Communist China’s Dangerous ‘Cold War’ Threatening Australia

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Any Aussie that cannot handle the urgent needed effort of reading the below 37 A4 pages treatise can be easily conquered by Communist China. To know what is threatening our right to live free… we must read. And we must watch.

Communist China’s Dangerous ‘Cold War’ Threatening Australia

This Treatise is for History for Australians, New Zealanders, Americans & Indians

We ‘Freedom Loving People’ need to stay very alert whilst ‘Chinese Communism’ is striving to expand its power of Control over the entire West.

“This Treatise is Globally Controversial and Reflects an Australian Author’s Beliefs”

The Threat by China will inevitably expand towards other Nations and is on a collision course with the United States of America. Russia at this point of time is a dark horse. Decades ago Russia was heading towards a conflict with China, but it quietened down. Whether a conflict will rise between China and Russia is not yet clear. It should be reminded that Communist North Korea is friends with China. Both countries have a dark history of having imposed holocaust suffering upon their people as did Communist Russia when it once ruled the people using abusive dictatorship power.

The Atheist Chinese Communist Party thinks it can rule the world by its expansion of economic control strategy it has been launching and by its investment in military forces.

China is not God, but its Communist Government thinks it can dictate to the world and is strategically working towards establishing a global rule by China. Such a rule is ‘Totalitarianism’ and denies all persons under its control to live free in speech, choice, and equality of human rights.

This Treatise begins with posts passed forward on ‘Social Media’ Facebook by Allan Ivarsson placing on the table the constant threats that China has made to Australia.

This ‘Paper Towel’ of events during May 2020 also reveals Labor MP betrayal of Australia in Federal Opposition and in the Labor ruled state of Victoria. The latter can be read through link attachment.

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In a Daily Mail Australia news post titled… ‘You will feel more pain’: China’s chilling new threat to devastate Australia’s economy if it supports America in a new ‘Cold War’ by Charlie Moore, Political Reporter, the following extracts were tabled. (i)


Chinese state media has threatened Australia with new economic sanctions if it supports the United States as tensions with Beijing escalate.” (i)

“The US said on Friday it would ban trade with 33 Chinese companies in a move that could signal the start of a ‘new cold war’, according to Chinese media.” (i)

“An article in the state-controlled Global Times said that Australia should keep quiet like India and stay out of the spat to avoid becoming collateral damage.” (i)

“The article said that China will punish Australia more harshly than the US because it is less economically dependent on Australia.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… The ‘Cold War’ has already started several days ago, when President Xi Jinping of ‘Communist China’ threatened Australia because our Prime Minister Scott Morrison backed by his Liberal Party called for an investigation into the beginning of COVID-19. Refer my post, dated May 23rd, 2020 titled ‘China Threatens Australia’. (ii)

Extracts from the post…(ii)

“Australia was the first nation to call for an independent review into how the coronavirus started and spread, infuriating China.” (ii)

“China threatened to destroy Australia’s economy by cutting off trade.” (ii)

“China has a history of threatening people. If people praise the Dalai Lama, China is offended. If criticism is imposed upon China for the invasion of Tibet in 1950 creating a holocaust, China is offended. If China is criticised for enforcing their totalitarian tactics in Hong Kong denying the people freedom values, China is offended. China is focused on enforcing anti-freedom oppression. Communist China is not a democracy and has no respect for the eternal human right to live free in speech, choice and equality void of abuse and harassment.” (ii)


China often uses pressure placed upon exporters to China to get control of political disagreements. We should never submit to such bully threats. An import/export agreement is an independent decision and must always stand alone in agreement, support and acceptance and must not ever be clouded or harassed by the politics of any Nation. Business is Business. And Politics is Politics. In a ‘Free’ Independent world this wisdom truth is understood but collective totalitarian countries like China clearly cannot comprehend such important good standards of behaviour. The truth is verified by the threats that China and other ‘Totalitarian’ societies deliver in a struggle to impose their wicked way of thinking, to get their own way.

Trade should always be independent of politics and the rules of Decency and Ethics says this must always be true and lived.

What China was really saying when it threatened Australia claiming that “China will punish Australia more harshly than the US because it is less economically dependent on Australia”… was to deliberately apply as a warning that China is not afraid of Australia because it knows our small population of 25 million compared to China’s 1.4 billion people and it knows our defence capability. However, China is more afraid of USA because they have the best defence force in the world. And in terms of trade are not dependent upon China.

It may in the short term economically hurt us, but we Aussies do not need China’s trade, we can and should establish increased trading with India and other global Nations. We Aussies must not ever surrender to the dictates of China’s anti-freedom Communist Party.

And I shall always say it again and again… “Australia has the resources and we must become completely self-sufficient, in every which way in ‘Primary Industry’ and in Secondary Industries. We must establish our own manufacturing in all fields including building for our military defence forces. We should be encouraging increased American investment in Australia. And we should also establish more ‘Tariffs’ to protect our Industries.

If China can and has threatened us with ‘Tariffs’… why cannot we also establish tariffs to encourage building of our own self-sufficiency, which we once had decades ago?

Aussies and the history of the ANZACS have demonstrated that we are not a meek people and must not ever submit to the bully dictatorship of China. There is no room for cowardice in our thinking.

“Chinese state media has threatened Australia with new economic sanctions if it supports the United States… (i) Our response must always be, we Aussies are allies and friends of America, it’s in our history and we shall not ever tolerate anyone telling us with whom we can make friends. Scott Morrison recently confirmed our friendship with USA in the following ‘Tweet’… “Australia and the US are the best of Mates … and we will continue to align our efforts…” and Allan Ivarsson replies… “Fair Dinkum”.

Communist China thrives on putting pressure upon exporters in different Nations during political allegations and disagreements always launched by Beijing Dictatorship power centre.

Xi Jinping encouraged a boycott of South Korean cars because the South Korean government wisely brought into effective action a U.S. missile shield in 2017.

A ban was placed by Xi Jinping and his Communist comrades on import of Norwegian salmon simply because a Chinese rebel Liu Xiaobo that rejects Communism and defends democracy as a campaigner won the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo in 2010. He was denied by China to receive his Nobel Peace Prize. L.X. sadly died at the age of 61 years from liver cancer in 2017. He spent a quarter of his life behind bars in China for being an activist for freedom. Liu Xiaobo was a writer and political commentator and a non-violent activist against Communism- he courageously fought for freedom values.

Wikipedia recorded… “Liu’s writing is considered subversive by the Communist Party of China, and his name is censored. He called for multi-party elections and free markets, advocated the values of freedom, supported separation of powers, and urged the governments to be accountable for its wrongdoings. When not in prison, he was the subject of government monitoring and he was also put under house arrest during times that the government considered politically sensitive.”

His story is amazing and needs more reading.

Imagine how great trading with China would be if the people lived free under democracy, void of the tyranny of Communism.

As we move along into history it is easy to understand coward tyrants like Xi Jinping who are afraid of Liu Xiaobo’s ideas because he stood for ‘Freedom’ which is a far stronger belief system than the tyranny of Communism that thrives on the oppression of others and relies on the misguided courage of supporters to do the fighting on behalf of their coward leaders.

History will always remember Liu Xiaobo as being a great far better superior in thinking man, than Xi Jinping who by his enforcement of tyranny is no better than a Gangster and shall in the end be forgotten as a bad memory that has no place in the lives of people that value their right to live free.

Communist China imposed new customs regulations on Australian wine in 2018 which caused economic problems for Aussies because shipments were held up from release in Shanghai. No apology was delivered by the Communist Chinese for causing these delays. Whether the new customs regulations were right or wrong is not clearly understood by Aussie exporters to China.

In 2019 Canberra stripped Chinese businessman Huang Xiangmo of his Visa. He was barred entry into Australia for reasons of a Security Risk. He was a permanent resident and political donor until the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) raised the warning flag. It is recorded that “Huang has given A$2.7 million to Australian political parties either personally or through his companies. His donations have been suspected to be on behalf of Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work Department, which was as an organisation, exerting influence on Australia’s policies in favour of China through political donations. Thus corruption by donations in Politics was threatening the wellbeing of Australia. This is why those Politicians that submit to the demands of ‘Totalitarian’ China cannot be trusted.

In a revenge tactic because of the barring of Huang Xiangmo Communist China delayed the delivery of Australian coal for at least 40 days in all major Chinese ports prolonging clearing times, claiming the delays were caused by normal process safety checks.

Such are these examples of the bully tantrums spun like a desperate web weaver spider upon other Nations when Communist China cannot have its wicked way of control over other people.

And now in 2020… dangerous Coronavirus 19 started in Wuhan China has fueled more flames of conflict.


“The US is China’s number one export market whereas Australia is 14th. The article said: China will enjoy more room to fight back against Australia with countermeasures if Canberra supports Washington in a possible “new Cold War”. (i)

“It means Australia may feel more pain than the US.” (i)

A.I. comments… Of course we will feel more pain but so what… we are a resilient people and when necessary we are a tough people, we are patriots and will always fight to protect our Nation and our friends and family against bullies that threaten us.

We are not facing a possible ‘Cold War’ it has already started… launched by Communist President Xi Jinping. The ‘Cold War’ started when China became angry with Australia’s lead for an inquiry into the cause of COVID-19. WHO should have launched the investigation into the origin of the corona virus. Through incompetence on this subject WHO did not do anything to identify cause/source of virus. In short… we are being threatened by China because WHO failed to promptly do its duty.

Read more about WHO Tedros Blooper on this subject… “China Threatens Australia”.

COVID-19 has done serious damage to our economy and put Australia further into the ‘Red’. And China is accountable because they failed to take immediate steps to contain the virus and failed to report it in November 2019 when its existence and danger was discovered.

Then after hiding the existence of the virus, China failed to go into lockdown immediately by stopping exports and migrant travel by enforcing ‘Quarantine’ checks of all human travellers to outside Nations. Hence, China is accountable for all of the global suffering and deaths, and economic losses to all Nations around the world.

And instead of accepting responsibility backed by apology to all Nations, China instead spits the dummy, like a spoilt child and displays an angry tantrum to cover its irresponsible stupidity by releasing a perilous pandemic upon global societies.

Australia was right in calling for an investigation into the source of COVID-19.

This drama ‘Cold War’ situation exists because of the incompetence of Xi Jinping who is wrapped up in his own vanity and self-importance.

“The Global Times believes Australia is merely a ‘lap dog’ being used to further American interests and last week claimed the US coerced Canberra into calling for an inquiry into the origins and spread of coronavirus.” (i)

A.I. comments… Thus the Global Times# a Chinese Publication – State Controlled made a deliberate deceitful statement falsely accusing Australia of submission to US manipulation of Australian Government. It must be remembered that ‘Freedom of Speech’ is not allowed in ‘Communist China’ and thus whatever the ‘Global Times’ reports it must have the approval of the Communist Government of China. In other words, propaganda and untruth must prevail in ‘Global Times’ news reports and other articles.

# The Global Times as recorded on the Internet, is a daily newspaper under the auspices of the Communist Party’s People daily newspaper, commenting on International Issues from China’s Nationalistic perspective i.e. ‘Political Point of View’. In other words… the newspaper is controlled, influenced, supervised, and guided by Communist China’s Doctrine, which is the umbrella guardianship of what the Chinese people are allowed to say. The Global Times was founded in 1993 in Chinese edition and later founded in 2009 in an English Edition. The cunning Communist Chinese Government works skillfully hard to encourage Westerners to submit to the Marxist Model of Societal Control over the people, void of challenge. I suspect that the Chinese Edition and the English edition are not accurate translations of each other, and that the Chinese edition has more stinging attacks against the freedom loving West. Any opinions from the West used in the English edition is not necessarily included in the Chinese edition.

China responded to Australia’s call for investigation into source of origin in order to stop such pandemics from ever happening again. Instead of being reasonable and mature in agreement with Australia’s recommendation, Beijing became infuriated and falsely claimed it was a ‘malicious’ attempt to blame and ‘stigmatize’ Communist China. In short… China could not handle losing face, and instead of walking with dignity in agreement it chose the role of ‘Dictator’ and threatened Australia and continued by its rants to start a ‘Cold War’. And is now warning us not to be friends with USA. What this warning really means is that China wants to disarm Australia so that China can easily conquer us and claim ownership of Australia. Well China that is not going to happen… not on my watch.

“US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US ‘stands with Australia’. (i)

“Mr Morrison has repeatedly insisted the two countries are ‘great mates’ and their alliance is strong.” (i)

China is not very happy with the alliance of USA & Australia, with obvious reasons… China wants control of Australia and the alliance is stopping Communist China’s dictatorship control ambitions of conquering Australia.

In an act of deliberate intimidation attempts, China imposed an 80 percent tariff on Australian barley and stopped imports of four Australian beef suppliers. I guess China does not need our quality beef because they can unsafely survive on ‘Wet Markets’ which cruelly kill many wildlife forms at the constant risk of releasing another virus like SARS 2002-2004 and now Corona Virus 2019-2020-2021. [Author’s sarcasm intended.]

“About one third of Australia’s total exports – including iron ore, gas, coal and food – go to China, bringing in around $135 billion per year and providing thousands of jobs.” (i)

Solution is simple here… stop exporting our raw materials to Communist China and sell them to other freedom loving countries. In addition, start building more of our own manufacturing companies using the raw materials to build our own industries. If other countries can do this… so can we Aussies by becoming more diligent and tougher in self-discipline.

We must focus on becoming a ‘Self-Sufficient’ Nation every which way. We need to bring in more skilled migrants from ‘Freedom Loving Nations’ that value ‘Freedom’ and that reject anti-freedom ideologies like Socialism, Communism and Islam.

It should be remembered that Marise Payne Minister of Foreign Affairs announced Australia’s call for an independent inquiry into the origin of COVID-19 three days before Prime Minister Morrison spoke to President Trump. This reality further exposes the deceit of China that falsely claims that Morrison acted by this initiative by coercion from Donald Trump.

It has been suggested by China that US does not want equal partners they just want followers. China claims other countries are being forced to choose between Washington and Beijing and that it is US government that is coercing and threatening. That idea tabled by China is a deliberate lie.

It is China true to Communist Doctrine that is threatening and by coercion is striving to force Australia and other Nations to submit to China’s Dictatorship, focused upon attacking our economic structure to frighten us and weaken our will to stand strong against the threats of Communism conquering us like the Chinese people have been conquered and denied the right to live free.

“President Xi Jinping has agreed to a WHO investigation after more than 100 countries signed a motion demanding one at the World Health Assembly last week.” (i)

“… Xi Jinping was one of the last world leaders to sign the World Health Assembly resolution to hold the inquiry.” (iii)

Thus Jinping was cornered in a potential chess checkmate by the outstanding commitment of Nations to get to the bottom of the cause and origin of the virus to try to stop such pandemics from ever happening again into becoming another out-of-control virus that destroyed lives and livelihoods.

Xi Jinping has not honoured the free trade agreement between Australia and China since 2015… the evidence is founded upon the political threats made to our exports to China.


Report by Alisha Rouse for Daily Mail Australia 22nd May 2020 (iii)

A.I. comments… Joel Fitzgibbon meekly said that Australia did not need to be out there in front. Tough ANZAC spirited Aussies disagree with Fitzgibbons cowardly decision. True to anti-freedom Socialist mentality Fitzgibbon believes we Aussies should submit to the bully dictatorship of ‘Totalitarian’ Nations like Communist China. This is another reason why the now Socialist Labor Party cannot ever be trusted with leadership. The old Historical Workers Labour Party would not have ever submitted to the dictatorship of Communist China and would not have been afraid to offend China. China has openly threatened us, and yet Joel Fitzgibbon wants to meekly submit to China’s demands. I have no respect for Fitzgibbon’s cowardice.


Having made the above truthful observation I must to my surprise note that the new Labor Party’s leader Anthony Albanese “…has shown strong support for taking action on China in response to the barley tariffs, as well as praising the idea of an inquiry [into origin of COVID-19].” (iii)

“On Monday China announced the 80.5% levy on barley exports would start on Tuesday, after weeks of threatening to boycott Australian Industries.” (iii)

A.I. comments… China gave no advanced warning of its decision. China acted immediately to hurt Australia’s economic position. It was a bully tactic move. Australia’s 600 million a year Industry was hurt because it sends half to two-thirds of its barley to China. But despite the deliberate economic hurt imposed by Xi Jinping we should not ever submit to the dictatorship of Communist China and certainly should not listen to the wimp remarks by coward Joel Fitzgibbon.

“His [Fitzgibbon] comments go against the Labor party’s agreed position, The Australian reported.” (iii)

The Global Times, a mouthpiece for the communist government, accused Australia of ‘exploiting’ China and presenting itself ‘as a victim’.”

“From China’s perspective, Australia has never been a friendly trading partner, a piece in the state run”, Global Times said. (iii)

Allan Ivarsson comments… The Global Times continued its propaganda deceitful rant, selling this false knowledge to the oppressed Chinese People many of who would be gullible and believe this nonsense and many others not believing but would be afraid to disagree, because under the banner of ‘Communism’ since it began in 1917 in Global History, dissidents often disappear.

And thus the Global Times claimed…

“And consultations with the country on trade issues have always been frustrating, which has apparently weakened its motivation to promote bilateral trade.” (iii)

“The Australian government seems more interested in exploiting China’s suspension of some beef imports and its potential imposition of tariffs on Australian barley to describe itself as a victim of trade sanctions.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Thus the ‘Global Times’ reported to the people of China supporting the dishonourable decision made by the Chinese Communist Party led by Xi Jinping. Such deliberate tariffs and suspension of trade void of planned notification in advance was designed by Xi Jinping to hurt Australian economy. Jinping wants control of Australia and is determined to oppress our Nation.

“China claimed Australia was dumping barley and subsidizing farmers, insisting the tariffs are nothing to do with coronavirus.” (iii)

A.I. comments… Another lie posted by Communist China. Farmers do not plan large fields of barley if a deal has not already been established to sell the market produce to local and overseas markets. The excess barley supplies for overseas after supplying Australians, is planned by negotiated deals. Deals were made to supply China with Barley which China agreed to accept and then after the deal was established China reneged and imposed an 80.5% tariff to hurt our economy. Obviously, we will be disappointed (too nice a word) and disgusted (a more appropriate word) with Communist China’s sudden decision to hurt us as a revenge tactic for refusing to submit to the dictatorship of China and for refusing to cease our friendship with the United States. China wants to invade us but does not want a war with the United States our ally.

“The tariff, to remain in place for five years, is set to cripple Australia’s drought-affected grain farmers.” (iii)

“Australia is the biggest barley supplier to China, exporting between $1.5 billion and $2 billion worth a year, which is more than half its exports.” (iii)

A.I. comments… we need to immediately source other markets for supply of our Barley. We also need to build a stronger trade relationship with India.

We cannot trust Communist China to be a reliable truthful trading partner whilst anti-freedom Communism rules the oppressed Chinese people.

Flashback to the beginning of ‘Cold War’ conflict with China…


By Brittany Chain for Daily Mail Australia dated 18th, May 2020… (iv)


“China as imposed an extraordinary tariff on Australian barley exports as apparent punishment for Scott Morrison’s push for a coronavirus inquiry.” (iv)

“The Australian Prime Minister in April demanded an independent probe into the deadly respiratory virus and the World Health Organisation’s handling of the crisis.” (iv)

“In response, Chinese state media and leaders warned of trade retribution that could wipe $135 billion from the Australian economy.” (iv)

“After weeks of threatening to boycott the meat and barley industries and restrict travel and foreign education opportunities, China on Monday announced an 80.5 per cent levy on barley exports.” (iv)

A.I. comments… in flashback I have repeated this history from another report, lest we forget how this conflict was started by Communist China against Australians.

The concern is as quoted in the report…

“Australia may now look toward supplying the produce to Saudi Arabia, a government source said.” (iv)

“There aren’t many alternative markets. It could be sold to Saudi Arabia, but it will be heavily discounted to what Australian farmers could have received by selling to China, said the source, who didn’t want to be named.” (iv)

A.I. comments… Dealing with anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ Saudi Arabia is not a wise decision. Saudi Arabia finances Islamic Growth around the West in its bid to ‘Islamize the West’ in opposition to Communism and Socialism. We do not want any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ ruling us.

We must have the courage to live free without allegiance to any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ through ‘Trade Deals’. There is no place for ‘Greed’ in a ‘Free World’.

We can get around these problems by rethinking survival strategy. “Australia has expanded a trade agreement with Indonesia.” Despite my past criticism of the fanatic Islamic societal section that thrives in Indonesia, it may be that in a war with China that Indonesia will become an ally against Communism. Hence, trading with Indonesia under the existing Government is a safe bet and should only be carefully checked again in the event of a change in Government Leadership. Saudi Arabia wants to impose Islamic Rule upon us… so far Indonesia has not made such an attempt.

“By contrast, China – the world’s top barley importer – will simply shift purchasing to other key producers, including France, Canada, Argentina and some smaller European exporters.” (iv)

A.I. comments… If these countries do fill this supply of barley gap to China, it will be easy to discern which countries we cannot trust if a ‘State of War’ is launched by China against us and the USA. Under the leadership of Canadian Prime Minister ‘Justin Trudeau’ in bed with anti-freedom Islam, who I ‘Blacklisted’ in 2018 I would not trust the support of Canada in a War with China, nor would I trust France that has made it an anti-freedom of speech crime to criticise the thinking and behaviour of Islamic Doctrine. Many French people have been persecuted by the French Government over the last two decades for having the courage to speak against the Islamic Invasion and their demands, including the good actress ‘Brigitte Bardot’. Refer COMPENDIUM I for treatise on Justin Trudeau. Available at

“It’s very replaceable,’ said Andries De Groen, managing director at Germany headquartered barley trade Evergrain.” (iv)

A.I. comments… This remark by De Groen gave me a sense that De Groen would be happy to see Australia rejected by China so that he could bid for a share of the export Barley market to China. Obviously, Germany is not in our corner as a supporter when they can make a profit without us. But then under the leadership of Angela Merkel, Germany has submitted to the invasion of young male Muslim immigrants of military age, seeking to Islamize Germany, hence Australia cannot trust that Germany will support us in a fight with China. It will be interesting to see who in the race to replace Merkel in 2020-21 will succeed or will Merkel win another term of control.

It is obviously clear that we cannot trust China whilst they are ruled by Communists.

Headlines hit the page  on the 19th May 2020 by Charlie Moore, Political Reporter for Daily Mail Australia… “Australia will replace Chinese barley buyers with customers in India, Indonesia and the Middle East after Beijing imposed an 80% tariff – as ministers call the tax ‘ridiculous’.” (v)


Allan Ivarsson comments… the 80.5% tariff is unacceptable by Australians, but it is not ridiculous by Communist China’s point of view… it is a deliberate tariff to hurt Australians and is focused on striving to hurt our economy. Never forget, not now, not ever Communist China wants control of us, just like they took control of Tibet and Hong Kong. They are gradually expanding their borders of Control and want more of territory currently controlled by India.

Stay alert, China is not our friend because they are anti-freedom and are ruled by Communism a ‘Totalitarian Political Ideology’.

If China trades with other suppliers as listed earlier and they don’t get hit with a 80.5% tariff on their barley then it will prove that China is deliberately trying to weaken our Barley income in a step by step action to gain control of our country. Already, China has a 99-year lease of our Darwin Port which was an idiotic decision by Australian Politicians to agree to such a deal. Was there graft under the table to politicians involved in this betrayal deal? Probably, but not easy to prove.

“Australian farmers will try to replace Chinese barley buyers after Beijing imposed an 80 per cent tariff, agriculture minister David Littleproud said today.” (v)

A.I. comments… it was reported on the 22nd May 2020 that the tariff on Barley was 80.5%.

“Mr Littleproud said the federal government is urgently searching for more buyers in Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia and other countries.” (v)

“We will not take our foot off the accelerator in finding other markets,” Mr. Littleproud said. (v)

“We have opened up greater access into India. [A.I. comments: good news.] We now have a free trade agreement that starts on 5 July with Indonesia [A.I. comments: good news at present.] and also within the Middle East – Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are also interested. (v) [A.I. comments: Kuwait accepts mixed ethnic groups, hence is good news.]

A.I. comments… Trading with Saudi Arabia is not good news because Saudi bans the freedom right of practice of any other religion or other alternative non-totalitarian belief system philosophy other than Sunni Islamic Doctrine which enforces anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’. Saudi Arabia is the heart of Islam and is the leader of the OIC ‘Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’ in the United Nations which has so far unsuccessfully tried to enforce ‘Blasphemy Law’ around the World.

We do not want business with ‘Totalitarian’ Nations that deliberately strive to oppress unbelievers. The world all Nations must live Free- No exceptions. All trade with hard core ‘Totalitarian’ Nations must be stopped. ‘Insanity of Greed’ will not stop trade with such ‘Dark thinking Nations’. Only courage of convictions that cherish ‘Liberty Values’ will refuse to trade with ‘Totalitarian’ Nations. We must always say “No” to all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’ – no exceptions; therefore we must not trade with such Nations that refuse to free its people giving the eternal human right to “100% Freedom Values” in Speech, Choice and Equality. There is no place for Oppression & Slavery, in the Universe, not now, not ever.

“Mr Littleproud denied Australia and China are in a trade war and pointed to rising Chinese demand for Australian iron ore as supply from Brazil is reduced due to coronavirus.” (v)

“No, there’s no trade war. In fact, even today, I think you have seen that there’s increased demand for iron ore out of China,” he said. (v)

A.I. comments… I would not get too excited about making money out of our iron ore sales exports to anti-freedom Communist China. As most educated people know, iron ore is used to make steel. And steel is used to make automobiles, locomotives, ships, submarines, planes, tanks, jeeps and beams for buildings, furniture, tools, reinforcing rods for concrete, motor bikes, bicycles and thousands of other products including even paper clips.

Selling iron ore to China helps make China a stronger Nation. They can build more military equipment including Aircraft Carriers in their Navy and other vessels. If you want to know more in overview… read this link… #


We must encourage China to become a ‘Free Nation Democracy’ to help build a safer more peaceful world. Until China frees all of its people, we cannot ever feel safe from the threat of a World War with China. Communists are greedy and ambitious they do want control of Australia, and the South Pacific and South Asia and as much of Indian Territory that they can take. This ‘Totalitarian Greed’ for expansion will not stop until the people of China are freed from the oppression of tyranny.

Let foolish Aussies beware of trading with China, lust for greed may be Australia’s downfall if it does not lift its game and become 100% Self-Sufficient in Industry, Primary & Secondary.

China is not buying the iron ore to be a good guy friend. They are buying because it is in their survival growth interest to get more iron ore and a big chunk of this iron ore will be used to build a larger, stronger military including more aircraft carriers by 2030 to 2050. China is not doing it to establish us as an ally, they are doing it to help them grow stronger, never forget China wants ownership of Australia and they are not backing down on that ambitious objective.

It is alleged that China imposed an 80% tariff on Australian barley after an 18-month anti-dumping investigation. That idea is a lie. There was no long period investigation, China made an instantaneous decision to hurt us Aussies as an act of revenge, because our Federal Government had the courage to start a global probe into the origin of coronavirus, which is a justified must do objective by all Nations around the globe.

According to Adam Barone Reviewed by Michael J. Boyle April 7, 2020… Dumping is a term used in the context of International trade. It’s when a country or company exports a product at a price that is lower in the foreign importing market than the price in the exporter’s domestic market. Because dumping typically involves substantial export volumes of a product, it often endangers the financial viability of the product’s manufacturers or producers in the importing nation. (vi)


Wikipedia uses a different choice of words to explain ‘Dumping’… in economics is a kind of injuring pricing, especially in the context of international trade. It occurs when manufacturers export a product to another country at a price below the normal price with an injuring effect. The objective of dumping is to increase market share in a foreign market by driving out competition and thereby create a monopoly situation where the exporter will be able to unilaterally dictate price and quality of the product.


Daily Mail Australia wrote… “Dumping is when a country exports a product unfairly cheaply to permeate a foreign market, with producers often subsidised by the government.” (v)

Australian export sales to China are negotiated prices and the Communist Chinese Government is keen to get the lowest price that we can afford to sell it. Hence, Australians planned their volumes of field growth of Barley based upon a trade price commitment to supply the Barley void of a tariff. The Chinese Government reneged on the deal to deliberately hurt Australian economics. We are not in the business of ‘Dumping’ Australian farmers cannot afford to slash the profit margin just to sell product. No reasonable margin, no chance of the farmer surviving. Unsustainable Profit Margins is like experiencing a drought, the farmer will just go broke. And Governments cannot afford to subsidise farmers that are suffering from ‘Dumping’ strategies.

The allegations by China is not ‘Nuts’ it is deliberate economic play to get control of us Aussies, striving to force us to submit to the dictatorship of Communist China led by President Xi Jinping. In short… China is using a false allegation tactical stunt to hurt Australia’s economic situation after China hurt us by allowing Coronavirus to hit us without warning setting our economy sliding downhill. We must not ever submit to the bully dictatorship of Communist China.

“Mr Littleproud said Australia will appeal to the World Trade Organisation to have the tariffs removed, but the process could take months or years” (v)

A.I. comments… Every Country needs to make its own decisions the idea of reporting to a ‘World Trade Organisation’ is ludicrous and reeks with anti-freedom Socialist mentality.

Any intelligent country will make their own trading and tariff decisions and will with common-sense ignore the dictates of the ‘World Trade Organisation’. In any event, if such an appeal is going to take months or years to resolve, it means the idea is floundering pointless and Australia needs to stand on its own two feet. Littleproud’s suggestion just smashed my confidence in his skills level. An intelligent philosophical person would not consider such a time-wasting idea.

The lesson learned by China’s behaviour during 2020 is never trust deals with China again until the people of China are freed to live as one collective society in a Democrat Liberty Based Nation.

China hit us deliberately where it hurts as Tony Mahar revealed…

“National Farmers’ Federation chief Tony Mahar has said the move by China could devastate Australian farmers who have already planted their crops and cannot change.” (v)

A.I. continues to comment… This is what Communist China wanted to do… hurt Australian Primary Industry, in a concerted effort to weaken our economy, giving China more opportunity to invest in our Nation and gain more economic control of our Nation.

But we must not submit to such an oppressive bully strategy. We must at all costs retain our good friendship alliance with the United States of America, we cannot ever trust an anti-freedom Communist alliance and we must stop Chinese investment in Australian Property and Business Dictatorship.

“It comes after drought severely affected farmers’ profitability last year.” (v)

A.I. comments… the timing was selected by China to strike action against us… they knew our farmers were hurt by drought last year, which gave Communist China the opportunity to hurt our economy more after COVID-19 had already hurt our economic stability and growth in 2020.

“Finally we get, by and large, really good conditions for a great crop this year,” Mr Mahar told ABC News on Tuesday.” (v)

“And talking to farmers last night when this broke, about 11 o’clock, some farmers were finishing off their last planting of barley, and now we wake up and we see this tariff of 80 per cent applied.” (v)

“It’s a significant and devastating hit to the Australian agriculture industry. It was really looking forward to a bumper year.” (v)

The tax will remain in place for five years, China’s Ministry of Commerce said.” (v)

A.I. comments… This 80.5% tax only applies to Australia. China will not impose this tax on other Nations which it selects to buy their Barley requirements. China still wants Barley supplies from around the globe.

The rule of life is never trust deals with ‘Totalitarian Nations’ like Communist China, Communist North Korea, Shia Iran, and Sunni Saudi Arabia.

Last month the Chinese Embassy called Peter Dutton Australian Home Affairs Minister a “US parrot”.

“On April 26 Chinese Ambassador to Australia Jingye Cheng warned that Chinese consumers may stop buying Australian products in revenge. Maybe the ordinary [Chinese] people will think why they should drink Australian wine or eat Australian beef, he told the AFR [Australian Financial Review].” (v)

A.I. comments… Because Australian Beef and Wine is excellent. But then if the Chinese people want to deprive themselves of enjoying Australian quality food and drink, it will not worry us, we will simply find other markets that will grab the opportunity to buy quality Australian product.

But the truth is… it is not the oppressed Chinese People that are rejecting the buying and consumption of Australian products, the rejection of our products has been tabled by Xi Jinping President of Communist China. It is Xi Jinping that has in a revenge tantrum threatened us by striving to hurt our economy further, after it hurt us by failing to control release of COVID-19 in November 2019.

“The dispute comes after a torrid year for Australia-China relations saw clashes over political interference, human rights abuses, in western China and Huawei 5G equipment.” (v)

A.I. comments… 5G is another technology subject that is raising up in global channels including in United Kingdom. A separate subject of concern that needs independent analysis.

“Former Australian ambassador to China Geoff Raby told Daily Mail Australia that diplomatic relations are ‘at their lowest point since they began 46 years ago’.”

A.I. comments… That diplomatic situation is understandable. Communism will never establish eternal good diplomatic conditions with any country it wants to conquer. China’s technology growth is now very strong. The Chinese Government over the decades used our Universities to educate Chinese Students. They used our far too relaxed political system to invest in Australian Property and Business Opportunities. Communist China politically engineered strategic moves to gain control of Australia… classic moves is gaining a 99-year lease of Darwin Port and the Victorian submission to China Belt and Road Initiative.

In October 2015, the Chinese owned Landbridge Group won the bid for a lease of Port Darwin. The State Northern Territory Government granted the company a 99-year lease for $506.00 million. Darwin Port Operations Pty Ltd is part of the Landbridge Group, which is based in Shandong Province in China and also operates in Australia.

We need Federal Laws which stop States selling Australian territory to foreigners without the approval of our Federal Government. The Chinese Communist Government through Chinese businesses should not ever be allowed to buy Australian territory.

The truth is… The sale of Australian Property to Communist China is an act of treason. We are not talking about a country which has freedom values, we are talking about a country that rules by oppression and is a ‘Totalitarian Nation’ determined to gain control of Southern Asia and the South Pacific and larger sections of India. China will not stop its bid from striving to conquer more territory. China’s current strategy is by economic investment possession. China is focused on continuing to build it military strength including more Aircraft Carriers and more Aeroplanes and Missiles by 2050.

The only thing that China fears is the power of the American Military which is the best and strongest in the World. Fortunately, the US Military is now growing stronger under the leadership of 45th President Donald Trump after he repaired the weakening of military strength by previous incompetent 44th President Barack Hussein Obama II.

Our worry is that the American now ‘Socialist Democrats’ do not get elected again.

Under John F. Kennedy 35th President of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963 the Democrats were a good political party just like in Australia the Labor Party a Workers Party were a good opposition Party. But then sadly threatening our ‘Freedom Values’ both parties in America and Australia allowed the infiltration of Socialist belief system, which has also infiltrated Australian and American Universities and thus has weakened the potential strength of our Nations by 2010 C.E.

To survive free Australia now needs only a ‘Liberal Government’ and America now needs only a ‘Republican Government’.

If Socialism ever completely gains control of America and Australia, Communist China will raise its ugly head higher and use Military power to gain control of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific and all of South Asia and India.

Consequently, another World War will rage. And China will have the best chance of winning. Heaven forbid only Nuclear Bombs will stop China, but such an attack may destroy us all and cause a devasting ‘Nuclear Winter’. The dangerous years are now 2030 to 2100 C.E.

“In an interview with the ‘Australian Financial Review’… Mr Cheng said: “I think if the mood is going from bad to worse, people would think why we should go to such a country while it’s not so friendly to China.” (v)

The idea that Aussies are not friendly is a lie. The Australian character by and large is very friendly true to the courage of the ANZAC Spirit and true to the character of the Ocker Aussie. Fair Dinkum.

The only unfriendly is Communist China’s obsession to conquer and oppress all of Australia. As for the oppressed people of China who are denied ‘Free Speech’ communication with the West outside of China and are denied communication through Global Social Media on the Internet they are forced to believe all propaganda they read by Communist Literature. The biased Global Times, a mouthpiece for the communist government is the main propaganda newspaper that the Chinese are allowed to read. Hence, the Chinese naïve generation after generation, will be gullible into believing everything they are told. And if the Communist Chinese Government tells them Australians are unfriendly, of course the Chinese will believe what they are told, when they do not have communication connection to the outside Western World.

Cheng’s subtle threat is designed on behalf of anti-freedom Communist China to manipulate us into submission by playing our freedom valued belief in fair play. But China is not fair towards us and have demonstrated this by their deliberate move to hurt our exports into China. Notice China is not rejecting our imports from China. It is up to us to cease buying Chinese Product and source our needs from other freedom valued Nations.

It is up to us Aussies to say no to Corporation imports, “We don’t want Communist Chinese Product imported into Australia.” Our method? “Do not buy Chinese product.” It is better to put Quality First, Price Second, and buy elsewhere, preferably Australian when it is available.

China’s unfriendly bully behaviour is a loud and clear message to Australian Politicians and all Aussies that we must focus on becoming a completely ‘self-sufficient’ Nation like China & USA & Japan & Germany. We Aussies must ‘Stand Up and Be Counted’ in our ability to survive without reliance on import needs. In times of war imports cease and a Nation can only survive on its own creativity and Industry. It is time for Australians to change and recognise using Tariffs is the only solution to help motivate investment in Australia. We must encourage a return of investment into Australian Business by Americans, Japanese, Germans Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Swiss, New Zealanders and the British and Scottish and Irish, Italians and Greeks. These Nations are freedom loving Nations with Business skills intelligence.

We do not need anti-freedom Communist Chinese investment in Australia.

Dreaming about ‘Free Trade’, a level playing field in Global trade only works when everyone is receiving quality equal wage standards and lives in a free society. Lower wage standards reducing quality of life and increasing poverty to higher levels is not a level trading field when it is competing with countries that maintain higher quality of living standards.

If Communist China is offended… do not be disturbed by it… because oppressive totalitarian belief systems, philosophical, political, or religious are always by their fixed dogma mentality easily offended, like a child that cannot get its own way.


Headline jumps off the page… ‘Dog of America’: China’s incredible insult to Aussies as they consider tariffs on our dairy, wine and seafood industries that will cost Billions and wipe out thousands of jobs. By Charlie Moore Political Reporter for the Daily Mail Australia dated 20th’ May 2020. (viii)


Allan Ivarsson comments… I am not offended by any comments made against me. There is right and wrong, true and false, just and unjust, and also remember the adage we were taught as children back in the 1950’s & 60’s… “Sticks and Stones will break our bones but names will never hurt us.”

Global Times wrote… “It seems that Australia, this giant kangaroo that serves as a dog of the US, will hit a deadlock with China on trade disputes in sectors like coal and beef.” (ix)

“Australia is playing the loyal deputy to the US in slandering China, You Lei, a chief research fellow at the Research Centre for Pacific Island Countries with Liaocheng University, told the Global Times.” (ix)


“… Australia needs to reflect on its diplomatic policies toward China.” (ix)

The Global Times twists the truth to support Communist China’s oppressive agenda by claiming that Australia needs to examine its diplomatic policies, but Australia did nothing wrong by justifiably calling for an investigation of the source of the Coronavirus through WHO, which both China and the Global Times resent. All of this bully drama about exports was started by China as a revenge tactic.

As for Communist China’s false knowledge allegations that we are Dogs of America because we have been equal friends and allies of America for over a century long before Communist China gained control of China. Let desperate Chinese Communists have their misguided wrong thinking claim, to try and deliberately insult us. It has no effect on Aussie mentality, we do not eat dogs like the Chinese do. We Aussies recognise that a dog is mans best friend. And many dogs are more naturally loyal and caring than the Communist Chinese.

Remember John Wayne’s 1955 movie set in China titled ‘Blood Alley’ in which John Wayne’s character Captain Wilder was imprisoned by the Communists for two years. This is the story of how Chinese freedom lovers helped him escape from prison so that he can help Chinese people of Chiku Shan village escape out of Red China to the freedom territory of the British Port of Hong Kong. Their adventure, struggle for survival is about using a stolen, wood-burning, flat-bottomed, 19th Century stern-wheel riverboat for their dangerous journey towards freedom. This story revealed that most Chinese who valued their freedom then hated ‘Communists’ and all those Chinese that were Communists.

During World War II when the Imperial Japanese invaded China in 1937 by land & air, killing, raping, and torturing the Chinese People it was the American allies that fought for the Chinese against the Japanese. First, they fought as Mercenaries paid to fight and later after Japan attacked Pearl Harbour on December 7th, in 1941 they fought under the flag of the US military fighting for their country to help the Chinese.

Chinese Communism deleted the history of American allies helping the Chinese fight against the Japanese during World War II. Chinese descendants today mostly do not know of the important support America gave them in combat back-up during World War II.

After the end of World War II Civil War broke out in China as the Communists made a forceful bid for power. After the victory of the Communists, freedom was lost to the Chinese and the American records of support for China was stricken from Chinese records because Communists do not recognise freedom ally contributions.

Were the freedom loving Chinese considered dogs by the Communist Chinese? Yes, no doubt they were because the Chinese not all, but many, does eat dog. And thus dogs are deemed inferiors to the Communists just like dogs are hated by Muslims as being unclean animals because fallible Muhammad hated dogs.

“China has reportedly drawn up a list of more Australian industries to target after slapping tariffs on barley and banning some beef imports amid mounting tensions over calls for a coronavirus inquiry.” (viii)

“Wine, dairy, seafood, oatmeal and fruit exporters could be hit with new customs rules, quality checks or tariffs to make selling into China more difficult [from Australia only] according to a Bloomberg article which cited people familiar with the matter.’ (viii)

“Australia, which is the world’s most-China dependent developed economy, has raised Beijing’s ire by calling for an investigation into the origins of the pandemic. President Xi Jinping’s government is sensitive to criticism of its handling of the outbreak and has a track record of using trade as a diplomatic cudgel, with South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan all experiencing reprisals in recent years.” (x) per Bloomberg News dated May 19th, 2020.


“China is Australia’s most important trading partner, with agricultural shipments alone totaling about A$16 billion in 2018-19. While the big-ticket items of iron ore, coal, and natural gas that China needs to build and fuel its economy so far have not been mentioned, education and tourism could also be vulnerable to reprisals. Beijing’s ambassador to Australia last month suggested Chinese tourists and students may decide to boycott the nation. (x)

“As Australia slides toward its first recession in almost 30 years, the economic hit of more widespread trade measures couldn’t come at a worse time.” (x)

“Each year Australian companies export about $1 billion worth of dairy, $1.3 billion of wine and $658 million of seafood to China, meaning further tariffs could seriously harm the economy.” (viii)

A.I. comments… Again we notice that imports very important to China like Iron Ore, Coal and Natural Gas are not threatened with Tariffs or rejection of supply. Communist China does not want to hurt itself it only wants to hurt Australia so that it can oppress Australia more.

How did we get our country into such an oppressive over dependence on exports to China? Was it because of insanity of greed? Or intellectual laziness? That refused to look for more import/export trading Nations that lived free void of oppressive ideologies that can by a whim strive to hurt us when we become over dependent on that export market.

It is interesting to note that we Aussies started to let go of our self-sufficiency manufacturing gradually in the 1990’s in rural locations and after 2000 C.E. in our City locations. With less manufacturing demand many primary industry products were not sourced for production into other goods, food or otherwise products. Hence, the growth of the import export market. In short term, it serves ‘Insanity of Greed’ in long term such trading during recession times, depressions and war can backlash on us, because we are no longer self-sufficient and self-contained in essential survival needs. Neglect of our Secondary Industries is not a smart move.

The Chinese do not neglect their Secondary Industries, nor do they neglect the growth of their military strength. We Aussies need to wake up and hold our Politicians accountable for not supporting the development and expansion of Manufacturing and our Military Strength.

“Beijing has a track record of putting pressure on exporters during political disagreements.” (viii)

It goes without saying that we should dot our ‘i’s and cross our ‘t’s when dealing in exports but that self-discipline applies to all business and legal principles and contract and packing management. And professionals understand the importance of such accuracy commitment.

It may be difficult in a global recession to find alternative export markets, but we must learn a lesson from this experience, never build the strength of a country founded upon the greed of profit from exports. We should have learnt from the rules and hardship of the 20th Century World War II (1939-1945) and from the Great Depression in the 1930’s what happens when we lose our self-sufficiency during hard economic times.

We became in recent decades too over dependent on Chinese demand and dealing with ‘Totalitarian’ Nations is like dealing with the Devil, sooner or later ‘Dictatorship Regimes’ will bite the Nation they are trading with. Its like that old fable story of the frog and the scorpion. The frog agreed to let the scorpion cross the river on its back. Half-way across the scorpion stung the frog and they both drowned. Before sinking the frog asked the scorpion, “why did you wound me?” And the scorpion replied, “Because its in my nature.” ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems’ cannot help themselves, its in the nature of their bully doctrine to oppress others and betray trust. And that is exactly what China does when it is childishly offended by other countries inquiries.

China’s repetitive bad behaviour with mining exports to China would hurt China more than us. We may feel economic financial hurt in loss of revenue, but China would suffer worse in loss of Industrial Support for growth of its Industries and Military Expansion.

China has been practicing economic coercion against many countries over the past 10 years, said Rory Medcalf, head of the National Security College at the Australian National University College in Canberra. “As we’ve seen with the barley tariffs, economic coercion is about applying short-term economic and political pain, but it will be difficult for China to sustain such tactics against the wide range of countries that want the pandemic to be investigated. I don’t see that China can succeed in singling out Australia indefinitely on this issue. (x)

However the following observation statement is probably true…

“Shi Yinhong, an adviser to China’s cabinet and a professor of international relations at Renmin University in Beijing, said ties between the two nations were more likely to deteriorate than improve, given Australia’s foreign policy alignment with the U.S.” (x)

“If the Australian government’s rhetoric is still loud and it sticks to its current demands, China may take more severe countermeasures,” he said. “If the Australian government – mindful of its economic interests and opposition from the business community – steps back, China would not need to take such steps.” (x)

This statement by Shi Yinhong is an emotional blackmail warning threat which demands Australia to live by Communist China’s oppressive rule by giving up our freedom of choice and our freedom of speech and reject our friendship with our ally the United States of America.

Our response must always be “No!”. We stand with our friends and if China chooses to threaten and bully us, we true to our ANZAC Spirit will never submit to the Dictatorship of Communist China.

China needs to get rid of its Communist Ideology and free the Chinese People and allow them to live under the rule of Democracy, true to upholding ‘Liberty Values’. Then and only then will China ever succeed in becoming a true friend of other freedom valued Nations.


News Headlines read… “Emergency ‘virtual summit’ to be held with India’s PM to sell Australia’s agricultural goods and encourage him to send students to study – as relations with China sour.” By Charlie Moore Political Reporter for Daily Mail Australia. Dated 20th, May 2020. (xi)

“Scott Morrison and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet in June.”

“The pair will discuss improving the countries’ trading relationship.” (xi)


“Australia will try to increase trade with India when the leaders of both countries meet by video-link next month as relations with China deteriorate.” (xi)

“Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a virtual summit on June 4 after Mr Morrison’s planned visit to India in January was cancelled due to the bushfires crisis.” (xi)

Allan Ivarsson comments… This is good news, as we reviewed earlier as a must do objective. But in the light of China’s constant bully thinking and behaviour this year the following statement objectives are very important good news….

“They are expected to complete a defence agreement on reciprocal access to bases and co-operation on military technology projects, according to The Australian.” (xi)

“A new education partnership is also on the cards as Australia seeks to diversify its international students, so the sector is less dependent on China.” (xi)

“Australia also wants to export more goods to India, including agricultural products such as Barley…” (xi)

“With 1.3 billion people and an emerging middle class, India represents a huge opportunity for Australian exporters.” (xi)

About 40 per cent of international students in Australia are Chinese but the Chinese ambassador on Canberra last month threatened they would stop coming as relations sour.” (xi)

A.I. comments… Forget about personal greed for income gained by the 40% of international students in Australia who are no doubt mostly anti-freedom Communist Chinese. It would be better they do not come to our country. Hence, since the Communist Chinese ambassador has threatened to stop allowing Chinese students to come from China to be educated in our Universities… We should cheer the Chinese Ambassador… because that is the first threat, he has made that we agree on. We don’t want the Communist Chinese picking our brains so that they can down-the-track threaten us with more bully attacks. The Chinese have already learned too much of Western methods… look at their great Military Effort.

Communist China is not planning to be peaceful with all Western Nations they want total control of this planet and will gain it one section at a time on the Map starting with Australia & India all of South Asia and the South Pacific. There is no doubt a time is coming when Communist China will want to conquer Russia and many other near by Islamic Countries.


Daily Mail Australia headline…. “This is a warning:”China issues ANOTHER threat as it announces new checks on Australia’s iron ore as trade tensions escalate again after Canberra backed COVID-19 probe.’ By Charlie Moore Political Reporter. Dated 21st, May 2020. (xii)

“China has changed customs rules to make iron-ore easier and quicker to import.”

“But analysts said Australian exporters could be targeted for extra checks.” (xii)


Allan Ivarsson comments… This strategy move by China to make it easier for us to export iron ore to ‘Communist China’ may look like China is making it easier for us, but don’t be fooled, the decision by President Xi Jinping is to harass us even more. This doublespeak # decision strategy has an ulterior motive. On the one hand ‘Communist China’ bully harasses us on all other exports to weaken our economic position and to hurt Australians by increasing unemployment of Aussies that have become dependent on the success of exports for a living. Then on the other hand, China makes it easier for us to export iron ore. Why is China doing this? The answer is simple… China needs iron ore to make iron & steel for use in its various industries, including building a stronger Military Force in Army. Navy, and Airforce, including Missiles. ‘Communist China’ wants to conquer Australia and it cannot do it without a regular supply of steel. China’s double speak message # tells us to immediately stop trading with China in exports and imports and change course by trading with only freedom valued Nations, rejecting dealing with all ‘Totalitarian’ Nations.

We must focus on building a ‘Freedom Valued World’ in Speech, Choice and Equality and we cannot achieve that goal when we deal with ‘Totalitarian’ Societies that are hell-bent on oppressing their own people and all other Liberty Based Societies.

If we don’t have the economic courage to stop trading with China in exports and imports than we deserve to be conquered by Communist China. A bully oppressive friend is not a friend but is a most dangerous societal contact that can backstab us whenever the fickle trade alliance chooses to attack us. Never trust an unstable association that can by a whim attack us.

# Note: Doublespeak is more than just language which deliberately obscures, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. It can strive to make ideas sound more palatable that is… pleasant, acceptable, satisfactory. Whilst it may also table intentional ambiguity in language or to actual inversions of meaning. In the case of Communist China’s tactics, the ‘Doublespeak’ is a ‘Doublespeak Strategy’ designed to hurt us on one hand and use us on the other hand to satisfy its own needs, in this case China needs iron ore to achieve its objectives in upgrade and growth of Military Forces and essential manufacture of tools and steel for buildings etc. Communist China’s tactic is a reversal tactic giving support and then taking away support using trade as the economic chessboard game. In other words… a change in course of action to an opposite direction. Trust Communist China? No Way!

“The new Chinese customs rules mean that Australia’s $63 billion iron ore exports could be singled out for extra checks, analysts say.” (xii)

“Instead of mandatory inspections, China will now carry out optional checks at the request of the importer – meaning Australia’s competitors could be given priority.” (xii)

A.I. comments… Often the adage is… “Let the Buyer Beware”. Which is true about ‘Imports’. But when exporting to China that adage is… “Let the Seller Beware”.

Are we facing a ‘Trade War’? Yes, if we continue to trade with ‘Totalitarian’ Nations like ‘Communist China’. The answer is ‘No’ if we refuse to trade with ‘Totalitarian’ Nations like ‘Communist China’.

The smartest thing we can do is sacrifice our economic income coming from trade with China until China becomes a Democracy founded upon ‘Liberty Values’ and focus on establishing trade with other freedom values countries. In addition and this is very important… we Australians must establish once more self-sufficiency in Manufacturing as well as upgrading Primary Industry support by creation of more dams and water catchment projects to fight back against drought conditions.

We must also establish our own building of military needs, including, ships, aircraft carriers, aeroplanes, tanks, jeeps, etc. We have the iron ore. We can make iron & steel why not go to the next level and make all of our own products. Identify what is stopping us from succeeding in creation of self-sufficiency and fix it. Start with lowering energy costs and focus more on the use of fossil fuels and Nuclear Energy. Use Renewable Solar Energy as a back-up strategy, void of farms of Windmills & farms of Solar Panels which are enemies of the environment.

Develop the new technology of using CO2 as a new form of fuel creation and as a friend of the Earth/Gaia that will help green more of our planet and help reduce famine and poverty.

China has this year increased its infrastructure projects and needs more iron ore to succeed.

China may increase its demands of iron ore from Australia this year and supplies of iron ore from Brazil may suffer a drop due to the invasion of Coronavirus.

“China imported 1.07 billion tons of iron ore last year, receiving 62 per cent from Australia and 21 per cent from Brazil.” (xii)

But when Brazil recovers from the hurt of Coronavirus, China’s demand for iron ore from Brazil may increase and reduce the amount of iron ore it takes from Australia.

But hang on let’s think about this more… We are selling iron ore to China like we have an endless supply of iron ore, but one day that supply availability will come to an end… in short… we will have depleted our natural stocks of iron ore. Where will we get our future needs of iron ore from after selling it all to ‘Communist China’?

All mined materials are not an endless supply in the end it will run out.

And we must answer the question… “How do we repair all the huge holes we created in the earth by mining? Do we create big lakes, dams for water supplies for creation of surrounding Las Vegas style entertainment region centres or for more farming and grazing?

Advanced pragmatic ‘Think Tank’ is required.

It would be smarter to use all iron ore and convert it into steel and manufacture tools for export overseas and for our own use than sell the iron ore overseas. We can make a huge range of products for local and overseas exports. And we can build our own cars, ships, aeroplanes etc. It is time for Aussies to change the way they think and commit to building self-sufficiency, every which way.

If Governments can give away billions of dollars to help people survive the invasion of coronavirus, droughts, floods, and fire surely, we can plan a tax reduction system to encourage and strengthen investment in Industry… all fields of potential opportunity.

We must learn to think strategically smarter.

“Trade Minister Simon Birmingham told Daily Mail Australia: ‘We welcome any improvements in administration arrangements that could streamline the customs clearance of iron ore imports.” (xii)

But as we have learned earlier… China did not do this to help us, they did it to help themselves and it gives them the quicker opportunity to prioritize the acceptance of other countries exports in front of Australia, which probably will strengthen Brazils position when they recover from COVID-19.

Senator Simon Birmingham is the Minister for Trade, Tourism, and Investment for the Liberal Party Morrison Government since 2018. His thinking by his above statement, if he actually said it, is naïve. China is not doing it to be nice to us, they are looking after their own objectives.

“The Global Times said relations between the two countries have ‘ebbed because of Canberra’s incessant efforts to spearhead an independent probe of the Covid-19 outbreak in China in order to stigmatize the country.”

“In an editorial the outlet [Global Times] warned ‘China has the power to hurt the Aussie economy.”

“China has the power to hurt the Aussie economy but won’t fire the first shot in a trade war,’ the [Chinese Communist] publication wrote.”

A.I. continues to comment… the propaganda Global Times dedicated to the support of Communist China’s expansion of power program over all other surrounding Nations lied. The Australian Prime Ministers reasonable request for an independent investigation inquiry into the source of Coronavirus and the World Health Organisation’s handling of the crisis was not a first shot at China. It was in fact… a commonsense request for an investigation in a concerted effort to save global society from the cause of another repeat virus attacking society.

The first shot came from Communist China by imposing an 80.5% Tariff on Barley and thereafter striving to hurt Australian economy by imposition of other import rules deliberately imposed to hurt our export trade. Thus the ‘Communist Global Times’ lied deliberately to deceive the gullible Chinese People who are victims of deceit because they are not allowed the eternal human right to freedom of speech and are denied the right to read ‘Global Social Media’ and exchange points of view.

And it must be noted that Aussies are not striving to stigmatize China as the Chinese ‘Global Times’ claimed, we don’t have to do that. ‘Communist China’ is not being stigmatized by any other Nation in the World including Australia, because we don’t have to. ‘Communist China’ has stigmatized itself by rejecting democracy and freedom values and choosing the way of ‘Totalitarian’ bully rule over its people and in conflicts against others.

Stigmatization is the result of self-imposed wrong thinking belief systems and subsequent behaviour, something which Xi Jinping and his Communist Comrades cannot comprehend. This understanding is currently beyond the limited fixed dogma capacity of ‘Communist Intelligence’.

Never forget the persecution of Liu Xiaobo by the Communist Chinese Government against his struggle to establish Democracy and Freedom Values for China. He died fighting for his treasured beliefs in the importance of the human right to live free.


Daily Mail Australia reports… ‘United States sends 1,200 Marines to Darwin in a show of military might as tensions escalate between China and Australia over who is to blame for the spread of COVID-19’ By Stephen Gibbs dated 25th, May 2020. (xiii)


Allan Ivarsson comments… The title of this article is partly in error by the latter part of its statement. This conflict between China and Australia is not about who is to blame about the spread of COVID-19. It is about the important need of an investigation of the origin of the Coronavirus-19 and what can be done to ensure such a surprise sudden pandemic does not hit global society again, no matter where its starts.

The problem is that because Australia initiated the need for an investigation, ‘Communist China’ has been childishly offended and is now threatening Australia with ‘Cold War’ tactics to hurt our economy further by blocking acceptance of our export trade into China by raising bar strategies of resistance, we have read the impact reviews of Communist China’s behaviour previously.

The Marine Rotational Force based in Darwin Northern Territory

Is a US Force Posture Initiative designed to deepen interoperability between the Australian Defence Force and US military.

“It supports increased regional engagement with partners in the Indo-Pacific and is meant to better position both country’s forces to respond to crises in the region.” (xiii)

The United Countries Military Training Objective was started by Prime Minister Julia Gillard Labor Party Government and President Barack Obama Democratic Party Government on the 16th November 2011 which began in 2012.

Even though I was not impressed by the leadership of Gillard & Obama, they at least made the right cooperative ‘united together’ decision. A good move to strengthen American-Australian alliance.

The first Rotation of U.S. marines in Darwin began in April 2012 C.E. 200 marines were deployed in that year. The mission was to do training exercises with the Australian Defence Force in the Northern Territory. This was and still is, an essential common-sense training strategy. Australians and Americans working together as friends and allies.

‘Communist China’ who wants complete control of Australia is not happy about the American-Australian alliance and thus China is hellbent on threating us in ‘Trade War’ ‘Cold War’ tactics to try and split us up, so that China can progressively take control of our territory. All of the anti-freedom Socialists and anti-freedom Communists residing in Australia want to see Australia divorced from friendship with the United States of America so that the gate can be opened for the invasion of ‘Communist China’ first by economic possession and finally by ‘Hot War’ invasion. ‘Cold War’ tactics are being used by China since 2020. China is also displaying its military growing strength showing its ‘red’ patriotic colours to frighten Aussies into submission. This stunt reminds me of all the different animals in the wilds that fight each other for control of a territory, using displays of colours, scents and noise to frighten competitors away from fighting.

In 2013 the Prime Minister announced that the number of US Marines would increase up to 1150 US Marines in 2014. The objective by both Nations was to gradually increase the deployed number of US Marines in Northern Territory by 2016 to full strength of up to 2,500 Marines, to be based at Robertson Barracks.

2,500 Marines were stationed in Darwin during 2019 before the invasion of COVID-19.

Now in 2020 this rotational force of Marines is still happening albeit there were some setbacks cause by the invasion of Coronavirus-19.

The Daily Mail Australia reported…An annual rotation of US Marines based in Darwin was cancelled late March. That decision was reversed, and 1,200 crack troops will arrive in coming weeks. All of the Marines will have to undergo 14 days of quarantine in Japan and Darwin.” (xiii)

“The troops will already have been in isolation for a fortnight since arriving at their staging base in Okinawa, Japan.” (xiii)

“The risk of spreading COVID-19 into vulnerable remote Aboriginal communities was also considered too great for the rotation to go ahead.” (xiii)

A.I. comments… This Government Policy consideration thinking displays the truth that most good politicians are thinking about the welfare of the aborigines.

The original rotational schedule was to involve 2,500 marines in 2020 but due to COVID-19 was reduced to 1,200 marines.

“Minister for Defence Linda Reynolds said the deployment demonstrated Australia’s close defence relationship with the United States.” (xiii)

“The Marine Rotational Force – Darwin exemplifies the strength of the Australia-United States Alliance and sends a clear signal about our shared commitment to regional security,” Ms. Reynolds said. (xiii)

“The Marines will achieve significant training outcomes with the Australian Defence Force…” Ms. Reynolds said. (xiii)

“I am pleased that the modified deployment will proceed this year, following careful planning and preparations undertaken by both Australia and the United States to minimize COVID-19 risks to the Northern Territory.” Ms. Reynolds said. (xiii)

A.I. comments…

Communist China’s deliberate military build-up in the region is increasing the high risk of China’s mission to start World War III.

This objective is being pushed by Xi Jinping who seems to be copying the once upon a time ambitions of Imperial Japan that started WWII in the Pacific Asian region in 1941.

“The Marines train extensively in the Northern Territory but also take part in exercises outside Australia including with forces from New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Tonga, and the French military force in the South Pacific.” (xiii)

Thus ends this treatise on Communist China’s mission to launch a ‘Cold War’ with the high-risk intention of starting a ‘Hot War’ by 2050 to expand its dominion of control in the South Pacific and Southern Territories of Asia.

If ‘Communist China’ launches such a war it will be World War III.

Let us pray for millions of Chinese people that they will succeed in establishing ‘Liberty Values’ and ‘Democracy’ in China and are able to get rid of the dictatorship of ‘Communism’.

If the Communist Chinese Leaders start a ‘Hot War’ inevitably over a billion people will perish in a ‘Nuclear Holocaust’ in the region of battle, and a ‘Nuclear Winter’ will rule.

Say a prayer that wisdom and common-sense rises defending ‘Freedom Values’ forever.

Without freedom we shall all perish.

The Communist Party of Australia Organised this Demonstration

On 2nd, June 2020




Allan Ivarsson comments… The ‘Communist Party of Australia’ did not encourage this protest because they care about the fact “That Black Lives Matter”. They used gullible protestors who are overreacting to the American bad behaviour incident. This demonstration organised by the ‘Communist Party’ is an organised subtle protest against Democracy, Capitalism and ‘Freedom Values’. The gullible naïve protestors do not realise that if Communists take control of Australia all peaceful protestors will be imprisoned or executed. The protestors would achieve more by creating a ‘Free Speech’ website than demonstrating in the streets. Demonstrations do not change anything. Changes come from ‘Petitions’, Website reports and letters to Parliament. Most common-sense thinking people do not participate in demonstrations and don’t take serious notice of ideas in placards, it is just a news flash that vanishes. Demonstrations are a waste of energy and forgotten within four weeks after the demonstration.

And just for the record… ‘Black Lives Matter’. ‘White Lives Matter’. ‘Asian Lives Matter’ ‘Natives Lives Matter’. Latin American Lives Matter. All ‘Homo Sapiens Lives Matter. It is not a race concern… it is a human rights concern. Enemies of ‘Freedom Values’ are belief systems ‘Communism, Fascism, Islam and Socialism’. Don’t be gullible and naïve do not participate in ‘Street Demonstrations’ there are far better ways to fight for ‘Freedom Values’ and your right to live free in peace. But also remember that ‘freedom rights demand that we don’t do anything to take away other people’s rights to live free in peace’. Blocking the streets and parks denying people freedom of passage, is not respecting the freedom of other people who have the right to disagree with the demonstration.

Demonstrations are an abuse of the right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ when it denies others of any race or colour the human right to walk free in passage through parks and streets.

Blocking streets and park locations in mass prayer is also an abuse of freedom privileges. Muslims do this regularly in Western Nations to force us to submit to their anti-freedom Islamic Dictatorship, by blocking public streets in prayer. Anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine by ‘Blasphemy Law’ and ‘Sharia Law’ rejects outright the eternal human right to live free in speech, choice, and equality.

Demonstrators need to wake up… most demonstrators are manipulated by organisation leaders that want to destroy freedom values. Don’t let yourself become a naïve gullible puppet controlled by anti-freedom philosophical, political, and religious organisations. Belief Systems can be light or dark in thinking and behaviour. Always choose the way of the light… and reject dark ideas.


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