codes of honour and decency.

Chicago Public Schools state, “We’re requiring all schools to adopt new signage to make restrooms more inclusive. All CPS students and staff will have fair and equitable access to bathroom facilities that align with their gender identity.” [Which identity? The answer is blowing in the wind, always changing in young people’s confused minds.]

Pratt said, “The signage would make it clear that all restrooms are open for use by anyone who feels comfortable.”

A.I. comments… The signage is not yet permanent but everyone who supported the creation of this ‘Gender-Neutral’ signage is striving to make it permanent. These creeps must be stopped!

If ‘Yanks’ have any intelligence they will fight to permanently outlaw across USA, the abolition of Boy and Girl, Male and Female toilets, replaced by phony ‘Gender-Neutral’ signage which indicates no respect for the right of male and female to privacy in restrooms.

It is ridiculous that a Federal Bill needs to be established to enforce a new law to protect the rights of Boy/Girl/Male/Female to restroom privacy. The LGBTQ Community is now out-of-control and needs to be permanently stopped from its bully takeover behaviour.

If the ‘Yanks’ do not have the courage to stop this treasonous behaviour against heterosexual people, I will fight head-on to chastise every person in the political arena that is deemed by me as responsible for the negligent destruction of societal decency.

And if the Abrahamic Creeds do not stand up to be counted and oppose this insidious ‘Gender-Neutral’ signage bully strategy which denies independent male and female sexes, the right to privacy with their sex gender in restrooms, I will expose their moral weakness with the contempt deserved.

Allan Ivarsson 2021

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

The Gender-Neutral Signage is now beside Boys & Girls Entrances.

Examples of Signage Messages

Hey Girls, you are now free to go into Men’s Rooms and Watch them pee.

Such is the new proposed degeneration of ‘Free World’ Society.

Boy Girl Boy Girl

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Additional References


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Federal Law USA

The supremacy clause (article VI of the Constitution) says that when federal law and state law conflict, the federal law prevails. The gender-neutral bathroom regulations being rolled out are not federal law–each state enacts their own laws, making them separate laws. The ADA is a federal law, which means it should supersede any state law governing a similar regulation regardless of what the state law were to say.

Click Here to Read.

U.S. Department of Labor

DOL Policies on Gender Identity: Rights and Responsibilities

Click Here to Read.

Click Here to Read.

MuhahahahahahahahahaMAD says…

December 5, 2021

LOL, blame the Christians, eh? It’s your fellow degenerate atheists who are facilitating this ludicrous transgender program.

Secular humanism (i.e., atheism) has directly led to the cowardly degeneracy seen across the length and breadth of the dying West.

It’s disgusting how atheists went after Christians like a house on fire WRT prayer in school and yet now seek to install moslame foot baths and moslame prayer rooms in unis, airports, public school, allow gender segregated moslame dances at high schools and moslame prayer in public schools.

Allan Ivarsson says…

December 6, 2021

“Silence is Approval”. Muh, It is good you tabled your viewpoint. But Christian leaders are not saying anything. Atheism is a wanderer, they are all over the place some are pro-freedom, others are pro-Marxism, Socialism & Communism.

And there are many Christians that support LGBTQ equality.

Atheist Communist Chinese, Russians, Cubans, North Koreans and others do not give a damn about LGBTQ.

Psychology and New Age support LGBTQ. And the young of no belief system, swing in favour of LGBTQ motivated by their fascination for sex exploration and having fun, regardless of consequences.

A lot of peer pressure exists amongst the young that they must support Gender-Neutral.

‘Political Correctness’ to win votes motivates a lot of politicians to support LGBTQ and Gender-Neutral Mentality.

Socialism created ‘Political Correctness’ in the 1920’s in Europe to weaken the West so that Communism could take over. Socialism supports LGBTQ but does not give a damn about them.

Every person of every creed that refuses to speak up against these gender-neutral restrooms is part of the crazy behaviour problem and that includes many Christian Parents of the children going to these schools.

After, I release my next post on this subject, we shall see how many Aussies and Yanks stand up to be counted against these restrooms. I bet “Silence is Approval” and most parents will not object, including Christian parents. I hope I am wrong for societies sake.

End of this post.

To Be Continued…

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