Australia: Liar Liar Pants on Fire! Corona Virus Panic? Who Lied?

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Australia: Liar Liar Pants on Fire! Corona Virus Panic? Who Lied?

Death Logistics for Australia and the United States.

Woolworths Executive have a history of overreaction and erroneous mistakes in thinking and behaviour. I dealt with some of this in my 2017 book ‘Insanity of Hate’.

But on this story of panic buying Woolworths is not at fault as the following treatise reveals. Not one Retailer or Manufacturer is guilty of deceit or betrayal.

Greed preys on E-Bay as people pay higher prices for things like ‘Toilet Paper’ but then as the saying goes… “Stupid is as Stupid does”.

The real culprit lying to themselves by panic overreaction is the consumer of products, the individual that sits in front of the Television News Panel and watches limited information news about the ‘Corona Virus’ epidemic that started in China. Instead of calmly striving to learn the truth about the spread of this virus by research effort, using the communication tools of the Internet, they panic lie to themselves and overreact. Their pants are on fire caused by their panic lack of emotional intelligence reaction.

This panic is triggered by the ‘Herd Mentality’ people see someone else buying volumes of ‘Toilet Paper’ so they rush in to buy large quantities so as to not miss out. The history of the herd for centuries has killed many animals in stampedes human and non-human. It seems many people still suffer from the stampede mentality and rush in to avoid missing out. This reveals their incompetent thinking. It has always been true the calm collected do well and the panic stricken lose.

Five years ago there was a 36 roll 3 Ply value pack of Quilton Toilet Rolls, 180 sheets per roll on special at an amazing low price. I figured Australian manufacturing was doing a sales promotion savings deal of their toilet paper. It is not the first time Quilton offered this deal, each time over the years, I purchased six value packs at Woolworths or Coles when Quilton offered the deal. I saved considerable money over the year. But when I walked out of the Supermarkets with the bulk buy of toilet rolls no one rushed in to save money, they kept buying the rolls in smaller packs at higher prices. And when they in early March 2020 rushed in buying in bulk toilet rolls it was not to save money, they did it motivated by the fear of not being able to walk outside because of the impending news filled suggestion that we were suffering from an epidemic of Corona Virus.

As I walked out towards the double doors with my trolley, two ladies sitting on a seat laughed as one said to me, it looks like you are planning to do a lot of “Shitting”. I smiled and proceeded to load the stock in the car, whilst my wife continued with our normal shopping. From 2015 until 2017, I was at three monthly intervals able to buy these 36 roll packs at a discount price. Thus I saved good money, and as a pensioner that was a bonus raise in income. Then Quilton stopped supplying the deals, they had won me as a permanent customer. As our stocks lowered in available quantity, I kept a regular eye out for more deals and then Quilton got smarter still and offered a 3 Ply Double Length Pack of 8 Rolls 360 sheets Double Length at a cheaper price deal than the original 36 pack deal of 180 sheets per roll. I hit my calculator and worked out that the new deal was cheaper still. So I changed over to buying the new Value Pack of Double Length. This product proved to be even better, less roll changes of toilet paper on the turnover reel location. I don’t expect these lower price deals will always exist, but certainly it is wiser to buy in bulk saving money when opportunity exists, than paying high prices during a panic buy stage on the market.

When the panic buying of toilet rolls paying any price stops, then I shall review next years’ requirements. Now is not the time to buy. Whilst prices stay high, I would only buy immediate survival needs and right now we don’t need. When people overstocked with high price paid toilet rolls stop buying that will be the time to watch for lower prices true to the law of supply and demand.

This whole scenario reminds me of panic buying and selling on the Stock Market. Vast fortunes are won and lost on the stock market. People panic motivated by greed have even committed suicide when they lost their fortune by panic selling. It would have been smarter not to sell and wait for the storm of recession to pass before selling the stock, even if that meant waiting several years. Committing suicide is stupid.

As I repeat later… never gamble what you cannot afford to lose. Which is why I do not play the stock exchange.

If we own our own modest home by retirement, with no rent or mortgage to pay, we are successful. Anything else is a bonus. Make sure your house is always insured, even if paying this expensive annual bill, means living very poor for a month in food purchases. But then if you use inventory stock rotation control through the year you can survive financial recessions imposed by yourself or by the business market.

Anyway back to the brief incident story, I returned the empty trolly and passing the ladies I stopped and said, “I purchase in bulk when the opportunity is there to save money. I have been doing this for many years.” And the lady replied, “I figured that.”

Not once has there ever been a panic buy to save money, it took the ‘Herd Mentality’ of fear and panic to trigger a mad rush to buy stock paying higher prices for fear of missing out. Such is the incompetent backward thinking of many people.

This reminds me of early primitive man and how they killed beast frightening them with fire and forcing them in panic over cliffs to their death. They then climbed down the cliff face path and collected their supplies of meat.

It is easier to survive in a world of incompetence. My survival struggle would be tougher if everyone used my ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ and learned ‘Philosophical Intelligence’. I made my living out of other people’s incompetence in the Manufacturing Industries. I was able to beat Degree Qualified people, many times, even though I had no degree, because textbook dictum and real-life performance are two different things.

On the evening of the 4th March 2020, Television news flashed across our view… claiming Australians were panicking because of the corona virus. Woolworths claimed they were limiting supplies to customers of ‘Toilet Paper’ because of panic buying. Amongst the claims other products were tabled. Yes shelves were empty of ‘Toilet Paper’. Why? Was it because of a panic rush? Or because of another reason, not being tabled?

MSN news report by Olivana Smith Lathouris posted on Wednesday the 4th March 2020 headlines stated… ‘Coronavirus panic buying: Woolworths to enforce buying limits on toilet paper.’ (i)

(i) Source:

“Woolworths will apply a quantity limit on toilet paper to cope with a spike in demand as shoppers raid supermarket shelves amid panic buying ahead of a possible coronavirus pandemic.” (i)

Fears over the coronavirus becoming a pandemic have seen shelves empty in some Woolworths, Coles and Aldi stores where rice, bottled water, toilet paper, pasta is usually stocked.” (i)

“In a statement from Woolworths, the supermarket giant said they will be limiting the number of toilet paper packs to four per person.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This claimed rush by Aussie buyers does not make sense. There is something else happening that is not being identified. The real problem is that Mainstream Media has a habit of delivering news information by using Sensationalism Tactics. A fear epidemic of Corona Virus is overpromoted when what should be tabled is essential cautionary behaviour like any other Flu Virus. Logistics information of incidents is essential, but it should be compared to other past Flu Virus history in Nations like for example Australia, America and in this case China. Not that I trust China’s logistics.

“The media has a lot to answer for in regard to messages around this virus and messages to the public. Whilst honesty about threats is critical, building hysteria and promoting inappropriate behaviours is far from ideal.” #

Niki Edwards, School of Public Health and Social Work, Queensland University of Technology March 5, 2020.

# Source:

The Flu has killed more people each year in Australia and United States than Corona Virus. People engaged in panic buying over CV when they were calm about Influenza should be ashamed of themselves for overreacting in panic.

It is estimated that each year (in Australia) influenza causes an average of 13,500 hospitalisations and more than 3,000 deaths among Australians aged over 50 years, which suggests more than double the number of deaths from motor vehicle accidents can be attributed to complications from Influenza. The highest rates of hospitalisation are seen under 5 and the elderly.” ##

## Source: Health Direct

The Guardian ‘Flu Experts Predict 4,000 will die from Influenza this year’ dated May 2019.


SBS News… ‘Dozens of Australians died from the Flu in 2018, but there were more than 1,000 fewer lives lost from the infectious disease than the year before.’ Dated 08/12/2018.


How many people have died from Corona Virus? Dated at 1st February 2020 … Globally 259 people have died from Corona Virus whilst 11,900 people have been infected with the virus around the globe. Source:

Two People have now died from Corona Virus in Australia As at March 5, 2020 Reported by Sydney Morning Herald…

Compare this to the number of lives lost by Influenza each year and there was not any panic buying in previous years because of Influenza. The reason for the panic buying was the rise of the ‘Herd Mentality’ which led to illogical incompetent thinking by many people.

 Only thirteen people have fallen ill with the Corona Virus in the United States there have been no deaths.” Dated Feb 12, 2020… Source: U.S. News:

80,000 people died of Flu last year in United States, the diseases highest toll in four decades. Source: By Associated Press dated September 26, 2018…

“There is accurate data about flu deaths in children because states are required to report this information to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For adult flu-related deaths, there is a yearly estimate based on validated methods of population health. However, some public health organisations use estimates that include pneumonia or flu-related complications, while some do not include pneumonia or flu-related complications, while some do not include these in the numbers of flu deaths.” ###

According to the CDC, (in USA) flu-related deaths between the years of 1976 and 2007 ranged from 3,000 to 49,000. From 2010 to 2016, the flu-related death rate was between 12,000 and 56,000, with the highest season being 2012 to 2013 and the lowest being 2011 to 2012.” ###

### Source: Very Well Health dated February 05, 2020…

The Flu is still more dangerous than Corona Virus… the problem with CV is that medical knowledge of CV is not yet good enough to control it.

My wife Jan and I did our fortnightly shopping at Coles in Grafton, Northern Rivers NSW on Thursday 5th March 2020. We filled up our trolly with all of our individual supply needs which cost us $305.91 with a total Savings of $177.05. Yes, Coles shelves had no toilet paper, but we don’t need toilet paper. We had no problem getting supplies of all our food needs, including Pasta. The shoppers were calm, as always, no one was panicking. Checkout queues were all operating as usual calm and steady. The real issue is why the panic for toilet rolls?

It seems a large percentage of adults don’t know how to manage their inventory of supply needs at home, and don’t have a clue about stock rotation principles and are foolishly just in time buyers. And waste more petrol in short regular trips for a few items only. Carbon Monoxide is polluting the atmosphere because many shoppers are buying just in time supplies, often only a few items at a time. They may say, I don’t have the money to buy more. But you can afford more if you use the right budget management strategy. First on the list you cease to buy when you are short of money is don’t buy alcohol and cigarettes and never gamble what you cannot afford and never use drugs. If you cannot live without these items in difficult financial times you are weak minded. And I have never trusted weak thinking people. They can in a crisis betray you as history has proven thousands of times.

My wife went to work Quilting with other ladies on Friday, the 6th March 2020 and afterwards went to Woolworths Grafton to buy some chicken. She observed that a lot of shelves were empty especially in toilet rolls and paper towels.

No wonder people lose money by not buying effectively and pay more for all their grocery supplies. No wonder their annual cost of living is higher. Without budget management strategy people lose money.

A persons’ annual income can be increased by 10% just by better buying strategy. I learned this in the 1960’s as a young man after I first started work in 1966. My parents taught me budget management. Those in the ‘Red’ don’t live well if they don’t use budget control. And those in the ‘Black’ live better when they maintain budget control. Good inventory management, stock rotation, is also essential to the art of saving money. There is no need for panic if you live a calm thinking life of good self-evaluation and financial management.

We were sitting in ‘Smiles Café’ Grafton having lunch, and we did notice one thing that day. Coles had done the right thing and installed a large bacteria cleaning stand with wipes for cleaning a shopping trolly before touching it to shop. During a one-hour period approximately fifty people grabbed a shopping trolly and only two people used the wipes to reduce the bacteria on the trolly. So much for the precaution of avoiding Corona Virus and other Flu Viruses. Since installed my wife always uses the wipes. I follow her into the store on my two crutches. Panic for toilet rolls this does not make sense.

Supplies of other necessary survival foods are easily available why not toilet rolls? News flashed across the television last night and Australian Manufacturers had their Warehouses filled with ‘Toilet Rolls’.

Why would people foolishly pay a premium for Quilton toilet paper on E-bay when they can buy it for $9.00 less at Woolworths?


What else do people use toilet paper for… other than the obvious?

Drug users use toilet paper to clean their needles. The amount of paper they use would be small and would not cause a spike demand in use of toilet paper. The real concern is when they use toilet paper in public lavatories.

Others use Cocaine and wrap it up in small pieces of toilet paper or tissue paper and swallow it. A terrible disgusting dangerous habit but such behaviour is not likely to cause a spike in toilet paper demand.

Cocaine can cause abdominal pain and bowel tissue decay. The major digestive organs injured by Cocaine can cause the bowels to be gangrenous. Cocaine can easily kill with a painful experience.

Toilet paper or tissue is used to wrap hashish, tobacco and other types of drugs. Again not good safe behaviour. The amount of use by drug users is not going to cause a spike in toilet paper inventory needs. Thus it can be seen the real culprit of this sudden panic buying of toilet rolls is the ignorant consumer that has no common-sense about good budget management, which includes inventory management and finance management.

“A spokesperson for Coles denied the supermarket chain was experiencing shortages on essential pantry items and said the only stock issues were related to hand washing products.” (i)

“Coles has increased the number of deliveries to stores this week to improve availability on popular products, such as long-life pantry staples and healthcare items.” (i)

“Like many retailers, we currently have a shortage of some antibacterial handwashes and hand sanitizer products due to high customer demand.” (i)

A.I. comments… This tells us that a lot of people never washed their hands regularly after using the toilet or after coughing and sneezing or before doing food preparation. If they had been washing their hands regularly, there would not be any panic because they would always keep at home good stocks of handwash products. There would not be any spike in demand because good habits are consistent per person and don’t suddenly rise higher except when people have in the past been unclean in habits. I might add I have over the years witnessed many men using public toilets that walk out and never wash their hands. I understand that reality of bad behaviour is also practiced by many women.

The history of ‘Influenza’ is currently more dangerous at present than the ‘Corona Virus’. The only difference is that Scientific Medical experts are still trying to learn more about the Corona Virus. And yes Governments around the world are wisely striving to stop the importation of the ‘Corona Virus’, brought in by migrants and tourists and travelling Business Personnel.

The individual cleaning precaution good habit behaviour for ‘Corona Virus’ is exactly the same as for Influenza Virus types. So why suddenly, do people panic and start upgrading their individual cleaning habits? If they were always practicing the hygiene of good cleaning habits, there would not be a sudden rush for more supplies.

Influenza, the flu, has a history of being more dangerous and we all face that threat every day of our lives. Stay calm and alert always and obey the rules of hygiene and wash our hands regularly even after coughing and sneezing. Our hands are also a proven carrier of bacteria, disease and virus threats. That’s why hospitals have hand cleaning dispensers located at entrances and around many key point positions. Most of us now know this but others need to be advised. We are one human race, to survive we must work as one global team void of fixed dogma. Human history of fixed dogma will gradually phase out, we have no choice but to change the way we think and behave. (ia)

Don’t hug strangers, friends or even relatives. Keep the gesture of goodwill hugging inside the family unit only. A smile and a good gesture of spoken goodwill is all that is needed when we meet each other in the circle of societal activity. And shake hands only with people you trust. Even then we must do as you may have noticed that Doctors do, they always wash their hands when alone after shaking hands in a goodwill greeting or goodbye. There is no need to shake hands when greeting strangers for the first time. Often a casual salute is a sign of respect and acknowledgement and thank you. This works well when courtesy is given in public places and the thank you voice cannot travel to be heard. (ia)

Allan Ivarsson has lived his entire life since 1970 on a ‘Quest for Truth’ and thus he has always stood for ‘Belief System’ Truth. He had no choice but to stand alone. Yes, he met a lot of nice people and made casual friends. But he would never give up ‘His Truth’ just to win friends and loyalty. Allan has chosen to be first true to himself, because if he is not true to himself then he is not true to others.



Read Hong Kong Corona Virus


Just for the record we always buy Australian products and refuse to buy food imports that Australia has the ability to grow, produce, and manufacture. It is called supporting ‘Self-Sufficiency’ by giving patriotic support to our own Primary and Secondary Industries First. This spirit of support is survival common-sense.

The danger of being killed by ‘Corona Virus’ is exactly the same danger as being killed by ‘Influenza’.

Why would people panic over ‘Bottled Water’? No bottled water so what? Do what we did for decades before plastic bottles were invented. We used tap water, from dam supplies in rural and city locations or from Tank Water in rural locations. Tank Water well managed is better than the quality of dam water.

How do you think people survived for centuries when there was no plastic bottled water?

I remember as a child having to use newspaper for toilet paper in the 1950’s because that was all that was available.

We are starting to see red meat shoot off the shelves as well. Obviously, you can freeze the meat, so I think people are taking opportunity to stock up and put extra packs of meat in the freezer.” (i)

A.I. comments… We can overstock on meat, red or white. If your freezer breaks down, you have lost the lot. If a blackout occurs that lasts more than 24 hours your frozen supplies are a write-off. Those who live in ‘Renewable Energy Locations’ like in South Australia face the highest risk of long hours of blackouts. In Northern Parts of Europe, people that depend on ‘Renewable Energy’ supplies of Wind and Solar with no alternative backup supply, have frozen to death during harsh winters.

I am not alarmed by panic buying because it means that their homes will be recklessly overstocked and they will cease buying and the law of supply and demand will level itself, and give the people who don’t panic the peaceful time to shop while the panic merchants are stuck at home living off a knee jerk reaction mismanaged stock inventory status.

If people use the re-order point, min/max inventory control process they can’t overstock or run out. The addition of buying bulk for long-shelf items is a judgement decision, when dollars saved is better than interest gained by investment. There is no need for panic buying when a person uses budget management inventory control.

Eventually people that don’t buy economically well will run out of their paid too high stock price… and revert back to just in time buying still paying higher prices.

Manufacturers should not panic by the demand spike and just use their accurate forecasts for production requirements. Otherwise they may produce too much stock and create an excess inventory level when sales temporarily slump. I am a retired expert in Manufacturing Logistics Planning, Purchasing, Warehousing and Sales and Business Planning and time-phased planning. As well as Retail, buying and selling.

Mr Harris urged customers not to panic buy… We do need the public to be a little bit more responsible. We are not going to be isolated indoors for the next three or four months. We will be able to get out and shop.” (i)

“CEO of Ritchies Supa IGA, Fred Harrison, said the sudden increase in demand has put a strain on certain suppliers.” (ii)

Nine News headline… “Coronavirus: Major retailer considering enforcing restrictions to control ‘panic buying’. By Olivana Smith Lathouris March 3rd 2020…

(ii) Source:

A.I. comments… It is pointless trying to tell people to be a little bit more responsible. People who panic are weak minded, they don’t have the ability to think logically and be responsible. The proof is that they are panic buying. And obviously don’t have good financial management strategies in place throughout their daily lives. This is not just about money; it is also about inventory management and about all material management and about survival management as a calm standard. Too many people waste their money on things they don’t need. When we die our material possession are not worth a damn to us… we cannot take them with us. Quality of life is best when we control our needs to essential use only. Beautiful things don’t last.

The advice from Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been for Australians to stay calm and go about daily life as normal. You can continue to go about your daily business. Just exercise common sense as you would if there was a severe influenza outbreak.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Why do Politicians have to give common-sense advice? People should know every day of their adult life the rules of survival common sense. What this tells me is that far too many people don’t think and behave with common-sense. Our accident road tolls verify that reality. Impatient people rarely use survival common-sense. And those that panic has not yet learned calm survival common-sense. Why is that? The reason is intellectual laziness. They refuse to open their minds to learn dynamic thinking. They refuse to ask questions and instead just emotionally overreact. They refuse to make the effort to read non-fiction books to upgrade their education. And they refuse to constantly work on upgrading their communication skills every day of their life. Emotional people are poor in communication skills. If people don’t understand common-sense it is because they are too lazy to try and learn the facts about all existence. Fixed dogma comfort zone thinking comes in many forms not just in Religion, Cults and Political Fixations like anti-freedom Socialism, but also in personal belief system ideas often negative that encourage intellectual laziness and hence don’t strive to expand their understanding.

A large percentage of people don’t have the willpower commitment to read the complete works of Allan Ivarsson ‘Cosmic Philosophy’ which reveals real survival concerns and how to think smarter. It does not worry Allan because he writes only for those in each generation that want to learn advanced wisdom. Those who have ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ are the real winners.

BBC News ‘Coronavirus panic: Why are people stockpiling toilet paper?’ By Frances Mao, Sydney. March 4, 2020 (iii)

(iii) Source:

The toilet paper problem is not unique to Australia – a similar situation besieged places worse- affected by the virus, such as Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.” (iii)

Last month, armed robbers stole pallets in Hong Kong following panic-buying induced shortages there. There are reports of toilet paper buy-ups in the US as well.” (iii)

A.I. comments… I have never followed ‘Herd Mentality’ throughout my Teenage and Adult life even now in my 72nd year of life. I never move with the mob. When the crowd went one way… I chose a separate independent individual survival method. I never got into crowded lifts or on crowded trains, as much as possible I searched for different routes to avoid traffic congestion on a road. I would work voluntarily an hour longer for no overtime pay, focused on self-improvement of performance and an easier drive home. Or go to a bar for an hour and have an easier train trip when the crowds are gone. Or use a road map to figure out a better driving route which GPS are not smart enough to figure out.

And I never buy at Auction, no material thing is that important to me to pay excessive prices. Historical Art belongs in Museums and Gallery for all to see, not hidden in some Private Collectors Den to satisfy the ego of ownership.

What would we do if we ran out of toilet paper?

Well how do you think people lived for centuries without toilet paper?

A large percentage of people in India don’t use toilet paper they wash their bums and inner parts with water.

In the West a Bidet can be installed, for washing bottoms, genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks and anus of the human body after using the toilet. Or after having sex. Some people use the Bidet to wash their bottom, whilst others use both toilet paper and water to clean themselves. Bidets are usually made of Porcelain like most toilets and have a jet water spray for washing human body parts including feet.

Some toilets and bidets are made of stainless steel. Gaols often use stainless steel toilets for obvious reasons.


Most people have showers and if we run out of toilet paper, we can always quickly wash ourselves in the shower. Which we do automatically, after previously using toilet paper, during our daily, morning or evening shower.

When I was a young man of 18 years old in early 1967 living in Sydney, I went with mates as I often did on surfing trips down south. On this day in Autumn the weather was cooler. And the ocean water at Coalcliff Beach was colder. People were on the beach, but no one would go into the water. There were no lifeguards around and no flags. The ocean looked lonely and quiet, on impulse I decided to charge into the light rolling surf. I didn’t realise it then, a sixteen-year-old boy followed me into the water.

We were the only one’s swimming around slightly out in deep water. When we decided to return to shore, we quickly discovered we could not return to shore and that we were caught in a rip, pulling us out to sea. There were no lifesavers we were on our own. The boy said to me, “what are we going to do?”. And I replied I read an article a year ago in a magazine, that if we are caught in a rip, we must not fight it. We must swim diagonal towards the nearest point and using breaststroke is wiser and uses less energy.” He looked at me for a silent moment with a concerned expression. And then I said, “Well let’s try it, we have nothing more to lose.”

I then remarked as I looked for the nearest point, I said, “I am swimming towards that point”. Later I learned that point location was called Coalcliff Park. The boy followed me, and we got lucky and were able to reach a location before the point and then had to walk across rocky terrain in parts that was hard on our feet, before we got back to Coalcliff Beach. And thus our adventure ended, and we parted company. I then joined my driving companion mate and we headed for Thirroul, where I got hit over the head by my mate’s surfboard in the surf, when I fell off whilst riding it. After that we travelled further south and that is another story for someday.

The moral of the story it pays to read widely… it saved my life because that is what knowledge can do. The more we know and understand the wiser and more dynamic we can become. Never stop reading all subjects and never stop striving to learn more.

‘Philosophical Intelligence’ is the most advanced intelligence in the world. When backed by good communication skills a person with P.I. can defeat any person in academic battle that does not have P.I. Why? Because P.I. ‘Belief System’ is dynamic and very open minded and is not hamstrung by fixed dogma belief systems that flounder in illogical ideas.


Personal Financial Inventory Management

Not practiced by Panic Buyers.

The wiser families use Three ‘B’s…

Budget wisely, don’t waste money on extras, we cannot afford. Focus on buying good quality wholesome food… is priority one. Never waste good food. Buy only what is needed and strive to always use it out.

Bargain hunt, stay alert for opportunities, strive to buy essential items at good prices, but only buy what one can afford, and don’t buy a bargain unless you genuinely need it. Buying something at a low price, is not a genuine bargain, if you do not need it. Buying something we don’t need is a waste of money.

Bulk buying of essential survival items is a wise savings process, provided expired dates and perishable considerations are taken into consideration. For example, besides always checking expiry dates on food, and learning how long different natural foods can be stored before write off, I always label all tin food with the month/year and rotate stock to save money. Good bulk management, can help you save huge sums annually, by wise bulk buying. But all of this only works in families that can trust each other, and do work together as a team, always doing the right thing by each other. Watch out for invasion of user so-called friends that visit you, to take and take. Be careful whom you call friend, “Trust is earned not given”.

Finally, one can add another good ‘B’…

Barter wisely, by swapping food supplies grown in your vegetable garden for something different, someone else has grown. Focus on exchange of quality food, be nice and respectful of each other, and always do the right thing by those with whom you barter. If you cannot trust a person never barter with them, simply go without.

Good teamwork using the ‘B’s’ helps make the economic struggle of life a lot more easier and strengthens the potential of quality of existence for all. Lazy people don’t win, they are the losers.

Workers as a team, help improve the quality of life collectively for all members in the team. Being united in cooperative harmony with each other, improves quality of life for all. Even ants and bees understand that reality.

Source: Book by Allan Ivarsson ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ subject ‘Climate Change’ also published in COMPENDIUM III illustrated in Colour. Available in Paperback and Electronic Kindle

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