Australia cannot help Ukraine because…

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Australia cannot help Ukraine because Australian Military Strength is not strong enough to defend us from invasion.

Our Politicians need to lift their game.


Kyle Stevens for Daily Mail Australia dated 25th of February 2022 tabled what Peter Dutton Australian Defence Minister said, ‘Invasion – as Peter Dutton describes Vladimir Putin as a ‘Madman’. (i)

“Australia has ruled out sending support to the Ukraine after Russia launched its invasion of the European nation.” (i)

“Dozens have been killed and wounded less than 24 hours after Russian president Vladimir Putin launched a large-scale invasion, describing it as a ‘special military operation to – in his words ‘denazify’ Ukraine.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Thus, Gangster Vladimir Putin decided to cruelly kill hundreds of innocent peaceful people to achieve his power-hungry ambitions to rule UKRAINE.

“Any support Australia provides will be in the form of sanctions and accepting displaced persons and refugees when the appropriate time draws closer.” (i)

“The minister said the current focus is to ensure the world stands united together as one to condemn President Putin’s actions.” (i)

A.I. comments… It goes without saying that all of the strong thinking ‘Free World’ will stand United Against Communist Putin’s evil invasion of Ukraine.

Do not Forget that Putin and Jinping are friends, allies and that every Communist Nation will stand united with Xi Jinping Communist Beijing.

Xi Jinping will not challenge Putin and ask him to withdraw from the Ukraine.

It is a waste of time imposing sanctions. We the ‘Free World’ must be tougher and immediately ban all Import/Export trade with Russia until the Russian people are freed from the tyranny of anti-freedom ideology Communism.

We must close down all Trade with Communist Putin Russia immediately.

We the ‘Free World’ must immediately charge Vladimir Putin with ‘War Crimes’ as an enemy of the ‘Free World’ in much the same way the Nazis were charged for their war crimes in WWII.

“We’ve been very clear; we’re not sending troops to Ukraine. That’s been very clear. The European Nations and NATO itself have incredible capacity,’ Mr. Dutton told Radio National on Friday.” (i)

A.I. comments… Dutton failed to mention that our ‘Defence Force’ is weak because of decades of political incompetence since 1975.

Peter Dutton says… “There will be some assistance that can be provided and that will be something we talk about at the appropriate time.” (i)

“Obviously, we’ve been in discussion with our allies and partners about what assistance could be provided pre and post any conflicts so we’ll work through all of that.” (i)

A.I. comments… Obviously…

Peter Dutton says… “We have already made announcements about accommodating visa holders more quickly and putting those cases to the top of the pile and more that’s already been actioned by the Australian Border Force.” (i)

“So, I think there’ll be various ways in which Australia could consider providing support and at the moment though we’re determined to make sure that the world stands as one to condemn the actions and see President Putin withdraw as quickly as possible.” (i)

Aussie L.C. comments…

“Mr. Dutton described Putin’s actions in the last 24 hours as a wake-up call to the rest of the world.” (i)

Allan Ivarsson comments… Wakeup call? Australians still have not woken up. Our Defence Force is weak and Xi Jinping a friend and ally of Vladimir Putin for the last four years has been constantly threatening Taiwan, Hong Kong, The Philippines, Japan, Australia and other regions of the South Pacific since early 2020. Even the purchase of new military planes, ships and submarines by Australia has been bungled and are years away before arrival. Where are all of our Missile Defence Systems… Air to Air and Long Range?

Why is our complete Australian Self-Sufficiency still in a state of serious neglect?

Wakeup call? Australians need to lift their survival game rapidly.

The following extracted slide comments by Allan Ivarsson were recorded on the 15th of April 2021. Nothing has changed. And Peter Dutton makes up a Wakeup call?

Australians still have not woken about the danger of Communist Xi Jinping who is a friend and ally of Vladimir Putin. Wakeup call? When? Incompetence and Negligence in Australia is still high in lack of ‘Self-Sufficiency’ and Military Strength.

Peter Dutton Wakeup Call? When?

It’s clear that President Putin has had this invasion in mind for some time and it should be an alarm bell – it should be a wake-up call to not only Europe, but to the rest of the world, including Australia that we shouldn’t take the peace we’ve had since the COLD War for granted,” Mr. Dutton said. (i)

A.I. comments… Alarm Bell? My website has been freely operational for four years and not one Australian Politician, Federal and State, Government and Opposition has the ability to read and keep up with my valid important information.

Alarm Bells? They have been ringing for years since Whitlam and Keating incompetence and still no commitment to strengthen Australia. Alarm Bells? Wakeup Calls? They exist, but most Aussies are asleep. And our Politicians who are supposed to be our leaders are incompetent and constantly fail to focus on making Australia Strong.

“Earlier on Friday, the minister [Dutton] called out Chinese President Xi Jinping as the one man who could reign in ‘madman’ Putin.” (i)

A.I. comments… Dutton’s naïve dream Wishlist. Jinping is watching to see how our ‘Free World Governments’ respond to Putin’s Ukraine Invasion. Xi Jinping is patient at present, he wants to see how far he can aggressively push his agenda in the South Pacific without firing a bullet.

Peter Dutton’s Wakeup call is both Truthful and Incompetent. Truthful because Australia needs to Wake-up. Incompetent because Alarm Bells have been ringing for years about Xi Jinping and the Australian Government, has still failed to establish corrective action to make Australia strong again after the foolish decisions since Whitlam and Keating.

The minister [Dutton] hammered the Chinese leader for failing to exert pressure on Putin in a series of radio and television interviews.” (i)

“There’s one leader in the world, frankly, who can exert pressure on President Putin and that is President Xi, Mr. Dutton told the Today show.” (i)

“China and Russia have entered into this, frankly, unholy alliance and President Xi has a lot of power that he can exert over President Putin.” (i)

A.I. comments… We have known about this alliance when they and all Communist Countries and some Socialist Nations like Venezuela united through the United Nations four years ago against the ‘Free Word’. Yet despite this alarm bell warning Australian Politicians still did not wakeup.

That is why our Australian Politicians are so weak and incompetent… they did nothing to help build a stronger Australia.

Dutton concludes… “He’s chosen not to do that, and the world should observe that very closely because the human cost will sit squarely on Mr. Putin’s shoulders.”

A.I. comments… Xi Jinping knew weeks ago that Putin was planning to invade Ukraine when the time seemed right. Putin had Jinping’s support for the invasion right at the beginning of their discussions when Putin visited China and when they communicated incognito overseas to each other.

Jinping and Putin want Communism to control the world they are jointly obsessed to eliminate ‘Freedom Values’ in Speech, Choice and Equality. Their anti-freedom ideology Communist Doctrine proves that is their intention to rule the world and space together. They have one serious roadblock. They have to succeed in conquering USA.

Australia has been around since 18th Century USA [Pilgrims were there a lot earlier] and Australia should have been almost as strong as USA but Aussie Politicians have proven to be too often incompetent and weak thinking. And that is sad, because the ANZACS proved they were a tough breed and so too were many Aussies on the land and on the sea.

Allan Ivarsson 2022 (now 73 years of age.)

Founder, director, chairman of ‘things to come’ called ‘Cosmicism’. The way of ‘Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy’, the way of ‘Cosmic Libertarianism’ which uses the most advanced intelligence in the Universe called ‘Philosophical Intelligence’.

Allan Ivarsson comments… Transcript from above slide.

Australia made the right decision. Our military strength is not strong enough to defend ourselves against invasion, because of constant negligence by Politicians since Whitlam in 1975 who started the weakening of our Military Strength.

We are also weak in ‘Self-Sufficiency’ due to the persistent incompetence of Australian Politicians since Paul Keating 1991. The Era of Privatization of Banks, Communication and Energy. Australian Manufacturing and Primary Industry began to decline in performance and strength.

The open gate commitment to Globalization and Free Trade, especially with ‘Communist China’ enemy of ‘Freedom’ weakened Australia. Our Politicians failed to protect and preserve Australian Industry by their greed based overseas deals.

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