Wake Up World – It is time to escape Vanity & Insecure Feelings.

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This ‘Wake Up World – It is time to escape Vanity & Insecure Feelings’ online presentation was Published in 2019 Paperback book COMPENDIUM V printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book. amazon.com

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To Live Truly Free… go up the Spiritual Escalator towards Ascension, rejecting all Fixed Dogma, choosing ‘The Way’ of eternal Ahimsa ‘Open Mind’, strengthened by the calm spirit of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ ability to think outside the square of the square.

Wake Up World – It is time to escape Vanity & Insecure Feelings.


 ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ used with ‘Inner Peace’ and ‘Emotional Intelligence’ really works. And when connected to the use of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ does advance the strength of the spirit and the quality of mental thinking.

‘Love is an Attitude’ is a correct thought, but that does not mean we every day stand in front of a mirror saying to ourselves “I love you” as foolish self-help personal development belief systems teach. That method is a self-promoting vanity action which hides insecure feelings and experiences and only serves to camouflage the truth, which is that without real ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ void of negative and vanity feelings, we will never live with true confidence.

To feel confidence, we must always have a ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ and live life with “Enthusiasm”. Up and down, we must keep going, never giving up, always working towards quality of improvement in our life. ‘Quality of Life’ is not just about material things which are only comfort tools to help us. Real ‘Quality of Life’ begins with right attitude, right thinking and right behaviour. And all of that guidance development system within our mind, begins with elimination of negativity and all false knowledge belief systems. To succeed we need open mind courage not afraid to think outside the square of the square.

We must strive for material gain to improve quality of life comfort. But do not make the mistake of being greedy in that objective, for as has been taught century after century since ancient times “where the heart is creates misery or happiness” and wealth never makes a person happy when surrounded by negative thinking, apathy, vanity and false knowledge beliefs.

The most important quality of life objective is to learn higher truth, the way of enlightenment, rising towards ascension. This is an eternal dynamic objective which knows no end to learning. All recorded knowledge on planet earth and throughout the Universe about light and dark ideas, about right and wrong, about truth and untruth, about justice and injustice and about always doing the right thing, exists forever in ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ the eternal collective mind of the Universe, of Creation that which for communication nametag convenience can be called the ‘Mind of God’ the ‘Cosmic Reservoir of Knowledge’ the ‘Godhead’.

As I wrote in my ‘Blue Light Mission Statement’

The beginning of PMA rejects all feelings of ‘Depression’ and all ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ as foolish irresponsible thinking. ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, begins with rejecting love of yourself, the way of vanity, like that foolish Queen in the story of Snow White that was so obsessed with looking into a mirror that she lost sight of her negative obsession with her own vanity, and thus lead herself down an insecure path towards her own self destruction. Fragile is the world of those persons, whom are focused on love of self, they cannot ever cope with real life, when the real pressures of existence are turned on against them.

PMA the way of ‘Cosmicism’ thinks safe… thinks survive…without fear of taking calculated risks. Even professional stuntmen and stuntwomen, think safe…think survive and plan calculated risks, before doing the stunt. That fact is survival common sense.

The weak thinking, seek to love themselves to find inner peace, the strong thinking, with inner peace, do the opposite…they love life…they love people…they love animals…they love their planet…they love their universe…they love working to help make their life, their planet a better-quality world to live in, which gives all existence, humans and other animals, the right to live free in accordance with the flow of natural existence.

As part of PMA process, protect and preserve your self-confidence and enthusiasm by liking yourself, but only with the support of pragmatic common-sense wisdom. A vain person in love with their own self, is doomed to live a pretend life of limited fixed dogma thinking and is not capable of coping with real life challenges, when pressure moves upon them. A person incapable of doing truthful self-evaluation, which enables them to correct their wrong thinking and behaviour, is a person doomed to never evolving forward, on a continuous path of self-improvement.

Read the entire ‘Blue Light Mission Statement’… in 2018 COMPENDIUM I and it is posted in several of my 2017 books as an important projection of philosophical personal commitment.

Learn to know the difference between an imaginary God Creator that has never done a thing to help people and all other forms of altruistic life. Compared to ‘God of Creation’ a spiritual guide that has no physical creative powers, a mentor that exists in the Universe in eternal ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ forever evolving in knowledge, dynamic and forever expanding its awareness and consciousness, expanding past ascension for as long as the Universe exists.

Channelling works when used wisely. It does not work when used inspired by vanity and negativity.

Love is not walking around saying to every stranger “I love you”. Love is living inner peace and sharing peace with others in a kind chivalrous honourable altruistic way. Dogs, Horses and Dolphins, and many Whales and Elephants and even Penguins understand this cosmic truth… it is time for humans to increase their awareness of this higher essence of existence.

Christians claim that we must walk the path of Jesus to be saved, we must worship God and we must love all, including our enemies. But the wiser know if we truly care about our enemies, we must not be naïve, for trust is earned not given. To help our enemies the best way is to abolish all anti-freedom of speech laws, we must free the world of all ‘Blasphemy Laws’. We cannot help people if we enforce oppression. From Ancient to Modern Times far too many religions, Christianity and Islam included have been supporting the existence of ‘Oppression’ backed by the existence of ‘Blasphemy Law’ and that is not acceptable thinking and behaviour.

Only a ‘Free World’ can collectively share love and peace. We will not stop the ‘Habit of War’ until the entire Universe starting with Planet Earth/Gaia lives free. Cruelty and Oppression must be stopped!

The failing of Islam which every wiser person understands is that the Qur’an, verified by Hadiths’ teaches all Muslims to hate all non-Muslims and to reject ‘Freedom & Equality’ values and oppress all non-Muslims and to also oppress all Muslims enforced by anti-freedom of speech ‘Blasphemy Law’. Even Saudi Arabia the heart of Islam supports the enforcement of oppression and so does all Islamic Nations including Indonesia who foolishly centuries ago before the name Indonesia was created allowed insidious Muslim Clerics to invade their country teaching them false knowledge nonsense.

Many degree-qualified Politicians in the West are equally intellectually inferior in thinking like Islamic Doctrine, because they are not smart enough to comprehend the clear and present danger of backward oppressive Islamic Doctrine.

Why should I respect the University Degree of any person that supports the existence of any form of ‘Totalitarianism’ and thus rejects freedom values? Answer… I should not and will not ever respect degree qualifications that encourage the existence of ‘Totalitarianism’ in any form. And that means rejecting, Communism, Fascism, Islam and Socialism and all other forms of ‘Totalitarianism’.

Even the use of drugs which control the brain and remove ‘Free Will’ is a consumption of ‘Totalitarian Forces’.

Chabad.org correctly wrote in a September 2018 e-mail, “So many of us today are feeling distressed, their lives disrupted. Anxious and unsettled about the present, many worry about the future.”

These words are true, but the way out of this negative feeling is to live true with calm spirit ‘Positive Mental Attitude’. As I have said in other writings, I learned this strength, self-empowerment in 1970 as a 21-year-old. And consequently, I have never suffered from depression, bitterness, cynicism, hate or any form of negativity. When I was given three hours to live in late 1975 after a bad accident, it was PMA backed by my belief in a God of Creation, a spiritual guidance mentor that saved my life. I was destined to live for the rest of my life near seventy years now, in intense pain in my left leg and it still did not deter me from living a dynamic life. I have known excruciating pain as a constant up and down, morphine would ease it, but I was wise enough and tough enough never to use pain killers. Instead I lived hard and dynamic backed by PMA. I have done more on a bad leg than most people do on two good legs. I consider myself fortunate that I survived the accident and again survived the subsequent blood clot on the lungs, the harsh painful reality that tried to kill me. But my ‘Positive Mental Attitude’, toughness of mind backed by my trust in the spiritual power of my mentor God of Creation, gave me the strength to defeat the odds trying to permanently take me out. I used Channelling for the first time in the early hours of the morning at 3am when I heard I only had three hours to live. The rest of my life up and down, hardship and struggle, good times and bad times, lived free of depression, backed by willpower to win, founded upon my 1970 learning of the power of ‘Positive Mental Attitude’.

I have never been anxious about security or the future. I lived each day for the moment and just simply planned for the future with only immediate realistic achievable expectations. Sometimes I won, sometimes I lost. But I kept going forward backed by PMA.

The secret of dealing with fear is to face it with courage of conviction, to live not foolishly fearless but rather wiser in the way fear is managed and defeated.

Chabad.org wrote… “We will beseech G-d to grant us a Happy, Healthy and Sweet New Year. We will explicitly request that he grant us tranquillity, and surely, He will!

“But our Sages teach us that in order to achieve the maximum return on our prayers, we must also take firm, resolute action, to ‘prime the pump’, to increase in our mitzvot.” #

“So, here’s an idea to establish some new facts on the ground, jumpstart a better year and encourage G-d’s blessing:

“Let us all simply, right here and now, bless everyone we know. That’s right: Let’s shower one another with blessings!

“Regardless of how we’ve been treated by others or how we’ve treated them, irrespective of what we think of other’s views or what they think of ours, let us each bless everyone we know: Friend, foe and everyone between.

“Once. Twice. And again.”

You will note that Jews do not name God. They are correct God is nameless, like all of existence throughout the universe. We humans use name tags, because it is obvious common sense that we cannot communicate without the use of names to explain things.

And the word God, an acronym meaning ‘Good, Order and Direction’ is an important word for describing the spiritual essence of the unknown.

When we read the Jewish words above, we discern the same type of teachings that are taught in Christianity by Jesus… “Blessed are those who…” Read… “Sermon of the Mount”. Of course, Christianity follows the same kindness and altruistic teachings, because Jesus was a Jew.

So why did Christianity persecute Jews for over a thousand years into the late 20th Century as the founders of ‘Anti-Semitism’, later adopted by Muhammad and Hitler and the KKK and others? The answer… because of the invention of the vanity of the Roman Christian Church, who taught Christians to hate Jews, in much the same way as Muslims are taught to hate Jews and Christians.

I said this before, the original Christians that followed Jesus were Jews and some Roman converts that did not trust in the Bible, because it did not exist. They gained their guidance from the Torah plus the teachings of Jesus which was taught to him by Judaism. All Jesus did was correct some wrong teachings in the Torah and one of them was rejecting the idea of an eye for an eye.

Roman Christianity by their history of insidious cruelty behaviour over a thousand years plus, never truly understood the wisdom of Jesus guidance. If they had understood Jesus, the history of cruelty enforced by anti-Semitism and the ‘Christian Inquisition’ would never have existed.

The Christian persecution of so-called ‘Bastard Children’ and women who gave birth out of wedlock, and the stolen children not just of Aborigine mothers but also from White mothers in Britain, Ireland and Australia etc. proves how evil Christian history of behaviour has been. Worship is not worth a damn, if it is not always backed by altruistic kindness. The Christians that openly and silently shunned me and verbally attacked me between 2003 and 2010 in Grafton NSW Australia accusing me of being a ‘Blasphemous Man’ proved to me how evil Christians can be.

The Jewish Belief System is riddled with doctrine belief system errors, but so too is Christianity and Islam encased in Doctrine Belief System errors. The correct decision is to walk away from all organised religion and learn the wiser way of ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

If the intellectually backward Roman Church had not invented organised Christianity, then the equally insidious organised Islamic Doctrine would never have been created.

The fact is Judaism was on the right path and so was Buddhism, if the East and West had evolved with the evolution of philosophy and science which was kickstarted by Ancient Greece, the world would have lived a kinder more peaceful existence and the ‘Habit of War’ would never have escalated to the out-of-control existence which pervaded the 20th Century and continues to threaten the survival of the 21st Century. We must learn and teach ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to climb out of this insane warlike mentality which thrives in acts of war and on our streets in gangland violence and demonstration violence.

When are we humans going to learn to dump vanity and insecurity into the garbage bin where such weak-minded feelings belong?

Notice the blessing comment… “Once. Twice. And Again.” I have written about ‘Threefold power’ and how it has influenced every civilization for thousands of years in every culture, read my book ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ to learn more.

God Creator will not give us tranquillity because imaginary God Creator does not exist. But we can give ourselves tranquillity by learning inner peace backed by PMA. We can communicate with our spiritual mentor of love and peace, a God of Creation that has no physical powers but can help us learn enlightenment on our eternal path towards ascension.

Learn to know the difference between imaginary God Creator and the spiritual essence of God of Creation.

Don’t shower people with blessings that is a useless time-wasting activity. Simply live an altruistic caring life backed by inner peace and positive mental attitude. Be respectful and courteous. Be nice, always strive to be nice, until its time not to be nice, when dealing with oppressive bully persons.

Blessing people did not save the six million Jews sacrificed in the Holocaust. It would have been better if the Jews had fought back in battle than to submit to the evil dictatorship of Nazism. Dying in battle fighting for the right to live free is far better than just tamely submitting to the oppression of tyranny.

All throughout human history over 200,000 years of Homo Sapiens existence, not once has a God Creator helped to save people when they have been persecuted, oppressed by evil tyrants and not once does God Creator ever make the effort to save people from Earths Natural Dangers or from Asteroid invasions from outer space. Why? Because God Creator is powerless. Why? Because God Creator is in our naïve imagination and does not exist. And that reality is fact.

Chabad.org said in conclusion… “Let’s flood the world with blessing and G-d will surely reciprocate!”

Really when? God has never reciprocated for the last 200,000 years and never will.

We must change the way we think and remember spiritual guidance is only that and nothing more. How we live is up to us, we must always strive to do the right thing. To win we must simply free the world by banning all anti-freedom laws and focus on building a Universal collection of societies that do not worship God or any other Oppressive Belief System but do instead live with ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

This is a teaching evolution process, not a revolution.

P.I. is the destiny of humankind, the wisest path, the best belief system path, any other direction traps itself inside a self-made prison wall of incompetent fixed dogma.

 # mitzvot a plural Hebrew word means Commandments. Mitzvah means Commandment. There are 613 mitzvot, Jewish rules i.e. commandments. They cover many subjects, including instructions about food and punishments and how God should be worshipped. It is claimed that Jews were given these rules after they were given to Moses as part of the covenant.

 Allan Ivarsson comments… Many of these laws are common-sense laws. Other laws are incorrect wrong thinking. And punishment laws enforcing the ‘Death Penalty’ are wrong ‘Satanic Laws’. And persecution of children born out of wedlock and persecution of unmarried women, calling such children, illegitimate bastards… and such women whores is an evil thinking act. God Creator did not deliver all of these laws to Moses. These mitzvot’s were invented by humans, not by God. Because imaginary God Creator does not exist and has no physical powers of control throughout the Universe. Proof of this truth exists in volumes which blind thinking fixed dogma believers cannot see.

 The only God which exists is a ‘Spiritual God’, a mentor of Love and Peace. A ‘Spiritual God has no physical powers. God is an acronym for ‘Good, Order & Direction. God is not a revengeful God and is not a jealous God. These latter emotions are signs of human frailty and for that reason alone it is obvious that such ideas were invented by humans and not delivered by God channelling laws to humans.

‘Cosmic Law’ bans the ‘Death Penalty’ and overrules all Satanic ideas in every so-called ‘God’s Words’ Holy Books. The wisest choice is to use ‘Cosmic Law’ as a guide backed by common-sense. The end of organised religion is coming. Religions will not be forced to close except in anti-freedom Communist and anti-freedom Islamic Nations. But all fixed dogma mentality be it Philosophical, Political, or Religious will gradually fade out as more people in society become wiser and more dynamic in common-sense freedom values.

 A good society rejects all forms of ‘Totalitarianism’. And this includes rejecting ‘Street/Park Demonstrations’ which misuse ‘Freedom Privilege’ by blocking passage of people’s right to walk peacefully void of harassment. There are far better, wiser ways, to stand for cause ideas than by denying others freedom of passage and by striving to force others to agree with the demands on banners. Not all demonstrations in ideas are right, many are wrong.

 There is no place for fixed dogma in a good decent altruistic caring society. The act of worship is subservience to an imaginary God which foolish people fear. There is nothing to fear about God. A God of Love does not demand fear and worship and encourages people to serve ‘God of Creation’ a spiritual God not in worship but in simply living good decent caring lives of ahimsa kindness to all altruistic living creatures.

 ‘God of Creation’ i.e. Eternal ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, is simply a mentor by communication channelling, teaching wisdom, love, peace and kindness and the right of every creature to live free in speech, choice and equality provided they do not deny any other altruistic creature the same right. We have the right by ‘Natural Law’ of self-defence but that is all.

 Ahimsa means… non-injury, non-violence.

Freedom Values starts with 160117

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