Continue reading "Don’t Worry Xi Jinping, I have not finished with dealing with you and your coward threats. I shall be back with more reports about ‘Communist Beijing’. But first, I must also deal with the incompetent leaders in the West. You Jinping will hear from me soon. Your anti-freedom ideology shall continue to be challenged by me. Remember ‘Tokyo Rose’ WWII who immigrated to ‘Free America’ after the war. Well, I am independent of politics in my great ‘Australian Country’. I am committed as a ‘Patriot’ to protect my Nations right to live free of your threatening bullying tyranny. You are in my sights until you free the people of China in Mainland, Hong Kong & Tibet and cease threatening Taiwan. Do not underestimate me, you and I shall fight. And the World will watch. – Allan Ivarsson, far more skilled than you could ever imagine."
Continue reading "Hi Readers… Sadly, This year… the ‘Anti-Freedom Ideologies’ around the Globe are Expanding their Strategic Efforts to overthrow the ‘Eternal Human Right’ of people all countries, to live ‘Free’ in Speech, Choice and Equality. It is my Duty to Stop this Destruction of ‘Freedom Values’ starting with protection of Australia, NZ, USA, Canada and Britain. I cannot hold everyone’s hand for them. If people do not read my website, there is a high probability that they will inevitably lose their right to live free. ‘Xi Jinping Communist Beijing’ has openly made it clear that he wants to rule Earth and Space as the number one anti-freedom Superpower. Stay Alert… Think Safety, Think Survive. ‘Be the Eye of Calm in a Storm’. “Demonstrations do not work.” There are smarter communication methods. Best Wishes Allan"