Communist China falsely accuses Australians of being unfriendly.

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The Great Wall of China was built to keep people out… now ‘Communist China’ wants to cross over its borders to conquer other Nations and thereby extend its power of control over the Globe. That tyrannical ambition is not acceptable thinking and behaviour and must be stopped.

Communist China falsely accuses Australians of being unfriendly.

Do not waste your time trying to ease tensions with ‘Communist China’.

Communist China wants complete oppressive control of all regions in the South Pacific, South Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand, etc. China only fears America. Such is the vanity of the Communists. The Anti-Freedom Ideology of Communism oppresses their own people in China, North Korea and wherever this Marxist political/philosophical ideology exists.

Even Saudi Arabia the heart of Islam is afraid to challenge China. There are near 20 million Chinese Muslims in China and they are oppressed by Communism. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia, Iran and CAIR in USA are afraid to challenge China’s oppression of the Chinese Muslims.

The above comment does not mean that I approve of anti-freedom Islamic Doctrine. It simply means that even the main heart of Islam is afraid to challenge China. And I vehemently reject anti-freedom ‘Sharia Law’ with the contempt it deserves.

I reject every anti-freedom ideology, which includes the ‘Totalitarian’ Belief Systems, of Communism, Fascism, Islam, and Socialism. I also reject all other ‘Totalitarian Ideology’ which is locked into fixed dogma that strives to enforce ‘Blasphemy Law and all anti-freedom of speech legislation.

In addition, I reject all Demonstrations on streets which behave with tyrannical demanding intent. These demonstrations misuse and abuse ‘Freedom of Speech Privilege’. They behave like dictators blocking freedom of movement passage of people in streets and in parks. This harassment tactic is totalitarian and is an enemy of all decent caring people that treasure the right to live free void of harassment.

There is no such thing as a peaceful demonstration. Even when pretending to be peaceful, demonstrators will physically attack others who disagree with the ideas tabled in the demonstrations. Many ideas on banners are idiotic rants which lack common-sense. Demonstrators often disobey police efforts to control bad behaviour and have been known to deliberately injure police and other people caught in the path of a demonstration. All such demonstrations are ‘Totalitarian Behaviour’ and thus are automatically enemies of the people that value their right to live free void of harassment. There is no place for mob rule.

The only freedom of speech movements that have peaceful behaviour are convoys of trucks, buses and bikes that move across the country in a mobile queue. Fun Parades approved by Governments are another way of enjoying freedom of speech, void of harassment of others.

Cosmic Law states…

“Thou shalt not demonstrate on the streets for ideas.”

“Thou shalt recognize there are better ways to speak freely without harassing other people.”

Allan Ivarsson 2020

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.


In a brief MSM news report by Lidia Kelly, dated 8th June 2020, her title hit the table of concern… ‘Australia says China unresponsive to its pleas to ease tensions.’ (i)

“Australia said on Monday China remains unresponsive to its weeks-long pleas to ease tensions between the two trading partners that escalated after Canberra called for an international enquiry into the origins of the novel coronavirus.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Communist China has been bullying Australia by threatening Aussies since May 2020. Communist China’s dictatorship mission was imposed as a revenge tactic to hurt the economics of our Nation. I have dealt with this history previously as my readers know.


“Australia has insisted the call for an independent investigation into the pandemic, which it says most likely originated in a wildlife market in the Chinese city of Wuhan, was not politically targeted at Beijing.” (i)

A.I. comments… Communist China following a ‘Totalitarian’ Doctrine will not ever listen to the truth tabled by Australian Diplomatic Politicians. Communists true to their dictatorship ideology are always forceful in their political beliefs and will always be easily offended, like a child throwing a tantrum, and will never listen to the common-sense reasons of goodwill tabled by people who believe in the principles of Democracy and the Values of Freedom.

Communist China has a history of persecuting Chinese people that tried to speak freely to tell the truth and seek the establishment of Political Freedom in speech, choice, and equality. Last December 2019, eight medical doctor professionals wanted to inform the world about the dangers of COVID-19, and they were silenced by Communist China lead by their President Xi Jinping, who is easily offended when he is challenged.

“China accused Australia of playing “petty tricks” and the Chinese ambassador to Australia warned Chinese consumers could boycott Australian products if Australia pursued the inquiry.” (i)

A.I. comments… Yes, we readers know that, and I have tabled that history previously. So what is the concern?

“Beijing has been ignoring Canberra’s pleas.” (i) Said Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham.

“Overall relations have been strained amid Australian accusations of Chinese meddling in domestic affairs and concern about what Australia sees as China’s growing influence in the Pacific region.” (i)

A.I. comments… We have every right to be concerned when we see the Chinese Navy exploring waters off our coast outside the 200 nautical mile International Waters Boundary Lines. Missiles can travel far longer distances to hit the target and wipe out a city.

And we have an increased right to be concerned when ‘Communist China’ is striving to assert itself in the Pacific region and in the Southern Asia region including crossing the boundary lines into Indian territory. Killing so far at least 20 Indian Soldiers in conflicts throwing them off mountains. It would not have happened if China had not invaded Indian land. Accident or intent? Intent is correct because China started the invasion fight.


Communist China is easily offendedbecause they expect every society in the region to submit to the dictatorship of Communist China’s extension of control demands. Well that is not going to happen, not on my watch.

China may have been Australia’s biggest export market being more than 30% of Australia’s export value, but such trade is a serious mistake. Trading with ‘Totalitarian’ Nations is always a mistake. We don’t need financial deals with Nations that oppress their people. We must always stand for freedom values and reject countries that deny their people the eternal human right to live free.

Living by the ‘Insanity of Greed’ in Import/Export trades with Despot ruled Nations is like bringing a ‘Trojan Horse’ into our country. It invites conquest from within the Nation. And accepting such an invitation is very foolish.

As we read previously ‘Communist China’ has been lying to its people who only have propaganda Communist newspapers to read like ‘Global Times’ falsely claiming that Australia has been citing racial discrimination and violence against the Chinese because of the coronavirus 19 pandemic. Canberra correctly disputed this deceitful claim by Xi Jinping China.


The Daily Mail Australia delivered another headline about the conflict between China and Australia. The opening line read… ‘China blasts Australians for their ‘unfriendly attitude’. State media warns that Chinese tourism will be halted, and that economic blow will be the ‘tip of the iceberg’. By Lauren Ferri and Aidan Wondracz dated 8th, June 2020. (ii)


“Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism urging people not to travel to Australia.” (ii)

“Chinese state-owned media have blasted Australians for their racism and unfriendly attitude and are urging tourists not to travel Down Under.” (ii)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Communist Chinese Hypocrisy floats recklessly in Chinese circles. If we Aussies are so unfriendly and racist then why is Communist Chinese Corporations still striving to invest in business and property ownership in Australia? Red China is encouraging stopping Chinese to visit Australia only because Communist China wants to hurt our income from tourists and students visiting our Nation. In addition China does not want its citizens to start liking the values of freedom in preference to the oppressive dictatorship of anti-freedom Communism. Educated people who value democratic liberty society are dangerous to a totalitarian society that wants to always oppress the people.

The Global Times… warned there had been a ‘significant increase’ in racism against Asian people.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Most Aussies are not racist. But there is no such thing as a perfect decent society. During my lifetime of 70 years plus I have met nice Chinese people and unfriendly Chinese people. Every society since the beginning of human time has a mixture of friendly and unfriendly people. There always shall exist unjust prejudice in every Nation including China. Human Nature has a constant history since the dawn of ‘Homo Sapiens’ of being in conflict with each other and being prejudiced towards others. The conflicts are not about race that idea in people’s thinking is the excuse for creating conflict. The real cause of conflicts is a clash of ‘Belief System’ ideas on the streets, between states, between countries and even between families. Anyone who thinks we will achieve Utopia is misguided. There is no such thing and just for the record the original philosophical ‘Utopia Model’ was a very boring society, worse than Communism. No one that had any strength of character could live happily in such a limited thinking society.

There is nothing friendly by Communist President Xi Jinping threatening Australia and India.

We did not start the ‘Cold War’ with China. And India did not send troops into China. It was China that sent troops crossing the Indian border to cause conflict that is moving closer to after physical conflict, of becoming a dangerous ‘Hot War’.

“Angered that both Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack and Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham had slammed the travel warning as having ‘no basis in fact’, the ‘Global Times’ warned Chinese travellers could be blocked from visiting Australia.” (ii)

“Empty political rhetoric by Australian politicians would not be enough to improve the current stalemate in bilateral relations’, the editorial [Communist Chinese Newspaper ‘Global Times’] said. (ii)

“If Australia wants to retain the gain from its economic ties with China, it must make a real change to its current stance on China, or it will completely lose the benefits of Chinese consumers.” (ii)

A.I. comments… What the ‘Global Times’ writing on behalf of ‘Communist China is really saying… we either submit to Communist Chinese Dictatorship or China will destroy our economic benefits. A large percentage of imports from China is poor quality performance and is not that cheap. We would be better off returning to the days when we made our own products in Australia that were superior to Chinese Junk. It is better to pay more for excellent quality than less for inferior standards. We need to return to self-sufficiency in Australian Manufacturing.

Do not forget our exports in iron ore is helping ‘Communist China’ make steel to build a stronger military including ships and aircraft carriers with planes and missiles, which when they deem they are stronger than USA they will use against us and all Nations in the South Pacific and Southern Asia and India.

Is our obsession with greed income from exports and imports worth sacrificing our right to live free when China decides to wage World War III?

Remember, in war all imports are cut-off- stopped. Only self-sufficiency can survive.

It will be smarter for Australia to focus on becoming self-sufficient in every which way without trading with ‘Totalitarian Nations’. I shall say this again and again until it sinks into the minds of every person that wants to live free, generation after generation. Without complete self-sufficiency we are not living truly free.

“The editorial [Global Times] labelled the Australia government’s denial of increased racist incidents as ‘feeble’ – and part of a sequence of anti-China measures.” (ii)

A.I. comments… On behalf of Xi Jinping President of Communist China, the ‘Global Times’ ruthlessly lied like the coward liars they are. It was China that started this ‘Cold War’ with us and with India. We did not start this conflict; China started it encouraged by the insidious character of the writers and editors of the ‘Global Times’. Anyone who invents lies like that which comes out of the mouthpiece of Communist China, like the ‘Global Times’, is a coward. It takes courage to speak the truth and communists don’t know the meaning of true mental courage which thrives in ‘Free Nations’. Anyone can physically fight, including fools, but it takes freedom loving courage to fight to protect the values of ‘Liberty’, Justice and Truth, which the ‘Global Times’ are afraid to defend.

“It is Australia’s unfriendly attitude, not the travel alert, that may really scare away Chinese tourists and students,’ The ‘Global Times’ editorial read.” (ii)

A.I. comments… For decades, thousands of Chinese students have been going to our Universities, and there has not been racist conflicts. If such dramas existed, we the people would know about it through news reports. Australians and Chinese have assimilated over the decades when working with them and in Educational Organisations. I have worked with Chinese and Indians and had them reporting to me. I have reported to a Chinese boss who employed me because of my skills in Logistics Manufacturing.

Once again the ‘Global Times’ lied. This travel scare was started by Xi Jinping and the Communist Party to try desperately to hurt Aussies and the economics of our Nation. The threats were not tabled by good Chinese people that visit Australia. They the tourists and the students are quite happy to meet us and share time with us in work and play.

No one Chinese or Australian or other Nations should ever trust the words of the Communist Global Times fake newspaper.

“From its push for a US-led inquiry into COVID-19 to its interference in the Hong Kong affair and the upcoming overhaul of its foreign investment rules that are expected to tighten scrutiny over foreign investment, Australian politicians are demonstrating their antipathy toward China.” (ii)

A.I. comments… Once again ‘Global Times’ lied. The deceit of ‘Global Times’ knows no boundaries. It was Australia that first launched the push for a global enquiry into the origin/cause of COVID-19. USA simply supported the objective. Communist China could have informed the World in December 2019. But refused to pass forward that serious alert and instead silenced eight of its professional medical doctors and made them disappear into the Communist network of deliberate oppression.

As for Australians concern about foreign investment in Australia, we have a natural right to be concerned and watchful of investments in Australia. It is our country and heritage and we must always responsibly protect our Nation from overseas investment and invasion and that is the duty of every citizen of every Nation in the World.

We must be even more concerned when we observe ‘Totalitarian’ Nations like Communist China trying to invest in our nation in an economic bid to take control of our Nation from within.

Global Times stated… “Australian politicians have always readily launched attacks against China even when they know clearly that their assertions are unjustified, because they are too easily swayed by US political attitude and too eager to win US favors.” (ii)

A.I. comments… We Aussies have never tried to win US favours… we don’t have to win favours we have been natural friends and allies for a century and stood united long before the evil of Communism took control of China. And our people, # majority of politicians included, have not previously attacked China, until China started a ‘Cold War’ with us; what we the people have correctly said to our politicians is that we are seriously concerned about foreign investment in our Nation, especially an anti-freedom Communist Nation. That valid concern is not attacking China it is simply reprimanding the decisions of our politicians. We are justifiably concerned about our sacrifice of our self-sufficiency by importing things we have the ability to grow, fish and manufacture.

We have a right to be concerned and we have a right to reject the anti-freedom ideology of Communism.

There are always abusive people in the world in every society and the worse use coarse language and physical threats.

# Pauline Hanson is an exception which most people ignored, however some of her past history comments, not all, are proving to be valid.

I was once abused by ‘Cantonese Chinese’ people in a restaurant in Sydney in 1978 who followed me and my girlfriend outside at night in Coogee Beach suburb, to fight me, three of them against one of me. Being experienced in street fighting, I started to move towards them, and my girlfriend grabbed my arm and pulled me back, asking me to leave. I agreed and left them standing there. That was the first time as a lesson of life that I had ever experienced the prejudiced hate of Chinese against me. In the past I went to high school in the 1960’s and made friends with Chinese people, we shared some great times, and I met many good Chinese people in the years ahead. There was no conflict, no hate and some have been my friendly neighbours and others were work mates and associates.

The only problem that exists now is with Communist Chinese that have threatened Australians and started a ‘Cold War’ against us and India.

We must not ever submit to the dictatorship of anti-freedom Communism.

And we owe the good Chinese people that want to live free in Australia and in China the support that is necessary to oppose Communism and its evil oppressive doctrine.



Blacklist Policy Poster 2017 Image 002

Whilst the sarcasm in this patriotic song is a valid concern, the message of the song really means we are not going to accept the sell-off of our country.

We must fight to rebuild ‘Self-Sufficiency’ and stop imports of items that we can grow, fish and build.

The Politicians that refuse to fight for ‘Self-Sufficiency’ must be sacked by the people at voting time.

Allan Ivarsson 2020



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