History repeats itself time and again…

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History repeats itself time and again…


This ‘History repeats itself time and again… ‘online presentation was Published in 2018 Paperback book PHILOSOPHICAL INTELLIGENCE printed in colour on quality paper, by BLUE LIGHT PUBLICATIONS. It is also available in Electronic Kindle book. amazon.com

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Previously… in 2007 A 19th Century North American Indian Challenges Christianity followed by 2012 introduction ‘History repeats itself time and again…

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Using Red Jacket’s words rewritten by A.I. – deleted word ‘white’ inserted word ‘Muslim’. Deleted word ‘Indian’ inserted ‘Infidel’. Deleted ‘strong liquor,’ inserted ‘Sharia Law’. A prophesy of what is now happening in every ‘Western Country’, and shall continue to grow worse, until the high risk of civil war explodes, between Muslims and non-believers. Thanks to inferior thinking politicians in the West- increasing violence is coming…

“But an evil day came upon us. Your forefathers crossed the great water and landed on this island. Their numbers were small. They found friends and not enemies. They told us they had fled from their own country for fear of wicked men and had come here to enjoy their religion. They asked for a small seat. We took pity on them, granted their request, and they sat down among us. We gave them corn and meat; they gave us poison in return.”

“The Muslim people, brother, had now found our country. Tidings were carried back and more came among us. Yet we did not fear them. We took them to be friends. They called us brothers. We believed them and gave them a larger seat. At length, their numbers had greatly increased. They wanted more land; they wanted our country. Our eyes were opened, and our minds became uneasy. Wars took place. Infidels were hired to fight against Infidels, and many of our people were destroyed. They also brought Sharia Law among us. It was strong and powerful and has slain thousands.”

Islam’s Mission is to conquer the world and force conversion. The ‘Islamization of the Globe’ will send the world back 1400 years into darkness- an age of cruelty, oppression and violence.

The problem we now face is that during the last 1400 years Islam keeps expanding its’ power of control, invading and conquering new countries. Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism all primary partial resisters have failed to stop Islam. Why is this true? The reason is simple…80% of all the people that follow these four religions have one thing in common, they are apathetic and chose the path of ignorance, they chose and still do, to hide their head in the sand. That is the real reason violent Islam is winning takeover of the planet earth.

And now we continue…

Jewish leaders complain that conversion attempts imply that Judaism is an inferior religion. This seems unavoidably true. Any attempt to convert implies that the faith on offer is superior. ‘Theological arrogance’ isn’t a bad description. But if theological arrogance is insulting to rival theologies, the insult is inherent in religion itself, isn’t it? …”

“All religions claim to have answers to life’s most central questions. Any one of them may be right, but all of them can’t be right. And each one’s claim to be right necessarily implies that others are wrong.” #

Michael Kinsley 2001

#Viewpoint essay… Don’t Want to Convert? Just Say No. By Michael Kinsley, Page 34; Time magazine, February 19, 2001.

Well here we go again on the merry-go-round! Reality is true; all religions try to convert others to their beliefs. And true it is… that all religions believe that their religion is superior to other religions. Religions play at being tolerant towards each other, trying to live in a multicultural society. But deep down each religion, has no tolerance for other religions. The only difference between some religions and Islam is that Islam is more honest about it. The rule of ‘Majority Islam’ is simple… “Convert or die!”

Remember, what is said in private amongst friends and families is more likely to be the truth about how people think and feel. What they say in public, may be more, not so honest about how they truly feel. Of course, there are some that have the courage to say it the way they think, no matter whom they offend.

I remember as a child being raised up as a Christian hearing my mother criticise and reject Catholics and I was warned never to go out with a Catholic girl, an instruction I disobeyed when I was 17 years old. We were Protestants and in the 1950’s & 60’s Protestant and Catholics were on opposite sides of the fence and were deemed not compatible in marriage partnerships. In marriage, Protestants had to convert to Catholicism, not the other way around. Just like Muslims demand all Christians must convert to Islam, when marrying a Muslim, not the other way around.

All my High School mates, a mixture of Protestant and Catholic, didn’t care about what our parents said about our various religions, we were all mates and went to each other’s Churches to share insight and experience, about different ways of thinking. And we all had a great time learning from each other. Christianity took second position, mates were more important.

And now we shall travel forward forever feeling positive, not blindly over confident, simply positive in mental attitude.

A Chinese proverb wisely advises, “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”

And Blue Light adds…

“An open mind free of inhibitions helps you to peacefully walk through the doorway into the infinite universe of ‘Cosmic Consciousness’, where all wholesome truth and wisdom can be found, extracted and learnt. You are the true prophet of self; you do not need a leader. You are it. For that which guides you, is your persistent constant lifetime quest for higher truth and understanding, which knows no limits. Blue Light simply helps you as a guide along your journey into the vast mysteries of the Cosmos.”

Creationism continually challenges us insisting that we must believe that a God Creator, a God of Love, created all existence, and that our life or death, is the will of God. Anyone with any caring pragmatic intelligence can see the reams of false knowledge downloaded by these misguided beliefs. Imagine the horror of being slowly eaten alive by a plant. This is the fate of thousands of small living animals captured by carnivorous insect eating plants. These insectivorous plants have different diabolical traps in accordance with their species. Some have a simple sticky trap. Others use a pitfall system- the insect slides down to its demise. And another type stimulates action sensitive to touch, the plants jaws snap shut. “Help,” cries the victim in insect language. Such a cruel tragic death, even insects want to live. We all know that for survival, life kills that which is necessary for reasons of food and or self-defense. But it is only in the twentieth century that humans have gradually evolved towards the use of humane killing methods, to eliminate the cruelty and horrible torturous death, we naturally imposed upon other creatures during our past centuries as hunters. Even when a pest ant is killed, the good human kills it instantaneously, the bad human leaves the injured ant alive suffering a slow death.

The fact is most descent caring humans have more compassion and caring concern then the jealous ‘God Creator’ recorded in the Torah and the Old Testament Christian Holy Bible and in the Muslim Holy Book- the Koran (Qur’an). A God of Love would never have created such a cruel carnivorous insect eating plant. If there was a creator than the creator would have to be evil Satan. A God of Love would not create such an unkind uncaring, violent survival system of victimization targeted by ruthless predators. For this reason, Blue Light rejects the belief that God is the Creator. Blue Light reveals that God is Love and by this dimension alone, God is not the Creator, but rather God is like us, of the Creation. When you can comprehend this reality, you are ready to open your mind to all infinite knowledge, which knows no limits and is forever expanding in ‘Cosmic Consciousness’. Now you are ready to start your journey of true enlightenment and as you travel into the cosmos, past eleven years in cosmic consciousness, thou shall evolve into ascension past enlightenment. Only ordinary average reasonably educated people with open mind, who live various free choice lifestyles, shall achieve this process. The religious will never achieve it- they are losers.

I know, I have said some of this before, but we must spread the insight as to why a God Creator does not exist. The proof lies in the existence of a God of Love of Creation. Love is not cruel.

I cannot argue down those persons who believe in a Creator. Their conviction is locked, just as my belief is locked that God is not the Creator, but rather is of the Creation. I know that by the countless evidence, which I have witnessed that a God Creator does not exist. Each person must decide for his or her self what is true.

Those persons who believe in a ‘God Creator’ are self-imprisoned inside a square boundary of fixed dogma thoughts. Those persons who believe God is of the Creation, live outside the square and are not imprisoned by fixed dogma thoughts- they know no limits, there is no final truth, all knowledge is forever expanding, being open-ended.

Of the Creation is far more dynamic true to the nature of the Cosmos. The Creator is design restrictive, and evolution process has proven that creation is not design restrictive. Evolution is a trial and error natural chaos process of good and bad. A good caring Creator is always responsibly ‘design restrictive’. A bad uncaring Creator, is not design restrictive, and does not behave with a sense of caring concern for consequences. The history of life throughout the universe has never been design restrictive. And that is because chaos evolution process is a natural existence. Searching for a designer of life and the universe is an erroneous futile quest. Searching for truth is an achievable progressive objective. Knowledge forever expands upon itself.

God is Love of the Creation and has no control over human life destiny. God is Love as the Creator, is a hypocritical contradiction, for love would not create such cruel life forms preying upon each other. Such a Creator with cruel thinking would have to be Satan. To suggest that all the worlds suffering throughout life is the will of God, also reveals that such a God is evil- so much for love. Since I know God is Love, I therefore know that all the creature suffering is not Gods will, and that God is not the designer of life, but rather is like us ‘Of the Creation’ and has no control over the process of existence. Because the process of channelling works, and we can communicate with ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ for wisdom, guidance, insight, and inspirational creativity, it follows that this spiritual entity of cosmic consciousness must be the Mind of God, living in the light of truth and wisdom.

Many religious people get around this rejection of the existence of a God Creator, by clinging to belief in the Adam and Eve style mythical false knowledge creation story, and in the Noah’s Ark Fable that in disgust a God of Love abandoned his children, because they discovered the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And then years later, God demanded an ark be built to save two of every kind. What kind of loving father would abandon his children and leave them to exist in a trial and error world of cruelty and suffering? Certainly, not a caring good father. What sort of fool today would reject the truth of evolution process and believe the planet of life was saved by Noah’s Ark? Why is this so-called loving God in the Torah and the Old Testament and in the Koran, such a jealous and violent God, authorizing murder? Is this a loving God? -No way!

Blue Light teaches that jealousy is wrong and is a negative wasted emotion. A jealous God– not likely, God is smarter than this… for God of Love taught the writer that jealousy and violence is wrong. This God is of the Creation and is far superior to the God Creator. A God of Creation has far more advanced ‘Philosophical Intelligence’ than a God Creator of cruelty and suffering. Religious fanatics claim that violent death and suffering is the will of God. This idea is rubbish. Religious persons will never sell their false knowledge to the writer, they have lost their way trapped in a self-made prison of mythical false knowledge. The fact that many religious persons are in constant conflict using violence and cruelty against each other, proves all religions are false, for a true God of Love would not recognize these religions. The only challenger, who has a valid counter argument, is the atheist and agnostic. And I once thought that Atheism is probably correct. But one reason why I believe atheism is partly wrong, is the fact that channelling works linked to cosmic consciousness.

The Agnostic is correct, in thinking, in many ways, but as science progresses knowledge of ultimate cause is not impossible. If human kind learns P.I. and does not drive itself into extinction, it is highly probable that through gradual expansion of science knowledge, humankind shall one day in the future, come to understand the ultimate cause of existence.

Recap: Atheism has failed to answer… “Where do all ideas come from?”

Richard Dawkins in his excellent 2006 book ‘The God Delusion’ honestly wrote…

“I count myself in category 6 but leaning towards 7 –I am agnostic only to the extent that I am agnostic about fairies at the bottom of the garden.

“6. Very low probability, but short of zero. De facto atheist. ‘I cannot know for certain, but I think God is very improbable, and I live my life on the assumption that he is not there.

“7. Strong Atheist. ‘I know there is no God, with the same conviction as Jung “knows” there is one.’” #

# Source: Chapter 2 ‘The God Hypothesis’ Section: ‘The Poverty of Agnosticism’… Book First read by A.I. 2012.

“The Sumerians and the Egyptians made contributions to other fields of knowledge. They developed some knowledge of medicine and they classified plants and animals. But these societies never broke free of the limitations on their learning. More specifically, their religious beliefs and their unwillingness to accept new ideas held back their pursuit of knowledge. It was a later people, the Greeks, who first broke these barriers and provided humanity with many new ideas.”

Wayne Hindsley 1979

Author of Ancient Civilizations

ISBN 0 454 00101 0

Publisher Methuen of Australia Pty. Ltd.

Religion blocks expansion of knowledge. When truth conflicts with religious fixed dogma beliefs, religious fanatics given the opportunity will discard and destroy truth. The Greeks began to challenge religion. Their quest for truth began the evolution of philosophy, a Greek word meaning love of wisdom. The fact, is clear proven, by history and current attitudes, that religion is a fixed dogma negative belief system, which blocks the development of infinite wisdom and the evolutionary constant discovery of new truths. Note that the Sumerians and the Egyptians suffered from the mental restriction of religion, which discouraged their minds from the pursuit of higher knowledge and advanced wisdom. Christianity, Islam and many other religions in this 21st Century are still refusing to recognize many great discoveries. Great truths learnt by science will always be plagued by conflict, violence and negativity, for as long as mindless religion exists. There will never be any true peace until religion vanishes.

Religion too often, constantly incites hatred, intolerance and fanatical aggressive tyrannical violence. Religions often teach love, kindness and compassion, but this is not consistently lived. The fanatics back their religious obsession using fixed dogma force. Force can come in many forms, both violent and nonviolent. Religious boycotts, abuse, lawsuits and false allegations are another form of unjust fixed dogma force. I have over forty years’ experience of this mistreatment several times. I am sure others have likewise. Religious bigotry has and wants to create laws, which are another form of unjust tyranny and oppression of the right to freedom. The classic example of this, is rejection of the right of Gays to freedom of choice, the right to marry. They live together in de facto relationships, only evil would deny them the freedom of choice to marry, and the right to equality in ‘Freedom of Choice’, if they so choose to marry, it’s their call not religions right to dictate to society. Denying Gays, the right to marry is a ‘Totalitarian’ abuse of freedom. For every religious person who practices goodness, there is another religious fanatic who practices obsessive misuse and abuse of nonbelievers. Religion wants to tyrannize the world and impose false knowledge as being true, and dispose of proven path truth, which disagrees with religion. Religious fanatics in all different religions have one thing in common, they are ‘nutcases,’ many being potentially dangerous human beings, capable of extreme evil. History has proven this is true- sadly too often. I don’t respect dictatorship no matter how it disguises itself, and many Christians, Jews and Muslims are dictators, pretending to be nice. Proof is the bad treatment of Gays over the years, first outlawed, before the 1950’s in the West, denied the right to live legally true to how they feel, and now being once again denied the right to ‘Freedom of Choice’ in the early 2000 C.E. era. The oppression of Gays, denying them the right to ‘Freedom’ and ‘Equality’ is an ‘Apartheid Act’.

Treating children as ‘bastards’, illegitimate babies, whom were born out-of-wedlock, through no fault of their own, was another evil apartheid Christian doctrine, practiced by Christians, in past centuries, whom falsely claimed that they, Christians, were good decent caring people. There is nothing decent or caring about treating children as outcasts, because they did not conform at birth, to some sick minded twisted Roman Christian Belief System, focused on intense prejudice and mistreatment of children born outside of wedlock.

Ahimsa religious people, have the right to ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’, like anyone else of any other alternative belief system. But religious people do not, I repeat do not, have the right to impose their doctrine beliefs on others, which denies others their right to decisions of ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of Choice’. No person, no belief system, has the right to deny anyone else of the right to ‘Freedom Decisions’ in speech and choice, when such thinking, such decisions and such actions, are not hurting or endangering any other person.

A classic recap example, a religious person, Christian or other, does not have the right to deny a person’s right to marry someone of their same sex. Nor does a ‘Pro-life anti-abortion’ person, have the right to oppose abortion, of cell seed lifeform that has not yet formed. One of the evilest things a person can do is make a female victim of rape and incest, give birth to a child. And further, the history of desperate abortion using unsavory Quack’s is not acceptable. Women, who choose abortion, have the right to the best care by good decent doctors and nurses. It is the woman’s right to decide, not any other person. Only evil, denies women that right.

I personally discourage the practice of abortion, but there are many genuine cases, where abortion is a required acceptable necessary decision. The decision to abort or give birth, is absolutely the woman’s decision and not anyone else’s decision.

It is deemed by ‘Cosmicism’ as being a criminal action, to deny a person the right to freedom of speech and freedom of choice. A person that feels ‘offended’ and ‘insulted’ by someone else’s comments, is an emotionally immature thinking person. You can insult me all you like, I will not be offended. You can disagree and criticize me, I will not be offended. I will not sue you, for ‘Cosmicism’ has outlawed the use of defamation lawsuits. Only emotional weaklings are offended and feel insulted. Only evil people file defamation lawsuits. Only cowards cannot cope with criticism, be it fair or unjust. Those that do not have emotional intelligence are weaklings in thought. Any anti-discrimination legislated laws, which deny citizens the right to freedom of speech are evil laws. Only ‘Totalitarian Belief Systems’ should be outlawed, because ‘Totalitarianism’ is by character an enemy of ‘Liberty’ that rejects ‘Freedom’.

One valid adage says… “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me”. 

Countless volumes of books, magazines, pamphlets, flyers are published by religious organizations selling billions of reams of false knowledge. Blue Light using academic ahimsa methods- a cold war of words, shall not give any religion any quarter. Truth is the bible of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy- the way of Cosmicism’.

You can insult a ‘True Cosmicist’ but that ‘Cosmicist’ has the right, using calm ahimsa academic response, to challenge you. Be careful, because a highly skilled ‘Cosmicist’ can topple you, using ahimsa methods, simply because vindictive emotional people can easily be defeated.

“There’s much more to life than the things we can see…”

John Gabriel 1966

Words extract from Song: El Dorado, Sung by: George Alexander, Music by: Nelson Riddle, Lyric by: John Gabriel. A John Wayne and Robert Mitchum western movie titled ‘El Dorado,’ directed and produced by Howard Hawkes- a Paramount Picture, one of Allan Ivarsson’s favourite westerns.

When you learn Blue Light- the way of Cosmicism, you shall experience the infinite reality of these words… “There’s much more to life than the things we can see.”

‘Blue Light the Way’ is a life of true spiritual soul-sensed freedom. Another way of saying this is a life of true powerful mind-sensed freedom. Refer Gaia language in Blue Light A-Z records. Cosmicism dismisses obsession with afterlife, and rejects the belief in the existence of paradise, heaven and hell. Cosmicism believes the body enters eternal sleep, an unconscious state, which never wakes up, and is never born again. It takes courage to accept this hard reality, the kind of courage that religious people do not possess. Blue Light believes in eternal consciousness and simply trusts our unknown spiritual destiny, will become known in death. Our true cosmic being will know the way, as guided by God of Creation- something beautiful happens, nothing more, nothing less. It is unwise to seek more understanding than this. But this is only true of those spirits who live in the light.

‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’ has an ahimsa academic zero tolerance towards spiritual organizations which strive by fanatical policy to tyrannize nonbelievers. Blue Light encourages open mind, freedom of thought and speech, freedom of ahimsa choice, and the goodness of academic ahimsa discussion. The mission of Blue Light is to encourage humanity to free itself from fixed dogma, locked false knowledge, structures of faith, which promote intellectual blindness and intellectual apartheid. Through pragmatic empiricism and rationalism, people who use Blue Light as a guide, can focus their spiritual energies upon self-empowerment and the fulfillment of practical challenges and wholesome advantages throughout their life.

When Cosmicists read a wide range of false knowledge information, they use Blue Light as their instinctive guide to stay in harmony with cosmic reality. It is inevitable that as millenniums pass, Blue Light is the end of all religion. Blue Light is religions worst nightmare- nothing religions say or do, can beat the infinite power of Cosmic Blue Light, the essence of all that is eternal cosmic consciousness, forever expanding, knowing no limits, no final truth, infinite for eternity.

Blue Light reveals we all suffer from inhibitions in one way or another. This fact acts like a prison guard and restricts us from living true to our potential self. In 1999, Renee Russo, one of my favourite actresses, spoke of her modeling days sitting with Scandinavian models… “Who,” she said, “were completely naked and didn’t even realize it. In America, we’re so uptight about sex and these girls were so free with their bodies. I always thought that was such a wonderful way to be…I would like to say, ‘Oh yes, I’m a healed person,’ but I think for the rest of my life this is something I will have to fight.”

“I’ve worked with some of the most beautiful men and women in the entire world. But it’s like they say, ‘Pretty is as pretty does.’ If you don’t have a good heart, I don’t care what you look like,” said Renee Russo 1999. #

# Reference extracts from The Sunday Telegraph magazine, Sydney Australia, October 17th, 1999, Renee Russo comments given to journalist, Lesley O’Toole.

Australians like Americans are also uptight about sex and nakedness. This negative feeling in most of us within original colony countries, is the result of childhood conditioning, caused by a background of fanatical religious teaching, which still influences laws and the subsequent dictates, which preserves our inhibitions and hang-ups.

Doing the right thing, living good behaviour, good manners, with caring respect towards all persons, living patience and consideration is all an essential process part of having a good heart. If you do not have these true living qualities backed by codes of honour, then reality is true- you do not have a good heart. And for this reason, you are an inferior thinking human being.

Religion by its fixed dogma process creates a limited good heart. The heart is only good in accordance with the tyrannical fixed dogma belief system of the religion. Religious fanatics who condemn and persecute non-believers, do not have a good heart. Such religious fanatics are hypocrites, and by their false knowledge hypocrisy, they are liars. For this reason, religious fanaticism must come to an end. Blue Light is the beginning of the end, of a new infinite beginning- that knows no limits, no inhibitions, no fixed belief systems, forever evolving.

Fixed dogma closure of a belief system is idiotic… only open-minded thinking, is the right dynamic way, which is infinite, eternal and recognises no ending.

The Universe and all existence is in a constant state of flux and that reality is the living essence of evolution and chaos process that constantly recycles the nature and character of existence, be it living or not.

Blue Light is a cosmic jigsaw puzzle. The pieces shall gradually be released. How smart, are you? Can you figure out Blue Light and what is coming? Blue Light is an evolving process- always to be continued.

Where are we going, I don’t know, what will we do when we get there?

Que Sera Sera Whatever will be, will be… the future’s not ours to see… Que Sera Sera… What will be will be… Que Sera Sera…

Que Sera Sera…

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